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Re: salute problems

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  • utrocketman
    The following is for informational purposes only and I do not advocate the manufacture or use of salutes. The construction and or use of salutes as listed
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 9, 2003
      The following is for informational purposes only and I do not
      advocate the manufacture or use of salutes. The construction and or
      use of salutes as listed below are considered a felony in the United
      States of America. And could result in arrest, fines and or extreme
      injury or death.

      That said the first thing you need to know is that all formulas are
      by weight not volume and will not work properly unless they are
      measured correctly.

      Flash Powder

      Potassium perchlorate 65-70%
      Aluminum powder (400 mesh) rest(up to 100%)
      Larger percentage of aluminum will result in a stronger flash.
      Use the diaper or newspaper method for mixing your two ingredients.
      INGREDENTS!!! Please keep in mind that 20 grams or more of mixed
      component can explode with out containment.
      After mixing well, plug one end of paper tube with paper plug (paper
      towel with white glue works well) DO NOT USE HOT GLUE PLUGS, they
      will not break up and will act as a projectile with some amazing
      ranges. Almost any paper tubing will work. Pant hanger tubing works
      very well, even used firework tubes such as Saturn Missile Battery
      tubes work well and they have the added advantage of being plugged on
      one end. Before filling drill a small hole in side of tube and insert
      fuse. A small dad of hot glue will hold fuse in place. Fill tube
      aprox.1/2 to ¾ full. DO NOT COMPRESS MIXTURE. Plug open end with
      paper plug as before. Let dry completely.
      Do not store these for any length of time and only make enough
      mixture to complete what you are working on at the time.
      Start out making small salutes and work your way up to larger
      salutes. They seem to gain in strength expotentionaly. 1" long tubes
      are a good starting point and may be all the power you want. These
      are very powerful and very bright. They can easily take off a few
      fingers and most likely turn your hand into a useless lump of
      hamburger if they where to detonate while holding one.
      So be careful, Never hold one in your to light it and have fun.

      --- In pyrotechnicsinformation@yahoogroups.com, "snowryder10487"
      <snowryder10487@y...> wrote:
      > ok i have read many articles on how to make salutes but wenever i
      tried it
      > ended up turning into a fountain like thing. ok i took 1 of those
      rip off m-98
      > er
      > w/e n got all the stuff out so i had a tube....next i used hot
      glue to make a
      > bottom plug....then i put in sum tissue and then emptied sum
      > firecrackers until i had alot of flash powder i also used sum
      crushed sparkler
      > groud down very very fine....i then used a piece of visco that i
      stuck into the
      > powder...then more tissue and finally the glue ontop. i let this
      dry 4 maybe
      > 30mins and lit it but it was like a gay fountain...Y?????? wat did
      i do rong?
      > should i not add spakler stuff?? let it dry longer? wats rong??
      thank you any
      > advice will very helpful
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