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203Re: [python-iter] RE: [Python-Dev] Shall I start adding iterators to Python 2.2?

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  • Thomas Wouters
    Apr 20, 2001
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      On Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 03:15:30AM -0400, Tim Peters wrote:
      > [Guido]
      > > I've got a fairly complete implementation of iterators along the lines
      > > of Ping's PEP (slightly updated).
      > > ...
      > > My question is: should I just merge this code onto the trunk (making
      > > it part of 2.2), or should we review the design more before committing
      > > to this implementation?

      > My answer is both! *Most* of what you described is no longer controversial;
      > 2.2 is mondo pre-alpha (so we're not "stuck" with anything you check in now);
      > and it's much more convenient (for me - heh) to try out if it's in the
      > regular build tree. I bet Greg Wilson would like it for his Set PEP work
      > too, as abusing the __getitem__ protocol for set iteration is giving him
      > headaches. WRT what may still be controversial points, there's no substitute
      > for trying a thing.

      I don't totally agree. Removing something from the trunk is not as easy as
      not adding it ;) But I agree that, since the *concept* of iterators, and the
      basic implementation, all are good things, they should be checked in. I
      still don't like:

      > > ...
      > > - The test "key in dict" is implemented as "dict.has_key(key)". (This
      > > was done by implementing the sq_contains slot.

      > That's probably controversial, but also easy to rip out (sounds approximately
      > self-contained) if the peasants storm your castle with flaming dungballs
      > <wink>.

      Fetchez-la-vache!-ly y'rs

      (Oh, now I get it... Iterators are Guido's wooden rabbit, with 'key-in-dict'
      hidden inside... I just hope it's Sir Bedevere that's building it ;)

      Thomas Wouters <thomas@...>

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