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Yang-Sheng Highlights -- Dec. 2012

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    Highlights of Yang-Sheng (Vol 2, No. 6) http://Yang-Sheng.com Longevity Secrets From The Grand Masters of Chinese Medicine –
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      Highlights of Yang-Sheng (Vol 2, No. 6)



      Longevity Secrets From The Grand Masters of Chinese Medicine –10 Masters of TCM are showcased in our featured article this month. They are living proof of the positive effects of practicing Yang Sheng techniques. Learn their secrets for obtaining long life. Enjoy the profound effects of simple solutions that lead to radiant health.


      [The Tai Chi Examiner] Tai Chi: Increasing Brain Size and Delaying Alzheimer's Disease- by Violet Li – In a study recently published by the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, it shows that in a clinical trial, Tai Chi was proven that it actually helped seniors to grow their brain size. Improvements also were observed in several neuropsychological measures, which are indicative that the onset of the Alzheimer's disease may be delayed with Tai Chi practice.


      Master YiShi Yang and His Famous Calligraphy on Immortal Living Massage Method- by Kevin  Chen, Ph.D. – Dr. Chen  shares a method of Yang Sheng passed down from one of his teachers proven to be quite effective. The instructions are preserved in a poem making it easy for the student to remember. Techniques include massaging the Kidneys, the Liver and lower abdomen. Enjoy simple massage techniques that everyone can do on their own.

      Twelve Longest Living Cultures In The World
       - by Niraj Naik – A fascinating exploration of the 9 traits the World's longest living cultures share. Included in this thoughtful article are statistics on long life and a list of countries that enjoy the benefits of healthy elders. Everyone is sure to find some advice in this article that they can apply to their current lifestyle!


      [Meditation in Motion] Plateaus in Learning Taiji - by Eric Borreson –ifu Borreson explains how sometimes a break in our practice can be an indicator of greater change to come. He explains how our initial learning curve is marked with rapid growth and that subsequent periods of less acceleration are normal and an essential part of the process of learning.


      [The Daily Daoist]  Xing Shen Zhuang Fa- A Daoyin To Liberate The Spine–  by Jessica Sommar, MSc. – Not to miss! An in-depth teaching of a daoyin/qigong form designed to increase circulation and qi flow along our central nervous system. Learn 10 movements based on Daoist animals and concepts which gently guide your body into expansion and relaxation. Achieve the ultimate goal of the practice, "song"/effortless relaxation that lead you to long life.


      [From the Master] Push Hands: A Means for Enhancing Your Gong by Yang Yang, Ph.D. – This article starts out with a clear definition of what push-hands is: "Push-hands is a measure of a person's gong. In the meantime, push-hands can also be a safe and efficient means to enhance the gong." The author then helps us to achieve better development of our skills by providing several pointers that are sure to enhance your push-hands practice.


      The Extraordinary Fu Organs  Part 2 of 2  by Marty Eisen, Ph.D – Dr. Eisen concludes his article on the Extraordinary Organs. This section includes an in-depth explanation of the following organs: Bones, Blood Vessels, Uterus, and Gall Bladder.


      [Season's  Harmony] Winter: A Time to Prepare for Spring by Ellasara Kling – A delightful sample of foods that nourish our Water Element in the season of Winter. Don't miss the explanation of the relationship between Water, Kidneys and ears at the beginning of the article. As well as several scrumptious recipes to keep you warm during the cold months.


      The Science of Qi Healing:  A Survey of the Research and Benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong Practices  by Ted Nawalinski, Sc. D. – The Science of Qi Healing, is a survey of more than 240 research papers on the science of Qigong, Taijiquan and Qi healing.  Here Dr. Nawalinski summarizes the most relevant Chinese and English literature for readers. This survey and summary of literature was designed to offer an overview on the science of Qi healing, and its purpose is to familiarize the reader with the volume of material available and provide a starting point for further research.


      Being Between Heaven and Earth–  by Debi Dunn – Ms Dunn reflects on how her role as teacher of yangsheng techniques is received by people in different stages of their life.  Her article gives a glimpse into an elderly woman's passion for life and the contrast of youth who are yet to contemplate how to increase their longevity.


      LaoZi - The Hidden Dragon – by master ZhongXian Wu – Master Wu writes: Although the DaoDeJing is arguably China's famous book, most people don't realize that the DaoDeJing is actually LaoZi's cultivation handbook. The secret to understanding the DaoDeJing is not a secret at all. Through a committed inner cultivation practice and guidance of an illumined master, you can decode the enigmas within these five thousand words and find the path to the Eternal Dao.


      [Breath in This Life] The Role of Nutrition and Exercise in Longevity - by Ginger Garner – Ms. Garner asks "Can we actually improve longevity through our nutritional and exercise habits? The short answer is yes." Her article explains why the age old adage "You are what you eat" is also relevant to our health. Discover the relationship between you daily intake of foods and common complaints such as inflammation, arthritis and overall fatigue.


       Update on Mind-body Medicine Research   – â— The Evolution of Mindfulness-Based Physical Interventions in Breast Cancer Survivors.  â— Psycho-Physical and Neurophysiological Effects of Qigong on Depressed Elders with Chronic Illness. ● Adding Integrative Meditation with Ear Acupressure to Outpatient Treatment of Cocaine Addiction: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study.  â— Breathing Exercises in Upper Abdominal Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Health and Gross National Happiness: Review of Current Status in Bhutan. ● The Acute Effects of Yogic Breathing Exercises on Craving and Withdrawal Symptoms In Abstaining Smokers. ● Effect of Laughter Yoga on Mood and Heart Rate Variability in Patients Awaiting Organ Transplantation: A Pilot Study. ● Subjective Wellbeing and Longevity: A Co-Twin Control Study. ● Yoga in the Schools: A Systematic Review of the Literature. ● Meditation-related increases in GABA(B) modulated cortical inhibition. ●  Meditation as a Potential Therapy for Autism: A Review.


      [TCM Food Therapy] TCM  Views and Treatment of Hypothyroidism by Helen H. Hu, OMD, L/Ac. – Dr Hu describes common symptoms of Hypothyroidism and provides delicious recipes that nourish this vital gland. Check out recipes like: Lamb with Goji Berries, Black Sesame Congee, and Black Chicken to repair the Kidneys!


      The Importance of an Open Hand Position in Qigong and Taiji By Raven Cohan – In qigong practice, it is important to challenge oneself to open the hands properly. This article speaks of how to begin a conscious development of our hands. Humans continually evolve through conscious programs of development as we certainly do in Qigong and Tai Chi.


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