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The Nature of Qi Part III

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    Mirrored from BBS sent by Yuri79k http://pub21.ezboard.com/fqigonginstitutefrm3 ====================================================== One of the key concepts
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      Mirrored from BBS sent by Yuri79k

      One of the key concepts is the fact that �information
      energy� is similar to a standing wave of energy
      defined by the Yang structure. Some key elements of
      the Yang structure include:
      �� � � � Whether the Yang structure is alive or
      �� � � � Topology of the structure
      �� � � � Material(s) that compose the structure
      �� � � � Energy flow within the structure

      Within the human body the nature of the Yin will
      necessarily be very complex. Since our present
      physics foundation has, by nature of fundamental
      axioms, precluded consciousness and life, any
      �mapping� of Yin in our present system will be very
      incomplete but that is not to say that some elements
      may not be glimpsed and our understanding furthered.
      In fact, I suspect that if one looks at areas where
      physics has presently �run aground� or is adopting
      ever more radical band-aids to account for phenomena
      then those areas are likely candidates to understand

      One way to think about Yin is to remember that under
      this new type of definition it is not just one type of
      energy, such as electricity, but is composed of many
      types with a common linking element: the fact that
      there must be a strong element associated with
      consciousness/intent. Another way of characterizing
      Yin is the fact that it is, much like the
      electromagnetic spectrum, composed of �levels� of
      energy. I would suspect that these levels are
      characterized by such aspects as:
      �� � � � Purpose of the Yin such as purely
      communication/information exchange, defence or healing
      �� � � � Power of the intent/consciousness that
      controls the Yin
      �� � � � Some relation to the Yang structure where the
      Yin originated

      That is, Yin demands a brand new way of looking at the
      criteria for the �levels� compared to the present Yang
      method of discussing frequency or wavelength.
      However, I do believe that there is some merit in
      stating that there is a certain amount of equivalence
      to mapping aspects of the Yin to the present way of
      dealing with Yang.

      Putting these elements together, I suspect that in
      humans the Yin nature that we, as Qigong
      practitioners, are most interested in roughly
      corresponds to several phenomena. On the lowest level
      are the most basic components of Yin, perhaps thought
      of as standing wave structures generated and
      subsequently carried throughout the body. These
      standing wave patterns are composed of many types of
      energy or characteristics. The wave patterns may be
      thought of as originating from the living condition of
      the cells, organs and whole body in addition to the
      �dead� or purely Yang aspect of the materials we are
      composed of.

      One type of standing wave of energy is definitely
      related to what we measure as Delta and Theta
      frequency-range �bodywaves� although they are actually
      standing waves between the brain and other areas of
      the body such as the digestive system and major
      organs. From the perspective of the function of the
      nervous system, such waves make sense since one would
      suppose that all nervous system functions are two-way
      channels of feedback control. However, as opposed to
      the classical view that only the signals transmitted
      by the neurons, I suspect the actual energetic realm
      set up by the structures and basic functions are what
      actually contribute to the readings observed on EEG.

      I believe this relationship to be very important
      because as one �trains� brainwaves through the
      practice of meditation, the changes to brainwave
      pattern influence the standing wave pattern of Yin in
      both �power� and pattern, among many possibilities.
      In particular, Qigong has a profound impact due to the
      fact that practice works on both the purely
      �brainwave� state (due to the meditative quality) and
      the �bodywave� Yin component due to the training of
      consciousness/intent while moving and directing Yin
      within the body. That is, there is much more to
      changes of Yin for the Qigong practitioner than
      stating that the majority of changes to the standing
      patterns of energy are contained within the brain as
      is typical in EEG and biofeedback research.

      Normally the body utilizes lower frequencies, perhaps
      viewed as �carriers�, such as Theta and Delta waves
      for the communication and energy movement. However,
      there is much �middle ground� between these low
      frequencies and those of normal consciousness such as
      Beta. I believe that manipulation of the brainwaves
      in a meditative state such that the correct
      frequencies are added to the carriers may be
      fundamental to Qigong. In addition, I suspect that
      over time one may be �allowed� by the body, when in
      the correct meditative state, to manipulate the
      carriers to some degree thus greatly increasing the
      total amount of energy that may be moved. Again, I
      believe it takes time to develop such a skill since
      there is a potential to cause harm to the body at this
      level by manipulating such a fundamental level of
      energy and communication.

      Consciousness/intent is integral since the fundamental
      system involved is the nervous system. We already
      have the ability to manipulate limbs, for instance,
      through thought and the continued practice of Qigong
      meditations leads to deeper levels of communication
      within the body, ultimately leading to deeper levels
      of manipulation. When one looks at the many types of
      Qigong meditation this makes some sense, particularly
      if one views the fact that the body�s training occurs
      at an early stage in the meditation.

      Qigong meditation involves a lot of visualization and,
      for some types, movement. At earlier stages of Qigong
      practice one is usually very involved with the
      visualizations, even to the detriment of the
      meditative state. Over time the actual meditative
      state, one of stillness, becomes more important and
      the importance of mental activity, including
      visualizations, decreases. It has been noted that
      �movement leads to Yin� (Zhou Dunyi, Song dynasty) and
      I would suspect that the early activity in the mind is
      essential for training the body to work with the
      consciousness/intent to manipulate the Yin. Perhaps
      one could even say that it takes a certain amount of
      time before the body realizes that the �monkey mind�
      is actually trying to help it and work with it as
      opposed to always causing stress and illness! Later,
      one approaches stillness in a deep meditative state
      that was once described as �stillness leads to Yang�,
      where Yang in this description corresponded to energy,
      and the potential changes to the standing waves are
      greatly increased.

      This is important since, although there are many
      meditative disciplines, few have such a dual focus as
      Qigong. That is, Qigong is not simply quiescent,
      passive mindfulness but is actively trying to achieve
      a Qi state where the Yin is under some level of
      conscious control. I have no doubt that Zen
      practitioners experience changes to their Yin state,
      particularly brainwaves, but it is certainly not going
      to be the same changes as those experience by someone
      practicing Qigong. I doubt a Zen practitioner is
      going to have major changes to his/her �bodywaves� or
      overall Yin pattern due to the lack of
      consciousness/intent energy movement. Similarly, the
      different schools of Qigong will result in different
      changes to the Yin structure simply due to the
      different methodologies of initially training the

      One area of research that I believe supports this is
      work done on the Vagus nerve and its relationship to
      consciousness/intent. The Vagus nerve is generally
      thought to have motor and sensory functions and serves
      the pharynx, larynx, lungs, aorta, hear and the
      gastrointestinal tract. It also has classically been
      thought to carry information mainly to the brain.
      However, now it is apparent that the Vagus nerve plays
      an important role in epilepsy and immune system
      function, notably tumor necrosis factor (TNF). Vagus
      nerve stimulation has also been shown to have a large
      impact on emotions such as depression leading one to
      suspect that there is much more going on here than
      simply carrying a few �signals� to the brain.

      It is important to remember that any changes to the
      Yin must be reflected down to a cellular level since a
      large component of Yin is generated at this
      fundamental level of life. This is why Qigong healing
      works and why there is also a large potential for both
      power and ability. One aspect of the Yin is to
      communicate within the body and a second aspect that
      comes from this is to shift energy. I suspect that
      the information portion is likely more important from
      a functional point of view for such things as symmetry
      or immune response. However, certainly from a
      defensive aspect the energy movement is likely
      somewhat important, even if it �only� functions on a
      level of potentially harming bacteria.

      With the correct training, however, it is evident that
      the energy movement aspect can become quite powerful.
      One way to think about this is again to imagine a
      standing wave within the body�s structure. By adding
      in other frequencies (from changes to the brainwaves)
      in addition to making physical changes, likely both
      macro-level such as limb movements and micro-level
      such as cell activity changes, the Yin wave pattern
      may be greatly manipulated creating something akin to
      the nodes and crests in classical wave theory. The
      moment the Yin standing pattern shifts then many
      things may happen including the potential for the
      standing pattern actually exiting the body (likely
      only possible for very short durations) to energy
      simply being dissipated/radiated.

      Other possible effects could include groups of cells
      and/or structures being resonated with extra energy
      and generating other types of emissions such as the
      �biophotons� currently being studied or bioelectricity
      that has been exhibited by some people. Some Qigong
      practitioners experience symptoms similar to burns at
      specific energy points and this may indicate that some
      patterns of the standing wave generate heat or this
      could also be due to cells in those areas being
      stimulated to produce great amounts of energy.

      Possibly one of the more important types of energy
      that is present in the body is in the range of sound
      and is true physical vibrations carried within the
      body. From an engineering perspective attempting to
      analyze the fundamental resonance frequencies of the
      body would be impossible due to the variety of
      materials and general topological complexity of the
      body but the inability to analyze certainly doesn�t
      preclude the existence of such energy! In fact, early
      sensations of Qi felt during Qigong may actually be on
      the physical level of vibrations since we, as a race,
      are quite attuned to physical sensations in the
      auditory range.

      A definite possibility is the fact that such effects
      as sonoluminescence, the generation of light by
      resonating an air bubble with sound waves, could be
      utilized by the body. It is also interesting to note
      that experiments on this effect indicate that it is
      quite possible that temperatures approaching those
      found in the sun or possibly even greater can be
      generated within bubbles using sound, an amazing
      change in form of energy.

      Other possible areas of study include sub-atomic or
      quantum-level energy and gravity. I won�t attempt to
      discuss the quantum level but gravity is quite an
      interesting area. Notably, the fact that many animals
      appear to use gravity for navigation and that plants
      seemingly �know� the correct way to grow would
      indicate that the ability to interact with gravity is
      possible. New theories use a suspended superconding
      wire and measure the vibration modes of the wire to
      measure the gravity field in the vicinity; the latest
      devices apparently make use of standing waves in the
      wire to improve sensitivity.

      These effects, from a scientific perspective, are
      compatible with some of the effects of Qi emission and
      indicate new ways to view this process. But it is
      important to remember, I believe, that because the Yin
      necessarily includes consciousness/intent, this energy
      emission also includes some form of �purpose� in
      addition to carrying some information with it. These
      possibilities open up new areas of enquiry for those
      studying these effects although within the history of
      Qigong this has some mention. To study Qigong
      properly means to including a heading of
      �consciousness/intent� when comparing effects and/or
      observations regarding Qi.

      Constant manipulation of the Yin patterns within the
      body, particularly manipulating more energy, no doubt
      also effect change to physical structures within the
      body. I have no doubt that some of the energy
      movement demonstrated by some masters results from
      fundamental changes on a cellular level, perhaps
      accompanied by the actual growth of what one may call
      �organs� of changed cells. I also believe that what
      have been called the channels and vessels, for
      instance, may be studied from the perspective of
      carrying energy in the form of standing waves and
      certain changes alluded to through history may be
      explained by the simple fact that they must change to
      carry more energy.

      Physical Vibration
      - sonoluminescence and sound wave projection

      - EEG, field effects and bioelectromagnetic effects

      - Navigation and possible energy transfer (essence of
      planets from Five Element theory?)

      - Interact with universe at fundamental level?



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