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Qi Dao -- July/August 2010

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  • Kevin Chen
    Qi Dao ¡V July/August 2010 Qi = vital energy, life force; Dao = law behind everything. Qi Dao, the E-newsletter designed for all qigong/Taiji practitioners
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      Qi Dao   July/August 2010


      Qi = vital energy, life force; Dao = law behind everything. 

      Qi Dao, the E-newsletter designed for all qigong/Taiji practitioners and other mind-body or spiritual cultivators, promotes philosophy and methods of human self-healing and mind power, and shares knowledge and experiences with those who are interested in self-healing and mind power and their applications in health and everyday life.  All contributions are welcome.


      Read entire Qi Dao at: http://www.wishus.org/newsletter/QiDao_0810.pdf

      Theme of this issue Yang Sheng – Life Nurturing, or Cultivating health


      Research Updates

      • A Comprehensive Review of Health Benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi
      • Introducing Qigong Meditation into Residential Addiction Treatment
      • Meditation Acutely Improves Psychomotor Vigilance, and may Decrease Sleep Need
      • Effects of Brief and Sam Mindfulness meditation on Mood and Cardiovascular Variables
      • External Qigong for Chronic Pain
      • Effects of Tai Chi and Western Exercise on Physical and Cognitive Functioning in Older Adults
      • Tai Chi for Lowering Resting Blood Pressure in the Elderly
      • Effects of Tai Chi rehabilitation on heart rate in patients with coronary heart disease
      • Differential Effects of Mindful Breathing, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, and Loving-kindness Meditation on Decentering and Negative Reactions to Repetitive Thoughts
      • Effect of 12-week Yoga Intervention on Fear of Falling and Balance in Older Adults
      • Human Prefrontal Cortical Response to the Meditative State


      From Master Chun Man Sit

            Can Taiji be both a health exercise and a martial art exercise at the same time? Master Chun Man Sit looks at this possibility and tells the story of a young man who was able to accomplish it.


      Topics in Research

             Dr. Marty Eisen continues his Scientific Qi Exploration by looking at Qigong and the Cardiovascular  System.  This is the 12th part of his research topic series


      From Master Yang Yang

            Master Yang Yang takes a look at Santi Standing and presents what he has noticed over the past years. He gives ten steps for the practicing of this exercise. He also talks about tranquility in our lives and how it too is important to practice.


      Spirituality of Dao

            Ascending in Broad Daylight is achieving enlightenment and complete unity with the Dao. Christine Barea discusses the possibilities and importance of being able to achieve this form.


      The Tai Chi Examiner – Benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi

            Roger Jahnke and his associates did a study on the Health Benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi. In this article they relate a very positive result of both practices. Read to see what happened to the quality of life for the people who had been seriously ill and then learned to practice Qigong and Tai Chi.


      A Comedy Moment

                 Remember – Laughter is healing.


      Illuminating the Dao – Health Cultivation 

            Michelle Wood writes about the need to intermingle our health practices, in order that they might all work together “to create a healthy whole.”. She talks about the need to move beyond just words.


      Inspirational Quotes

                  Selected Chinese Proverbs on YANG SHENG (Life Nurturing)        


      Qi-Cultivation and Dao – Healing Chronic Health Conditions

            Sometimes the question is: just what is it that I should treat? Is it just the symptoms? Or do I need to get to the root of the cause? Guan-Cheng Sun and Jill Gonet take a look at how developing healthy behavior is the key for healing chronic illness and empowering the body to cure its own illness. 


      Original research Report – A Survey of  U.S. Qigong Teachers

            Judith Wortman presents the results of her survey study on Qigong practice in the U.S. by asking questions of Qigong teachers.


      Soul Salon – Spiritual Energy

            Rena Reese asks the question “What are you?” and gives a way to define ourselves which is not dependent on what we do, but what we are on this planet. She goes on to list ways that we can boost our spiritual energy and know our reason for being in this universe.


      Food as Medicine

           Ellasara Kling talks about the late summer and early autumn seasonal harmony and how we can cultivate emotional healing at any time and that it is now Lung Season. She goes on to share her recipes for health during the season.


      Read entire Qi Dao at: http://www.wishus.org/newsletter/QiDao_0810.pdf  

      Or go online at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Qi_Dao



      A Note from the Editor:


      To better serve the community of all mind-body exercises and self-healing practitioners, Qi Dao is in the process to transform into a web-based bilingual (English and Chinese) E-Journal, with the possibility of a color-printed magazine for the paid subscribers in the near future.  We are actively seeking for more volunteers and bilingual columnists to make Qi Dao a better virtual community for everyone.  If you are interested in learning more life-nurturing techniques while serving the community by helping us with more columns, better contents, or translation works so that we will have more subscribers, please send an email to Kevin Chen at qigong4us@... for more information.  We also need web page designer(s) to help designing and maintaining the future web site.  Thank you for your support!


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