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Social Security Offset Legislation

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  • charles stone
    Hello members of TAPT, I have sent the following letter to my Congressional member and urge each of you to look up your Representative s address and email them
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2003
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      Hello members of TAPT,
      I have sent the following letter to my Congressional member and urge each of
      you to look up your Representative's address and email them BEFORE TUESDAY's

      If you would like to use the basics of my letter, please feel free to do so.

      Dear Representative ___________,

      I am concerned that the Congress is poised to pass legislation that includes
      a remote provision that affects my retirement in a negative manner. Please
      cast your vote against HR 743 as it currently stands.

      The proposed legislation, Section 418 of House Resolution 743, effectively
      forces most Teacher Retirement System employees to suffer a loss of
      rightfully accrued Social Security retirement funds. This legislation is
      being very closely watched by most employees of the 1000+ Texas school
      districts affected by the GPO. My letter is sent to you not only as a
      constituent, but as a member of ATPE and the Texas Association for Pupil
      Transportation. We are very eager to defeat Section 418, even at the
      expense of the entire Resolution.

      The Government Pension Offset has for some time been a 'slight of hand'
      piece of legislation which prevents most non-federal government employees
      from participating fully in their earned SS retirement. Your support of the
      companion bills filed, HR 594 and S 349, is very important to ensure that
      the intent of this legislation - repeal of the unfair GPO - is accomplished.

      Please do not let HR 743 be passed with the existing Section 418 provisions.
      Instead, encourage your fellow Congresspersons to support and pass HR 594
      or S 349, which will remove this unfair legislation.

      Thank you very much for your consideration.


      Charles Stone
      local address

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