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70Meeting this Wednesday

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  • Rachel Griffiths
    Jan 9, 2012
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      PACG Local Foods Initiative asks you to please join us at our meeting this Wednesday 6:30pm at

      Antonella's Restaurant, 112 West 3rd Street Davenport , Iowa 52801      

      January 11th at 6:30pm


      At this meeting we will be reassessing the role of the Local Food Initiative

      -recognizing our past successes and

      -strategizing what we would like to accomplish this year.


      Please join us; your input is greatly appreciated.




      Progressive Action for the Common Good Local Foods Initiative:

      Our goal is to assist in the development of a healthy, safe, sustainable, local food supply for the Quad Cities.


      You are what you eat; a popular saying takes on new meaning in our diets today.  The food we eat has changed drastically in the last 30 years: Factory Farms, Genetically Modified Food ingredients, Cloned Animal Food ingredients, contaminated food, and toxins in imported foods.  We face a daily challenge trying to ensure that the food that we eat and feed our family is safe, healthy, environmentally-friendly and supporting our local economy.

      PACG is energized to announce its newest forum, the Local Foods Initiative Forum. 

      The Local Foods Initiative goal is to assist in the development of a healthy, safe, sustainable, local food supply for the Quad Cities.


      Five components of the Local Foods Initiative will work to educate and move to action citizens, businesses and local government to pursue a local food supply.

      There are:

      -Farm to Cafeteria

      - Community Gardens

      -Local Food Coop

      -Local Seed Exchange

      -Annual Local Foods Summit


      The Local Foods Initiative meets once a month on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm at Antonella’s Ristorante at  112 W 3rd St   Davenport , IA Committees meet throughout the month also.


      Join us at the PACG Local Foods Initiative.  Together we can help to educate and mobilize municipalities and their citizens to strengthen the Quad City area and foster a source of healthy, local, safe food.


      If you are interested in joining the Local Foods Initiative or one of its committees, please contact

      Rachel Griffiths rgriffiths@... (309)-721-3204

      Mitch Tollerud mitch@... (563)-445-1842

      Caroline Vernon  carolina1961@... 563-676-7580



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