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Re: [qiresearch] Next Steps for Qi Research

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  • Linda Lazarus
    Hi Kevin, I think the next step in qigong research should be a consensus conference on the energetic nature of the body. A consensus conference could address
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 27, 2003
      Hi Kevin,
      I think the next step in qigong research should be a consensus 
      conference on the energetic nature of the body.   A consensus conference 
      could address the following questions:
      1) Are there electrical currents in the human body?
      2) If so, do these electrical currents generate electromagnetic fields?
      3) If  so, what are the ramifications of the existence of these electric 
      currents and emfs for health, disease etc.
      4) Is it possible that these emfs extend outside the body?
      5) Is it possible for individuals to learn to control the electrical 
      currents and emfs both within and outside the body?
      6) Is it possible that the electrical currents and emfs from one 
      individual could affect the electrical currents and emfs of another 
      7) Has there been sufficient research to answer all of these questions?
      If we had some government involvement, important, mainstream 
      institutions and  famous middle-of-the road scientists involved in a 
      consensus conference,
        the resulting consensus statement would be 
      admissible in evidence and  could be used as the basis for obtaining 
      additional funding of qigong research.
      Please let me know what you think.

      Kevin Chen wrote:
      Dear Colleagues,  Happy Thanksgiving (to those in the U.S.)!

      I have written a review of the studies of measuring external qi in China
      that has been accepted for publication in Alternative Therapies in Health
      and Medicine (in press).  One of my friends circulated it around internet
      for me.  I got some inquiries from strangers who asked me what would be the
      next steps for Qigong research.  As I spent so much time answering one of
      these emails, I decide to share part of it with this group for further
      comment and discussion on what the next step should be in qigong study.

      I have put my article on the file fold of this forum, you may access it
      from following URL: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/qiresearch/files/

      Dear Carroll,

      Thank you for your encouragement and appreciation of my review article.  It
      seems that you have read the paper carefully and summarized the major
      points well.

      You asked some very important and interesting questions.  I will try my
      best to briefly touch them here as a response.  However, these questions
      are really hard to answer in one or two emails by one or two persons, but
      need some collective wisdom in a long period of time. 

      At 03:32 AM 11/27/2003 +0545, you wrote:
      >You mention in your paper that none of the studies were designed to answer
      >the question what is qi or how EQ healing works. Your emphasize ( to my
      >personal delight)  the importance of yi (consciousness or intent) and the
      >need for a new methodology and scientific framework for future studies. You
      >mention lack of sophisticated research design, compatible control groups,
      >and not enough double-blind randomization methods used in studies as issues
      >to be avoided in future research. You mention biological detectors and life
      >detectors sensitive to both qi and yi, designing research protocols with
      >bi-directional intent, and the need to explore qigong therapy as a whole
      >mind-body medicine.
      >Question: How can we translate your reccomendations into what you believe is
      >the next step in Qi and EQ research? How do we integrate in indigenous

      There are simply no systematic studies in this direction, except in China
      about 10-15 years ago.  I can offer you some personal opinions, but would
      definitely not enough. It will take a lot of people working together to
      implement some feasible plans.  Therefore, an well-supported international
      conference with a resourceful research center should be a good place to
      start. For right now, as the mainstream science and medicine simply does
      not recognize the roles of human bioenergy and intention in health and
      healing at all, it is urgent to conduct some high-quality marginal or
      clinical studies that prove the effectiveness and possibility of applying
      such human bioenergy or mind therapy in healing.  Only after we verify or
      prove the usefulness of such bioenergy within human, a more deep
      exploration of its existence and mechanism is possible.

      >What is your vision of a new methodology or scientific framework
      >to help western science understand what qi is or how EQ healing works?

      Although we can still apply the traditional double-blind placebo-control
      methods to verify the effectiveness of external qi therapy or intention
      healing, they are simply not appropriate to understand the mechanism or
      process of such a healing tradition.  The new methodology in this area
      could include those like qualitative recognition of actual zero-probability
      event as a scientific fact, not just a miracle; application of common
      subjective feelings or experience as an acceptable mean to report research
      findings; Application of human aura and other bioenergy measures in
      diagnosis and treatment; and perhaps, direct training of open-minded
      doctors and scientists into a qi healer through qualified masters.

      We need some high-quality papers to be published in mainstream medicine or
      science journals to wake up a generation of scientists!

      As to new scientific framework, I mention in my another review paper. We
      summarize a comprehensive spectrum of experimental findings in the areas of
      nonlocal genetic regulation and remote conscious interactions (Clarke 1995;
      Rauscher & Targ, 2001), and propose several working hypotheses that may
      explain the connection between focused intention and self-implemented or
      distant healing effects.  Evidence supporting the existence and essential
      role of multiple dimension in mind and physical world; coherent
      electromagnetic fields associated with genetic material (Becker & Selden
      1985; Popp & Chang, 1998); the significance of liquid crystals as major
      components of the body (Beal 1996; Ho 1996); the function of introns and
      photon polarization/ interference effects in contextual DNA expression
      (Gariaev et al. 1991); possibility of consciousness as hidden dimensions
      interacting with the known physical dimensions (Randall, 2002); and the
      possibility of quantum entanglement between separate bio-systems
      (Atmanspacher et al. 2002; Walach 2002).

      >What is the current trends in qi and EQ research in the states and Japan

      They are simply trying to replicate what Chinese scientists have done 20
      years ago with better equipment but less theoretic guidance and less
      qualified qigong healers.

      >Who do you think is doing some of the most exciting research on this subject

      I am sure that I don't know all of them since there is no system or means
      connecting us all together at this moment.  Personally, I know the
      following persons who are conducting exciting research on this subject.  Of
      course I am one of them if I was properly funded. :)

      Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology and
      Director, High Energy Systems Laboratory, The University of Arizona,
      Tucson, AZ  85721-0068 (email: gschwart@...).  His laboratory has
      all the high-tech equipment to measure the changes of high-energy physics
      during bioenergy healing and altered state of consciousness.

      Garret Yount, Ph.D. Research Scientist, California Pacific Medical Center,
      (Email: yount@...).  His lab is funded by NIH to conduct
      in-vivo and in-vivo study of distant healing and other qigong studies.

      Shin Lin, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor for Biomedical Initiatives,
      Professor of Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biophysics, & Biomedical
      Engineering, University of California at Irvine, Irvine, CA 92697-1461
      (Email: shinlin@...) his group is conducting studies on measurements of
      psycho-physiological changes during qigong meditation, as well as the
      immunological changes after qigong treatment.

      Dr. Mikio Yamamoto, Head, Yamamoto Bio-Emission Laboratory, National
      Institute of Radiological Sciences, Japan. his lab is conducting some
      research to understand the mechanism of qigong healing and mind-body

      Yoshio Machi Ph.D and Chao Liu, Ph.D. at Graduate School of Engineering,
      Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo, Japan (Email: machi@...).  Their
      Lab have conducted many studies on psycho-physiological measures of qigong
      healing and mind-body interaction.

      Myeong Soo Lee, Ph.D. and his colleagues at Center for Integrative
      Medicine, Institute of Medical Science, Wonkwang University School of
      Medicine. Ikson, Republic of Korea (Email: qimed@...).  Their
      group has conducted many clinical trials on qigong therapy for different
      health conditions with reliable physiological, immunological and hermone
      measures, but they need a lot of assistance in their methodology and
      research design.

      I cannot list all of them here...

      >What research would you like to see happening that isn't that you
      >think can most valuablely contribute to the advancement of understanding the
      >mechanisms of qi and EQ healing?

      1) Training of ordinary people or patients (they could be the sham healer
      in double-blinded placebo-control trial) to gain the qi healing capability
      in in-vivo model of cancer-inhibitory studies to demonstrate the healing
      ability is trainable, and applicable to many health conditions.

      2) Systematic physiological and high-energy physical measurements during
      bidirectional intention or EQ studies, which may verify the possibility of
      positive qi versus negative qi existence within human body.

      3) Development of measurements for meridian system and qi blockage in human
      body, and applying these measures in diagnosis, treatment and healing reports.

      4) Application of currently-measured EQ effects in actual healing, starting
      with in-vivo and in-vitro models, to prove that, without yi (intention),
      not much signal can be measured, and no much healing will be produced.

      5) Clinical studies of meditation plus Bigu (energetic fasting) to verify
      that meditation can actually take natural energy in to supply human daily
      needs (which could eventually form a crystal of energy within human body),
      and then Bigu produces powerful therapeutic results.

      Do you want more? let's have a conference!  :)

      > I ask you these questions as we begin to look at what next steps in
      >research are required to understand what research is most valuable to fund.

      How much fund does your institute intend to give for qigong studies?  I
      would be happy to apply for it.  I have four grant proposals are currently
      under review, but none of them are funded so far. I am attaching the
      abstracts for your information. Please let me know if you are interested in
      any one of these projects.

      Best wishes!


      :) Please note my new office address :)
      Kevin Chen, Ph.D. MPH.
      Department of Psychiatry       
      UMDNJ-- Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
      671 Hoes Ln West. UBHC-D453        
      Piscataway,  NJ  08854  
      Phone: 732-235-4345    Fax: 732-235-5818
      E-mail: chenke@...

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    • eastwestqi@aol.com
      Dear Linda, I always like your forward thinking. How about bringing these same questions forward at our Sixth World Congress on Qigong and the 6th American
      Message 2 of 4 , Dec 8, 2003
        Dear Linda,
        I always like your forward thinking. How about bringing these same questions forward at our Sixth World Congress on Qigong and the 6th American Qigong Association Conference  Dec. 19 to 21 in San Francisco at the Medical Qigong Research Forum on Saturday 20th set up to discuss exactly some of the things you bring up in this note.  We are blessed with increasing numbers of the best scientists coming to the Congress each year, this year includes Kevin Chen and Ken Sancier.  In fact one year we awarded Kevin as the scientist of the year.  If you will take a look at our comprehensive Congress schedule in the website eastwestqi.com you'll find other notables such as Marilyn Schlitz, Rustum Roy, Shin Lin, Prof. Machi from Japan, and many others.  We would like to have some concrete action plans arise from the Congress to be followed up pooling our resources during the year prior to the 7th World Congress next year. 
        Please let all your friends know about the Congress and everyone is welcome to come!
        I look forward to all the high power thinkers evolving some exciting ideas at the Congress.  You are one of those movers and shakers, Linda, along with your husband!   
        Look forward to seeing you at the Congress....
        In loving Qi and 8 hugs a day!
        Dr. Chow - Effie
        Website: eastwestqi.com
        Tel. No:  415-285-9400




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        At Christmastide, our focus will be on children, family and elders.  We will work with Medical Qigong to bring back the true meaning of Christmas -- love and healing.  Again as usual, there will be over 50 world class Qigong Masters and scientists conducting healing research on-site at the Congress, along with remarkable healing demonstrations and spectacular super human power performances.  Qigong Week in San Francisco is proclaimed by Mayor Willie L. Brown.

        Special Feature will be 17 year old Adam, or "Dreamhealer", a fascinating young healer and his 7 intuitive steps to wellness with the ability to connect to and influence another person's health at a distance. His gift of distant healing is very unique and has been especially successful with cancer.  

        Meet all these world-renown masters, witness and learn from their extra-ordinary healing, demonstrations and sound scientific presentations.  Topics: fostering world peace, self-care, wellness, sports, beauty and longevity, rehabilitation, paralysis, cancer, obesity and much more!  Join our community effort to promote hope, as hope is a dire need in our present world of stress and turmoil threatened with war, fear, terrorism and economic downturn.  The Congress on Qigong emphasizes a whole-person approach, encompassing all aspects of body/mind/spirit in disease prevention, health promotion, maintenance and total wellness.  Witnessing the super human power performances will help us realize that we can indeed learn to take control of our own health and healing of disease in cooperation with our doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers.  Masters will teach attendees self-healing skills to relieve stress, tension, pain, and take control of your lives in health or in illness. Enhance your professional skills or learn a new profession. The Congress goals are to highlight Qigong as 1) A viable and essential practice for enhancing everyday life; 2) An effective self-help system in mainstream healthcare; and 3) Essential knowledge base and skills for the health professional.  This year we have an impressive array of national and international sponsors, Qigong experts, scientists, and attendees to promote these goals.

        At the Saturday Evening Gala Award Banquet 6pm to10:30pm (a most exciting cultural event in itself that non-Congress registrants are welcome to register and attend!) There will be hands-on healing by renown Grandmaster Effie Chow, Master Jin-Rong LIN from China, and others.  Awards will be presented after which there will be a Buddhist Tea Ceremony by Dr. Steven Aung. Demonstrations of super human feats (Hard Qi) such as the Shaolin and Wushu martial arts styles will show what supreme levels of power a normal individual can reach.  World renown scientists will carry out electronic measurements on the demonstrations of special feats including: A Surgeon and Qigong Master, JD Zhang, a National Treasure in China, who had been an administrator of two hospitals is able to pick up a pail of water with a thread held under his eyelid; will perform his famous "Change of 12 Emotional Faces; he can also emit Qi at a distance to ignite paper into fire;  World famous Master Tu who is in the field of education, can with a spear at his throat, push a car with the handle; with Super Power 99 Qigong—use his Iron Qi Empowered male organ to pull a van with 10 people onboard, then he will stand on eggs and paint a large art piece in 2 minutes; The four talented children of Master Tu will perform Wushu and music Qigong; Jack Tu has won many "Golds" in national and international competitions; USA National Taiji Champion—Tina CHIN will demonstrate the graceful art of Taiji;  and many other performances.... Then everyone will learn and do Qi-dancing to complete the evening! 

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        "We witnessed spectacular healings that took place at the Congress!  "Bill", a Vietnam War veteran had suffered dystonicchorea symptoms (uncontrolled non-stop arm and body motions) for over 10 years and was wheelchair dependent for over 12 years. A brain operation in May had caused a stroke that reduced him to total dependency upon a wheelchair. Two weeks before the Congress, his doctor and physiotherapist had told him he would never walk again, and ordered him a power wheelchair. After eight minutes of "Chow Qigong" therapy he got up, walked, encircled Dr. Chow in his arms and danced her around. Then he walked halfway around the large room. Afterwards he walked up the steps of the stage at the closing plenary session and after the presentation, danced Dr. Chow around again, to tears, cheers, and applause from the audience." 

        "We saw two nurses from a major New York hospital who suffered from severe fibromyalgia, and had been in constant pain for about fifteen and twenty-five years, get relief after only ten minutes of Qigong therapy".

        "At the press conference we witnessed a woman with constant severe pain of her right "frozen shoulder" for over 6 years.  She could only move her arms to any side or up only 12 to 14 inches away from the body.  Then within 2 minutes of Chow Qigong in front of the press, she regained full movement and no pain.  (Added statement by Dr. Chow...after two years she still has freedom of movement and no pain!)

        "I am amazed at the ultimate human potential exhibited here at the Congress through the healings and the "Hard Qi" demonstrations of Masters Tu and Zhang!".  They witnessed other dramatic demonstrations of healing and extraordinary physical/mental feats.

        Hundreds of Qi enthusiasts from many countries including England, Australia, Romania, Germany, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Holland, Africa, Mexico, and others, as well as throughout Canada and USA attended the Fifth World Congress on Qigong and the Fifth American Qigong Association Conference that took place from November 1st to 4th, 2002 in San Francisco. The Theme of the Congress was "Medical Qigong in Self-Care and Healing: Giving the Individual the Power to Help One's Own Healing". The Congress presented Qigong as one answer to the exorbitant cost of American health care and a possible solution to the challenges which still face Western medicine, especially for chronic degenerative conditions. 

        They heard lectures and discussions and experienced demonstrations by over 50 world-renown Qigong masters, scientific researchers, and other mind-body medicine practitioners from around the world. Dr. Deepak Chopra, a world leader in the field, said at the kickoff luncheon on the first day that "a revival of ancient wisdom" offers hope in a world of turbulence and chaos.

        In his opening remarks, Chopra said: "There has been a fundamental shift in the premise of science. The essential nature of the material world is that it is not material…. The human body is as proportionately void as intergalactic space…. We are not in the world, the world is in us."  Jerry Brown, Mayor of Oakland and former Governor of California, attended the luncheon where Dr. Deepak Chopra was presented with the Humanitarian of the Year Award for 2002 by the Congress.  Both men were presented large paintings created by Qigong Master Chin-Sheng TU.

        At the final closure on Sunday, Dr. Evelyn Lee made a rousing presentation on the Policy considerations for the future of Qigong, especially regarding reimbursement, and Dr. Rustum Roy delivered on the Research considerations. The Masters' Healing Energy Closure Circle sent everyone home with optimism for the future of Qigong, and the importance of intentional Qi and love for the healthy status of the world's future. 

        In conclusion, heartfelt appreciation must go out to all who helped make the 5th World Congress on Qigong such a huge success.  Thank you all who participated in this spectacular event.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the Sixth World Congress on Qigong and the 6th American Qigong Congress December 19 to 21, 2003!

        In loving Qi and Regards,
        Effie Chow, PhD, RN, Chair,  Rustum Roy, PhD, CoChair,  Steven Aung, MD, CoChair,  Alex Feng. PhD, OMD, CoChair,  V. Kay Lahdenpera, MPH, RN, Congress Secretariat

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