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Highlights of Sept 2012 Yang-Sheng

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  • Kevin Chen
    Highlights of Sept 2012 Yang-Sheng (Vol 2, No. 5) (http://Yang-Sheng.com) From The Editor – Christina Barea-Young - reminds us that autumn is the perfect
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      Highlights of Sept 2012 Yang-Sheng (Vol 2, No. 5)



      From The Editor – Christina Barea-Young - reminds us that autumn is the perfect time to release beliefs, thoughts, and ideas that no longer serve us, and that every moment is an opportunity to see the joy in life and in our world.


      Featured Article: The Happiness Inventory by Ginger Garner, - gives us a way to evaluate “Your Contentment Quotient” and, if necessary, offers suggestions to restock our happiness tool-kits with meaningful activities though learning, doing, and yoga.


      From The Master: The Relationship Between Wuji, Taiji, and Qigong by Yang Yang, Ph.D. - Offers an excellent explanation of the differences and similarities of these practices, and practical advice on the opportunities and ways to incorporate them into daily life.


      Seasonal Harmony: Finding Harmony in Seasonal Eating by Ellesara Kling - offers suggestions based in Five Element Theory for the seasonal foods for autumn, and recipes for delicious soup, sauce, congee, and tea.


      Meditation In Motion: Relax and Loosen In Taiji by Eric Borreson - explains the deeper meaning of relaxation as it relates to releasing tension while maintaining alignment and offers suggestions for practice from meditation to movement.


      Scientific Qi Exploration: The Extraordinary Fu Organs (Qi Heng Zhe Fu) by Marty Eisen, Ph.D. Offers an extensive and detailed explanation of Marrow and The Brain from the perspectives of both Chinese and Western Medicine


      Nurturing the Mind: Ten Tips To Become Happier From Dr. Ben-Shahar – An Introduction to Positive Psychology by Dr. Kevin W Chen, reveals a new way of looking at happiness through cultivating positive experiences and emotions, and shares the top ten ways to apply positive psychology methods to become happier in your everyday life.


      Happiness in your life: Letting Go by Doe Zatamata, offers some practical suggestions as to how to release and gain freedom from past anger, shame, doubt, regrets and other negative things we tend to hold to that can severely limit our happiness.


      Qi Cultivation and Dao: Integrating Theory with Experience: Medical Qigong for Healing and Health Care Part 2 of 2 by Jill Gonet, MFA and Guan-Chen Sun, Ph.D. speak on the importance for medical qigong practitioners to understand and develop internal energy not only for the benefit of their clients but to maintain their own ability to function at their best and highest level.


      From the Doctor: Happy Qi! by Nadia Linda Hole MD — reminds us that happiness is a choice we make for ourselves, and offers seven proven methods to feeling happier.


      Self Healing Methods: Relaxation Through Smiling Exercise — a simple and easy exercise you may do anytime and anywhere to quickly reduce stress and increase your energy.


      Quantum Healing With Dr. Lu: Happiness is Like a Cloud by Dr. Nan Lu — explores the nature of happiness, what it is and where it comes from, and how important is the understanding between chasing happiness and discovering joy.


      Research Update: Mind-Body Medicine Research Update compiled by Kevin Chen, — reports on clinical trials showing the efficacy of practices in qigong, yoga, mindfulness-based programs, and meditation on a variety of physical, mental, and emotional challenges people face every day.


      TCM food therapy for Dryness  by Dr. Helen Hu — Dr. Hu describes how the Autumn Season affects our Lungs which can be prone to dryness at this time of year. But not to worry, she also includes many recipes and herbal remedies to help restore moisture to the Lungs and soothe the breath. Be sure to check out the Mung Bean Soup and Turnip & Honey Tea.


      Nurturing the mind: Yang Sheng, Yang Xin (Mind) by Shiuan Gee — Ancient Chinese stories are a great way for us to remember the importance of finding joy from the inside out. This article includes two short stories of personal discovery about the joy of life. Xin means “heart” and YangSheng means “Nurturing Life” together it roughly translates to Nurturing your Life and your life will also find peace and joy.


      Cycle of Harmony: 7 Principles to Creating Harmony in Your life – by Jing Jin – Discover how you too can easily find harmony your life with seven easy points on establishing balance in daily living. From being in the moment to expecting change Ms. Jing gives practical advice on how to find peace and comfort in the simple aspects of life. Her main key is that it’s already a part of us, the challenge is to allow it to manifest naturally.


      Daoist Stories: Exchanging Hearts is a nice story about self-appreciation.


      A Comedy Moment: Fun little stories and joke good for a laugh!


      Click HERE to download Yang-Sheng in PDF to read & share



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