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  • Vivek Iyer
    Scores- Suresh Ramasubramnainan - 4 Sanjay K.R.-5 Anirban gangopadhyay-2.5 Ifthikar ahamath-4 Arun hiregange-7 Krishnamurthy-2 M.Sunay-2 Ramcharan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2000
      Suresh Ramasubramnainan - 4
      Sanjay K.R.-5
      Anirban gangopadhyay-2.5
      Ifthikar ahamath-4
      Arun hiregange-7
      Ramcharan Sundararaman-4.5
      Rajarshi Gupta-3
      Sriyansa dash-3
      Alagar samy-6
      gopal kidao-4
      Sriram Padmanabhan-4
      Ravikant Avva-5.5
      Shardul Deo-2
      Madhav nair-4
      Ramakrishnan R.-5
      Ramesh kumar-2
      Aniruddha gupta-4
      Kunal vaed -4
      manoj R.-4
      Navneet bal-3
      gautam ghosh-5
      rajiv rai-7
      Sabyasachi majumdar-6
      ravikiran rao-5
      License to kill-9
      Bikash sarangi-4
      Anoop Adithian-7
      asish sahu-7
      Piyush raithatha-2
      an onymo-2
      Thanx a lot for responding to my quiz. The topper is Licence to Kill with 9 points. My personal Congrats.
      The Answers-

      1. What in the local dialect of the place means " Endless plains"?

      #Serengeti. Very few hits for this one.

      2. Why is Sacchen littlefeather famous?

      #She is the person marlon brando sent to receive the oscar he won for 'The Godfather'.

      He rejected the trophy as a protest against the atrocities meted out to american indians. Later she turned out to be a fake. Lots of hits for this one.

      3.What sort of a study is monology?

      #study of Stupidity. No hits, I put it in becoz it seemed interesting to me. Most people got the dictionary meaning of Monology and went on that track.

      4.Humphrey bogart is ever famous for his lisp, how did he get it? There are two stories behind this of which one is more authentic. That is the one which is required.


      he joined the U.S. Navy during World War I, serving as a ship's gunner. While roughhousing on the vessel's wooden stairway, he tripped and fell, a splinter becoming lodged in his upper lip; the result was a scar as well as partial paralysis of the lip, resulting in the tight-set mouth and lisp that became among his most distinctive on-screen qualities. (For years his injuries were attributed to wounds suffered in     battle, although the splinter story is now more commonly accepted.). This one is a bit vague becoz I recieived lots of answers which seemed convincing. But I have marked people who have mentioned the U.S.Navy and World War 1,  there was no brilliance in battle. If anybody can supply proof for the cigarette story which came about as a common story, pls mail it to me.

      5.What is the name of the hindu god agni's wife?


      . Again lots of hits

      6.What were Albert Einstein's final words?

      #It went down with him , the nurse beside him din't understand german.Lots of hits

      7.What was Alfred Nobel's real reason of bringing about a prize in his name, it was a late change in his will?

      #He dint want to be considered a violent man becoz he invented dynamite. Again lots of hits.

      8.What was so unique about the five children of ralph and carolyn cummins?

      #All their children were born on the 20th of february between 1952 and 1966. Ashish sahu got the date correct and 2 others including the topper got the funda correct.

      9.How do american indians name their children, what is the custom they follow?

      clue- they have funny names, don't they??

      #They name their children after the first thing they see as they come out of the tepee where the baby is delivered

      . Lots of hits.

      10. What come as up,down,top,bottom,strange and charmed?


      11.It was the custom in Ancient Rome for the men to place their right hand on their testicles when taking an oath.

      What word do we get from this??





      Similar aspirations



      Vivek Iyer

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