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2QIGONG as a Portal to Presence

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  • xingteacher1
    Oct 28, 2005
      QIGONG as a Portal to Presence

      Dr Gunther Weil calls qigong a portal to presence in that....there are
      a great deal of underlying spiritual dimensions to this
      art...especially in the areas called "Neigung" (pronounced "Nooey
      Goong") or "Secret/Inner arts, that help develop a deeper state of
      consciousness since they emphasize inner cultivation and aa greater
      emphasis on the Upper Dantian (at the Third Eye) and the heart/mind
      (Hsin)...these practices change qi into shen, as well as a further
      refinement of shen into higher levels of soul and spirit...there is
      also the emphasis on inner cultivation linking with the outer energies
      of a variety of solar, lunar and cosmic forces to develop Taoist
      immortality...and, any of this cannot be directly explained by the
      intellect!A bottom line conclusion is by developing energy you also
      develop the ability to "listen" to the energy and go into higher
      spiritual realms through your practice.

      Enjoy your day,