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Local Food Meeting this Wednesday

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  • Rachel Griffiths
    The PACG Local Foods Initiative is this Wednesday September 14th at 6:30pm LOCATION: Antonella s Restaurant, 112 West 3rd Street, Davenport, IA 52801 Join us
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2011

      The PACG Local Foods Initiative is this Wednesday September 14th at 6:30pm

      LOCATION: Antonella's Restaurant, 112 West 3rd Street ,  Davenport , IA   52801


      Join us to discuss what we can do to promote a local, healthy, sustainable food supply in our community at the PACG Local Food Initiative meeting.

      We will talk about the upcoming  2011 Earth Charter Summit:

      Sustaining & strengthening our Communities though Local Foods

      Summit Date: Saturday, October 15th from 9am-2pm at Augsutana College .

      The general public is welcome and encouraged to attend!

      Summit Schedule & Registration form below, seating is limited. 


      PACG Local Foods Initiative meeting AGENDA September 14th , 2011 at 6:30pm

      1. Welcome

      2.  Introductions

      3.  LFI Committee Reports:

                A.  Farm to Cafeteria: update on area schools and (Details about farm to school session at Earth Charter Summit)

                B.  Community Gardens :  Update on what’s growing at the garden!

                  (Update on Community Garden/Growing Food & Justice session at  Earth Charter Summit) PACG Community  Garden located at 13th St and Grand Ave in Davenport . Call Caroline 563-676-7580 or  email carolina1961@....

                C.  Local Seed Library:  Why Plant your Heirloom Seeds now and learn how to save seeds….

      (Update on Seed Saving session at  Earth Charter Summit) 

                D.  Local Food Coop:  Update on the QC Food Hub and the Freight House space. 

      Should PACG look into starting their own, year-round local food co-op and connection for farmers and buyers?

                E.  Earth Charter Summit : Saturday October 15th at Augustana College


      4.  Other Business:

                  A.  PACG Local Food Initiative Volunteer Opportunities:  Please come, help, have fun, meet people, educate on the issues!

                -Volunteers to help with Earth Charter Summit

                -PACG LFI is looking people to attend area events and promote the Local Foods Initiative.  We have a display kit and activities already prepared we just need help staffing the booth at area events.  We get many requests and it would be great to fill them!

                B.   PACG Pledge Cards – Please consider donating to PACG, this makes our LFI possible!

                C.   QC Local Foods certification label program for farmer’s market vendors?  Mitch

                D.  How can we get local governments to pass mandates requiring use of local foods ( Woodbury County in Iowa has a mandate we could use as a model).  Who can help with this?

                E.  Exploring the possibility of City ordinances for backyard chickens (see Iowa City ordinance)

                F.  What would you like to be doing around local foods???

      5.  Upcoming EVENTS (save the dates):

      .         A.  Earth Charter Summit : Saturday October 15th at Augustana College , Local food session

      6.  Other Announcements



      A Special meeting will be Wednesday September 28th (this is a special meeting to finalize Earth Charter Summit details) at 6:30pm at Antonella’s at  112 W 3rd St   Davenport , IA


      Next regular meeting will be October 12th at 6:30pm at Antonella’s at  112 W 3rd St   Davenport , IA


      Progressive Action for the Common Good Local Foods Initiative:

      Our goal is to assist in the development of a healthy, safe, sustainable, local food supply for the Quad Cities.


      You are what you eat; a popular saying takes on new meaning in our diets today.  The food we eat has changed drastically in the last 30 years: Factory Farms, Genetically Modified Food ingredients, Cloned Animal Food ingredients, contaminated food, and toxins in imported foods.  We face a daily challenge trying to ensure that the food that we eat and feed our family is safe, healthy, environmentally-friendly and supporting our local economy.

      PACG is energized to announce its newest forum, the Local Foods Initiative Forum. 

      The Local Foods Initiative goal is to assist in the development of a healthy, safe, sustainable, local food supply for the Quad Cities.


      Five components of the Local Foods Initiative will work to educate and move to action citizens, businesses and local government to pursue a local food supply.

      There are:

      -Farm to Cafeteria

      - Community Gardens

      -Local Food Coop

      -Local Seed Exchange

      -Annual Local Foods Summit


      The Local Foods Initiative meets once a month on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm at Antonella’s Ristorante at  112 W 3rd St   Davenport , IA Committees meet throughout the month also.


      Join us at the PACG Local Foods Initiative.  Together we can help to educate and mobilize municipalities and their citizens to strengthen the Quad City area and foster a source of healthy, local, safe food.


      If you are interested in joining the Local Foods Initiative or one of its committees, please contact

      Rachel Griffiths rgriffiths@... (309)-721-3204

      Mitch Tollerud mitch@... (563)-445-1842

      Caroline Vernon  carolina1961@... 563-676-7580




      5th QC Earth Charter Summit
      Sustaining & Strengthening our Communities though Local Foods
      Saturday, October 15th 9am-2pm
      at Augustana College , Student Center , Rock Island , IL
      Building effective local food networks that create positive benefits for farmers and communities takes a lot of time, effort, leadership, and collaboration!

      PACG Local Foods Initiative continues its work to help develop of a healthy, safe, sustainable, local food supply for the Quad Cities.  This summit will bring together producers, food buyers, consumers, community leaders, and organizations to address the excellent opportunity we have strengthen and sustain our community through local foods.

      The Annual QC Earth Charter Summit will include 4 breakout workshops, a keynote address and a Local Food Lunch. 

      Please join us, Summit Schedule & Registration form below, seating is limited. 

      PACG members are invited to register for the Delicious Local Lunch and Lunchtime talk only, if they wish.



      Summit Attendee Information





      Zip/Postal Code



      Registration Fees:
      # of Adults at $10.00 each: _______
      #of Students at $5.00 each: _______
      Scholarships available for the unemployed and under-employed

      Registration includes a local lunch

      Total Due: ____________

      ___Payment Enclosed              

      ___Pay at the Door

      Mail completed form and payment to:
      PACG-Earth Charter Summit
      1212 W. 3rd St. Suite 3D
      Davenport, IA 52804
      Make check payable to:  PACG
      Or email registration info to: qcprogressiveaction@...


      Earth Charter Summit Schedule

      9:00-9:30am Registration
      Coffee & Local Pastry

      10:00am Welcome from
      *PACG Local Foods Initiative
      * Augustana College
      *Congregation of the Humility of Mary

      10:15am Keynote Address:
      Realizing the Potential of Local Foods in Sustaining & Strengthening our Communities!  Presenter:
      Jason Grimm, Food System Planner
      Iowa Valley RC&D

      11:15am Break – Visit Exhibitors

      11:30am Break-Out Workshops

      • Farm to School  Presenters Sherry Staub, Davenport Farm to School –Marty Schlitz Local Food Community Organizer
      • Seed Saving  Presenters: Cindy Heilmann, Heilmann Hawkeye Acres Organic Farm & Mitch Tollerud, Seed Savers
      • Connecting Local Food to Buyers  Facilitators:  Jason Grimm, Garry Griffith, Jim Johanson
      • Growing Food & Justice Presenter: Sister Marilyn Schierbrock, Congregation of the Humility of Mary, founder of the Central Community Circle Garden & Food Pantry in west Davenport .

      12:30 Lunch & Keynote:
      Local Lunch prepared by Augustana Dining Service featuring local fare from Wesley Acres & Thurshwood Farms Lunchtime Keynote with Garry Griffth, Director of Dining Augustana and Jim Johanson, Wesley Acres titled Growing Local Food Partnerships.

      Event ends at 1:45pm

      Special Thanks to our Major Supporters:
      Congregation of the Humility of Mary
      Augustana College
      Radish magazine

      Slow Foods QC




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