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Carlo Suares & Lamed

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  • BenAri_de_Judah
    I just wanted to add another perspective to the discussion of Lamed. I ve been studying the autiot using Carlo Suares system for about a year, and that is the
    Message 1 of 1801 , Oct 24, 1999
      I just wanted to add another perspective to the
      discussion of Lamed. I've been studying the autiot using
      Carlo Suares' system for about a year, and that is the
      perspective I will offer, but I think a little background is
      in order. <br><br>It should first be said that
      Suares is considered to have been everything from a
      crackpot to a prophet. Personally, I think he was gifted
      with exceptional spiritual perception, though his
      ability to communicate that seems somewhat lacking. His
      books are usually tough reading, with more of their
      depth in sometimes tedious detail than in direct
      powerful declarations or moving prose. His last book is
      somewhat of an exception. <br><br>Suares developed a
      system of translating/interpreting Hebrew text based
      upon specific meanings for each of the letters. That
      is not new in itself. However, this is not gematria,
      notarikon or temurah as they are classically practiced.
      Rather, in Suares' method, the letters represent
      different principles involved in process of change. He
      especially saw a direct correlation between the letters and
      the principles of physics and psychology. The
      meanings of each letter in a word are thus strung together
      in a formula that expresses a particular dynamic in
      the process of physical or psychological change. The
      literal meaning of the word may have only the most remote
      association with the formula, however the context within
      which the word falls has a lot of bearing. In effect, a
      sentence expresses a more complex and comprehensive
      statement about how the fundemental principles of
      manifestation interact with each other in a given
      context.<br><br>Regarding the Qabalistic background of Suares' work, his
      system is based upon the Ayik-becher, a method of
      alphabetic transformation corresponding to the level of Adam
      Kadmon. For more info on the Ayik-becher, go to
      <a href=http://www.inner.org/aleftran/ayik.htm target=new>http://www.inner.org/aleftran/ayik.htm</a> <br><br>Now, to the point! :-) According to
      Suares, Lamed (30) represents the manifestation of the
      archetype represented by Ghimel (3). Ghimel is the organic
      movement of every Beth (2) [container] animated by Aleph
      (1) [the incomprehensible force of life/death]. Thus
      Lamed may be thought of as representing the connecting
      agent that unites Aleph with Beth (the ox with its
      yoke). However, in order for this union to occur, Beth
      must be continually torn down and built back up again,
      and according to Suares this is the manner in which
      Lamed works. In effect, Lamed "whips" Beth into
      continual movement (Ghimel) so that the
      ever-changing/never-static Aleph can inhabit it.<br><br>To fill out this
      understanding of Lamed, we look at the letters of its name
      Lamed-Mem-Daleth (30,40, 4). According to Suares, this name is a
      formula involving the principles of the connecting agent
      (Lamed), the primordial waters (Mem), and the resistance
      to destruction (Daleth) which makes a living form
      possible. Thus we see that Lamed represents that which
      opens and closes the door of forms, arising from the
      primordial waters, to life.<br><br>Lux,<br>Chuck
    • mallukh_ahi
      There is a lot of symbolism involving the head contained in The Book of Concealed Mystery (part of the Zohar). Therein it is associated with Kether and is
      Message 1801 of 1801 , Feb 21, 2002
        There is a lot of symbolism involving the 'head'
        contained in "The Book of Concealed Mystery" (part of the
        Zohar). Therein it is associated with Kether and is
        called 'the vast countenance'. It is usually depicted as
        a human head seen in profile. There is also a
        'lesser countenance' - that of 'microprosopus' (the
        microcosm) presumably referring to Tifareth.<br><br>The
        Hebrew letter 'Resh' means 'head' as in BRAShITh
        (B-RASh-ITh) - 'in the beginning'. In this sense the head is
        seen as the starting point of Creation. Aries, the
        first sign of the zodiac, is also associated with the
        head.<br><br>Tradition has it that YHVH relates to the human body as
        follows:<br><br>Yod = head<br>Ha = shoulders & arms<br>Vav =
        torso<br>final Ha = legs<br><br>I hope these brief notes are
        useful.<br><br>Patrick.<br><a href=http://members.fortunecity.com/patrickm target=new>http://members.fortunecity.com/patrickm</a>
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