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Qi Dao -- July/August 2009

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  • Kevin W Chen
    Qi Dao --- July/August 2009 Qi = vital energy, life force; Dao = law behind everything. Qi Dao, the E-newsletter designed for all qigong/Taiji practitioners
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      Qi Dao --- July/August 2009
      Qi = vital energy, life force; Dao = law behind everything. 
      Qi Dao, the E-newsletter designed for all qigong/Taiji practitioners and other spiritual cultivators, promotes philosophy and methods of human self-healing and mind power, and shares knowledge and experiences with those who are interested in human self-healing and mind power and their applications in health and healing.
      Read entire Qi Dao at: http://www.wishus.org/newsletter/Qidao_0809.pdf
      Research Updates
      A look at current research into Tai Chi exercises for cardiovascular patients and which of those patients might benefit; a review of tai chi and qigong use in older adults with many subjects improving in physical function and lowering blood pressure and depression; An analysis of Chinese literature on qigong for diabetes concludes that more controlled studies must be done; The effects of Tai Chi on middle age adults with oxidative stress and DNA damage; Changes that occur in meditative states.
      From the Qi Dao Master
      Lama Tantrapa discusses the importance of being natural and finding the ways that lead us to our inner nature. He starts by looking at the way both the artificial and authentic forms were created and moves to helping each of us begin to create our own forms the give us inner harmony.
      Topics in Research
      Dr. Marty Eisen continues to share his scientific exploration of Qi as he looks at the effects of Qigong Practice on the Body. He discusses the electromagnetic changes that occur in the body due to the exercises. Even though we may not understand all the science perfectly, this article is worth the read. Many countries have contributed to the study of Qigong exercises as expressed in this article.
      A Comedy Moment
      Take the time to laugh like a child.
      Illuminating the Dao
      Michelle Wood discusses the many ways in which we may look at nature and the “perfection of nature.” Perfect joy and perfect creation of your own life are the goals for each of us. Michelle takes us quietly and joyfully through the steps to being one in harmony with nature.
      Experience Exchange
      The relationship between Qigong practice and nature is explored through the Yin-Yang and the Five Elements theory, as well as book of Change by Kevin Chen. He looks at the role they play in nature, the movement from one element to the next and the subtle changes that take place. Just as in nature, also in our bodies. The goal is to connect our human life to all of nature.
      Experience Sharing
      Sharon Smith and Violet Li share with us her learning and her experiences from the International Tai Chi Symposium held in Nashville, Tennessee, where five grandmasters from the five major Tai Chi traditions met with scholars of Taiji for the first time in the history…..
      Food as Medicine
      In her own very unique way, Ellasara Kling talks to us about using food in harmony with the season to help put our own bodies in harmony with the season, thus in harmony with nature. She shares a group of recipes to help us do just that.
      Read entire Qi Dao at: http://www.wishus.org/newsletter/Qidao_0809.pdf  
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