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Final Schedule of the Symposium on Self Healing and Consciousness Power

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  • Kevin Chen
    First World Symposium on Self-Healing & Consciousness Power - (With demonstration and verification of extraordinary human abilities) June 8-10, 2001 Sheraton
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2001
      First World Symposium on Self-Healing & Consciousness Power
      (With demonstration and verification of extraordinary human abilities)
      June 8-10, 2001
      Sheraton at Woodbridge Place, Iselin, NJ 08830 (USA)

      Symposium Schedule

      JUNE 8, 2001 (FRIDAY)

      8:30am --5:00pm Registration & Exhibition (All day)
      -- Pre Function Corridor

      10:00 --11:15am Opening Ceremony – Grand Ballroom

      >> Welcome and Introduction
      Master Binhui He of WISH (Symposium Co-Chair): Welcome!
      Dr. Effie Chow of EWAHA & WHCCAMP
      Dr. Roger Jahnke of NQA
      Dr. Liang Ping of Japan
      Dr. Lionel Labbé of WISH Canada
      Dr. Floyd Tuner of New Jersey

      >> Rustum Roy, Ph.D. (Symposium Chair): Opening
      “A New Role for Science in CAM and Biofield Research”

      11:30--12:30pm Keynote – Grand Ballroom
      Larry Dossey, M.D. “Power of Consciousness and the Future
      of Medicine”

      12:30 -- 1:30pm Lunch Break (on your own); FREE diagnosis by CAM healers

      1:30 -- 2:30pm Keynote -- Grand Ballroom
      Binhui He, “Theory and Practice of Comprehensive Qigong
      Anti-Cancer Therapy”

      2:30 -- 3:40pm Special Demonstration with Verification -- Grand Ballroom
      (volunteers with breast tumor needed)
      Introduction by Kevin Chen, Ph.D.
      “Studies of Human Consciousnesss’ Power and Energy”
      Shrink breast tumor by intention – Master Binhui He
      (with Ultrasound test before and after)

      4:00 -- 5:00pm Keynote -- Grand Ballroom
      Gary Schwartz, Ph.D.
      “Living Energy Universe and Its Health Implications”

      7:00 -- 10:00pm Welcome Dinner and Reception -- Grand Ballroom
      (Buffet dinner will be served to the registered
      participants, a cash bar available)
      >> Short speeches by invited guests and celebrities,
      >> Entertainment and Demonstrations
      -- Taiji & Qigong form by Dr. Roger Jahnke
      -- Qigong Music by Master Shen Wu
      -- Mind Healing by Dr. Yamamoto
      -- Power of Mind and Qi by Qigong Teacher Frank Matthew
      >> “Cancer Conquers” (a documentary film)
      >> Silent Auction (Fund-raising activity) – Bailey Room

      JUNE 9, 2001. SATURDAY

      7:00 -- 8:00am Morning Subtle Energy and Self-Healing Exercise
      (led by Dr. Roger Jahnke)

      8:30—5:00pm Registration & Exhibition (All day) – Mezzanine Lobby

      9:00--10:40am PANEL ONE

      101 Measuring the Effects of Qigong and Qi -- Amphitheater
      (Chair: Kenneth Sancier, Ph.D.)
      Chao Liu and Yoshio Machi, Ph.D (Electric Dept, Tokyo
      Denki University, Japan):
      “The Physiological Effect of Method in Qigong Therapy”

      Kenneth Sancier, PhD (Chairman, the Qigong Institute):
      “Measuring the Effects of Self-Applied Qigong and Emitted
      Qi on the Body”

      Glen Rein, PhD. (Quantum Biology Research Labs, NY):
      “The Energetic Properties of Qi as Characterized by Its
      Biological Activity”

      Yoshiaki Omura, MD, Sc.D.
      “Abnormal deposits of metals, decreased acetylcholone and
      in brain treated by (+) Qigong energy stored paper”

      102 Clinic Research on Alternative Therapies for Cancer --
      (Chair: Samuel Shiflett, Ph.D.)
      Samuel Shiflett, Ph.D (Center for Health and Healing, Beth
      Israel Medical Center of NY)
      “Clinical research in complementary and alternative therapies
      in cancer: Where’s the evidence?”

      Zhi Gang Sha, MD, John Grey, PhD. E. Targ, MD, B.
      Liganor, MD,
      Peter. Hodoba MD, & Ida Berk, MA.
      “Western Psychological Techniques for Stress Management
      Combined with Zhi
      Neng Medicine Qigong, Acupuncture, and Herbs in Treatment
      of Cancer”

      Riaz UR Anwer, MD (Electro Homoeo Practitioner, Pakistan):
      “Cancer, Blood Cancer, TB and Civer Cirrhosis -
      Cured with German Homoe Compounds”

      Yun Liao, (Director, WISH LiuZhou Branch):
      “The LiuZhou Model of Collective Qigong Anti-Cancer Therapy”

      103 Clinical Application of Self-Healing-Based Therapies -- Cutter
      (Chair: Lionel Labbe, MD)

      Lionel Labbé, MD, (Director, WISH Canada):
      "An Observation of Qigong Therapy in saving a late-stage
      cancer patient's life".

      Ivan Bultorov, MD, Angela Vlas, MD, Veaceslav Vlas
      (State Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Republic of
      “Clinical Benefits for Chronic Bronchitis by Qigong-Therapy”

      Fran C. Star, PhD, RN
      “Practical Application of Medical Qigong in Nursing and
      for Self Healing.”

      Effie P Chow, Ph.D. NR, DiplAc (East West Academy of
      Healing Arts):
      “Body, Mind, Spirit for Self Healing for Disability and

      10:50--12:30pm PANEL TWO

      201 Scientific Exploration of PSI Phenomena and Human Mind
      Power -- Amphitheater
      (Chair: Savely Savva, MS)

      Savely L Savva, MS (Director, MISAHA):
      “Ultimate Biophysics: Biofield as the Carrier of
      General Control System of the Organism”

      Erkin N. Shermatov (Samarkand State University, Uzbekistan):
      “Influence of Magnetic Field on a Dynamics of
      physical and Biochemical Processes in Cells”

      Belinda J. Anderson, PhD.
      “The Biofield – A Particle-Wave Duality Phenomena”

      Yoshio Machi, PhD (Professor, Tokyo Denki University):
      “The Physiological Measurements of Non-Visual Recognition”

      202 Application of Qigong and Biofield Energy in Psychotherapy
      -- Hampton
      (Chair: Floyd Turner, Ph.D.)

      Michael Mayer, PhD (Director, The Body-Mind Healing Center)
      “Psychotherapy and Qigong: Partners in Healing Anxiety and
      Other Psychological Disorders.”

      Floyd Turner, PhD (Psychotherapist in private practice)
      “The Impact of Complementary and Alternative Medicine on
      Modern Psychology”

      Jay D. Kantor, PhD (publisher of Quality Times Magazine)
      “Gaining control of your mind: Using the power of the mind
      to heal childhood trauma.”

      203 The Arts and Secrets of Healing and Health – Bailey Room
      (Chair: Effie P. Chow, Ph.D. RN.)

      Shang Kai Gao,
      “Natural Spontaneous Movements and
      Chirographed Movements in Qi Gong and Self-Healing”

      Shen Wu (Music Qigong Master, International Institute of
      Chinese Medicine):
      “Music Qigong and Longevity”

      Steven Angel, BA, DC (Director, Angel Holistic Healing
      “Vibrational Medicine: Healing with Qi in the Form of
      Sonic Vibratory Energy.”

      Kamau Kokayi, MD.
      “Traditional African Medicine: A Perspective in 2001”

      204 Clinical Application of Biofield Therapies -- Cutter
      (Chair: Roger Jahnke, OMD)

      Amy L. Ai, PhD (University of Michigan), Ken Sancier, PhD
      (The Qigong Institute):
      “A Critique of studies on Qigong & Mental Health:
      Implications for Clinical Research.”

      Roger Jahnke, OMD. (Santa Barbara College of Oriental
      Medicine, NQA)
      “Qigong and Tai Chi: Research in Clinical Applications”

      Ivan Bultorov, MD, Angela Vlas, MD, Veaceslav Vlas
      (State Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Republic of
      “Psychological Benefit of Qigong Therapy for Bronchial
      Asthma Patients.”

      Frank J. Mathews, BS (East West Way of Qigong), Michael T.
      Chen, MD. FACC
      “Introducing Qigong into a Hospital Environment: Exploring
      the methodology
      and techniques used at Rahway Hospital over a
      period of three years.”

      12:30 -- 1:30pm Lunch Break , FREE diagnosis by oriental medical doctors

      1:30 -- 3:10pm PANEL THREE

      301 Studies of Consciousness/Mind Power Around the World --
      (Chair: Prof. Jin-Chuan Shen)

      Jin-chuan Shen (Professor, Chinese University of
      “Twenty Years of Study of Extraordinary Human Abilities in

      Yoshio Machi, PhD (Professor, Tokyo Denki University,
      “The Studies of Qigong and Mind Power in Japan.”

      302 Placebo Effects and Human Self Healing -- Hampton
      (Chair: Garret Young, Ph.D.)

      Jerry Solfvin, PhD (Southcoast Hospitals Group):
      “Interpersonal Expectancy Factors In Treatment Outcomes
      --Beyond the Placebo Effect.”

      Elena Gillespie, BS (Reiki Master, University of Michigan):
      “Can the Placebo Effect be induced?”

      Jeffrey Roelofs, MSc, (Maastricht University, The
      “Mechanism of Placebo-Induced Analgesia.”

      303 Acupuncture, Meridian System and Human Self-Healing -- Cutter
      (Chair: Andrew S. Rosenfarb, C.A.)

      Andrew Rosenfarb, C.A., Dipl. Ac., (Director, Rosenfarb
      Acupuncture Center):
      “Acupuncture: An Effective Means of Promoting

      Orest Pelechaty, OMD, C.A., (Director of ALOHA Clinic,
      Short Hills NJ):
      “Acupuncture Energetics: A Historical and Practical
      Overview Informing the Future”

      Shohanna Katzman, MA, C.A.
      “Self-Healing through Acupuncture.”

      Carroll Brusius, C.A. (Maitri Healing Center, The
      Greystone Foundation):
      “Answering the call: Contemporary and ancient methods
      of immune enhancement in millennial America.”

      304 Exploration of Extra-Dimension and Yin-Matter Fields –
      Bailey Room
      (Chair: Aiguo Han, PhD)

      Dong Shen, MS (World Institute for Self Healing):
      “The existence of Yin-matter verified by ESP and
      psychokineses experiments”

      Erkin N. Shermatov, MD (Professor, Samarkand State
      University, Uzbekistan):
      “Human being and Energo-information field”

      Karen Clark, DC, (Acupuncturist, Private Practitioner with
      Medical Qigong)
      “Remote Diagnosis of Both Living and Deceased Persons
      by a Group of Intuitives Working Together On-Line”

      3:30 -- 5:10pm PANEL FOUR

      401 Development of Qigong and Human Self-Healing Capabilities
      -- Amphitheater
      (Chair: Prof. Zhongpeng Lin)

      Zhongpeng Lin (President, Chinese Qigong Academy):
      “The Past, Present, and Future of Qigong and the Fake
      Qigong Phenomenon”

      Aiguo Han, PhD (Rowan University, NJ)
      “The Absence of Mind and Self-Healing”

      402 Bigu (Energetic Fasting) and its Health Application --
      (Chair: Guo-Qiang Xing, Ph.D.)

      Jianjun Wang, MD (Qigong scientist, President, Hanlin
      Academy, Bulgaria):
      “Thorough Clinical Experiment on Bigu-Fasting”

      Kathy Chan, MBA (President, WISH Canada, Inc.) and Binhui
      He, (President, WISH),
      “Mechanisms and Effects of ‘Absorbing Qi and Bigu’ in
      Qigong for Self-Healing”

      Lily Zhong, MA (Executive VP of WISH)
      “Applications of ‘Fuqi Bigu’ in Qigong Practice for
      Defeating Chronic Diseases”

      403 Exchange of Experiences among Those Recovered by
      Self-Healing Therapies --
      Cutter (Chair: Lily Zhong, M.A.)

      Kathy Chan, MBA – fibro cancer, cancer free
      Nancy Dahlbom -- emphezema, oxygen free
      Jeanne Andrews, RN -- colon cancer, cancer free
      Zhining Chen -- metastasized liver, colon cancer – in recovery
      Floyd Turner, PhD -- prostate cancer, permanent injury and
      other chronic diseases
      -- You are welcome to speak at this panel.
      Please register with Lily Zhong if you plan to speak
      for more than 5 minutes.

      404 Special Demonstration of Human Extraordinary Abilities –
      Bailey Room
      (By Invitation only; Chair: Roger Jahnke, OMD)
      Presenters to be announced

      7:00 --10:00pm Master’s Workshops on Self-Healing and Mind Power Techniques
      (For registered attendants - additional fee applies, see
      attached program)
      ? Master Shen Wu: Music Qigong -- TBD
      ? Master Chulin Sun: Techniques for Training Mind Power –
      Watson Room
      ? Prof. Zhongpeng Lin: Therapeutic Qigong for Diabetes --
      Bailey Room
      ? Dr. Effie P Chow: “Body, Mind, Spirit for Self Healing
      for Disability and Rehabilitation” -- Hampton
      ? Dr. Roger Jahnke: Awakening the Healer Within -- Cutter
      ? Mr. Francesco Garipollie – Wuji Qigong – Total Stress
      Management -- TBD

      JUNE 10, 2001 (SUNDAY)

      7:00 -- 8:00am Morning Subtle Energy Exercises (led by Francesco Garripolli)

      8:30 -- 4:30pm Registration & Exhibition (All day) -- Pre Function Corridor

      9:00 -- 10:40am PANEL FIVE

      501 Methodological Issues in the Study of Self-Healing and
      Mind-Body Medicine
      -- Watson Room (Chair: Kevin Chen, Ph.D.)

      Maria Syldona, PhD. (Transpersonal Mind/Body Healing
      Center, New York):
      “A Quantitative and Qualitative Approach to Understanding
      Mind/Body Medicine and Self-Healing”

      Garret Yount, PhD (California Pacific Medical Center):
      “Methodological challenges in Qigong research.”

      Savely Savva, MS (Director, MISAHA)
      “Some Methodological Recommendations
      for Studies in Biofield and Mind-Body Medicine.”

      Open Discussion – please register with Dr. Chen
      if you plan on speaking for more than 5 minutes.

      502 Clinical Applications of Self-Healing-Based Alternative
      Therapies -- Bailey Room
      (Chair: Philips Shinnick, Ph.D.)

      Suzanna M Zick, MD, MP, Elena Gillespie, BS, M Stevens MD,
      K Aaronson MD,
      (University of Michigan Complementary and Alternative
      Medicine Research Center)
      “Lessons Learned: Recruiting and Enrollment in Cam Trials.”

      Philips Shinnick, Ph.D.
      “Researching Techniques for Mind Body Healing in Clinical

      Xuzhou Ma, MD (Director, Chinese Society of Qigong
      “Eye-Bright Qigong plus Hammer Therapy have special effect
      on curing eye diseases.”

      Amy L. Ai, PhD, Sara Warber, MD, Christopher Peterson, Ph.D.,
      Steven Bolling, MD, and Lisa Stano, BS (University of
      “Designing a Clinical Trial on Qigong Therapy:
      Hospital Rehabilitation of Cardiac Patients,”

      503 The Roles of Mind-Body Healing in the 21st Century
      Medicine – Ballroom Salon B
      (Chair: Ping Liang, MD)

      Jin Chuan Lu (President, Tai Ji Culture Institute, China):
      “Qi Medicine: Theory & Practice in Contrast with Western
      Medicine and TCM”

      Ping Liang, MD (Director, Institute of General Health
      Method, Japan):
      “Toward the new stage of modern clinical science in the
      21st Century.”

      Charles Shang, M.D. (Faculty, Emory University School of
      Medicine, Georgia):
      “Emerging Paradigms in Mind-Body Medicine.”

      504 Introduction to Some Self-Healing Therapies – Ballroom Salon C
      (Chair: Fran Starr, PhD)

      Pamela Miles, BA (Reiki Alliance)
      “Reiki Vibrational Healing”

      Anneliese Hagemann and , Gail (Gabriella) Mieden, MA (3H
      Dowsing International),
      “To Our Health: Using the Inner Art of Dowsing/Divining”

      Marie-Clotilde Couturier (CST Instructor of the Upledger
      Institute, Inc., FL):
      “Self-Healing With CranioSacral Therapy: CST as a viable
      self healing modality”

      11:00 --12:30pm Keynote: Mechanism of Self-Healing – Grand Ballroom

      Zhongpeng Lin, SE
      "Medical Laws of Maintaining Human Self Homeostasis System
      and Self Healing"

      Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D.
      "Status of Mind in Miraculous Healing -- Some Scientific

      12:30 -- 1:30pm Lunch Break (on your own), FREE diagnosis by oriental
      medical doctors

      1:30 -- 2:30pm Keynote – Grand Ballroom
      Roger Jahnke, OMD “The Healer Within and Health Care Reform”

      3:00 -- 4:30PM Closing Ceremony – Grand Ballroom
      Speech from Special Invited Guests (To Be Announced)
      Brief reports from selected panel chairs
      Closing Speech by Mr. Binhui He (Symposium Co-Chiar)
      “The Theory Behind Using Self-Healing as Health
      Recovery Medicine”
      Appeal Letter to NIH and NSF

      7:00 -- 10:00pm Special Master’s Workshops on Self-Healing and Mind
      Power Techniques

      June 11, 2001 (Monday)

      9:00am -- 4:00 pm Special Masters’ Workshops on self-Healing and Mind Power


      Special master’s workshops are being offered to attendants to learn and
      experience the powerful self-healing and mind power techniques presented in
      the research and findings at the symposium. You can still sign up for any
      of the workshop at the registration desk. A small fee is charged to cover
      the extra cost.

      Time: Saturday and Sunday evenings - 7:00-10:00pm, and Monday (6/11) the
      whole day (9:30am – 4:30pm).

      Cost: Pre-registration before 4/30: $50 for one evening, and $100 for
      one day. Onsite: $60 and $120 respectively.

      (1) Master Binhui He: Chinese Taiji Five-Element Qigong --- This is one of
      the 14 medical Qigong recommended officially by the Chinese Ministry of
      Health. You will hear about the effectiveness of this special form of
      medical Qigong at the symposium, and you may want to know exactly what it
      is. In addition to the basic forms of Medical Qigong, Master He will also
      teach the techniques on Qi sensation, cultivating Qi, internal vision of
      body organs and getting rid of tumors or diseases with mysterious spiritual
      light (http://www.masterhe.com).

      (2) Master Shen Wu: Music Qigong --- A modern combination of self healing
      arts from ancient China, Master Wu’s unique music Qigong is based a series
      of exercises with special music that increase the flow of vital energy in
      the body and enable body to heal itself. (www.musicqigong.com)

      (3) Master Chulin Sun: Techniques for Training Mind Power --- Master Sun
      is an extremely gifted individual who has worked closely with scientists to
      understand PSI phenomenon. Her verified extraordinary abilities include
      projection of thermal energy into objects, trans-teleportation of objects
      through glass and wall, or long distances, acceleration of plants’
      development, revitalization of totally denatured seeds. She will share her
      experience and teach some mind training techniques.

      (4) Prof. Zhongpeng Lin: “Therapeutic Qigong for Diabetes and Other Chronic
      Diseases” -- One of the best Qigong theorist and practitioner in China,
      and the founder and president of Chinese Qigong Academy. About 80% of
      Chinese Qigong masters (in public) have been trained by his Academy. He
      regularly goes to Europe to teach Qigong cultivation method, especial
      medical Qigong for diabetes. His workshop will combine the theoretical
      philosophy with clinical application of Qigong for chronic diseases.

      (5) Dr. Effie P Chow: “Body, Mind and Spirit for Self Healing for
      Disability and Rehabilitation” -- Many people with disabilities and
      paralysis benefit from Qigong. Chow Qigong, a combined approach of
      physical, mental, emotional and spiritual therapy is used. During this
      workshop cases will be presented and skills to help in the recovery from
      these and other conditions. There will be demonstrations taught using the
      Chow Qigong theory. Participants will experience the phenomenon of
      Qi. – available Saturday evening only (http://www.eastwestqi.com)

      (6) Dr. Roger Jahnke: Awakening the Healer Within -- Dr. Jahnke has
      presented an approach to Qigong that is suitable for mainstream populations
      which has been used in hospitals, clinics, churches, schools, community
      agencies, senior centers and even prisons. Because this approach is
      languaged in a simple health improvement context, numerous enthusiastic
      practice groups have sprung up in communities throughout the United States.
      The Healer Within approach to Qigong is easy to learn and easy to
      practice by a wide range of populations from teenagers to seniors and from
      the well who wish to sustain their health to those who hope to heal from
      life threatening diseases. In this brief training you will learn a number
      of simple methods of movement, breath practice, self-massage and meditation
      that can be easily tailored to address diverse populations. We will
      experience, as a part of the session, a one hour practice
      routine that has been used weekly in Santa Barbara where this method is
      used at a weekly practice session that has been running uninterrupted for
      over ten years.
      Participants will: 1) Learn how to tailor and adjust the methods of
      practice and the methods of explanation to diverse populations and
      agencies. 2). Learn and practice one hour Qigong practice routine that is
      easy to pass on to others; 3). Explore how to set up a practice session in
      their home community or agency – available Saturday evening only

      (7) Master Francesco Garripoli: “Wuji Qigong – Total Stress Management” ---
      Experience ancient Wuji Qigong, a complete Qi cultivation system that lies
      at the core of the WellRing TSM certification program. It combines inner
      “Nei” and external “Wei” Qi development, utilizing the fundamentals of
      Qigong to promote wellness, joy and freedom. This workshop introduces a
      variety of effective Taoist self-healing techniques with practical,
      hands-on training, leaving you with tools that you’ll be able to use every
      day. In his fun and light-hearted style, Francesco includes several Qigong
      self-massage techniques from the Shaolin Temple and simple yet effective
      Wuji Qigong exercises, which focus on the breath, synchronous movements,
      visualizations, and mantras to enhance Qi flow. Learn to combine Tui’na “Qi
      massage” with other medical Qigong applications. Practical Qi balancing
      exercises, for
      yourself and your clients, include “energetic first aid” and post-treatment
      energy balancing techniques. This presentation is an introduction to the
      40-hour Total Stress Management certification
      course. (http://www.wujiproductions.com)

      :-) :-)
      Kevin Chen, Ph.D. MPH.
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