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Train-the-Trainer Port Isabel, TX

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  • Scott Hurst
    9/2/02 To: Region 1 & 2 School Transportation Directors, Supervisors & Trainers From: Scott Hurst, Project Manager Fax: (979) 845-3419 Texas Engineering
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2002
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      To: Region 1 & 2 School Transportation Directors,
      Supervisors & Trainers

      From: Scott Hurst, Project Manager
      Fax: (979) 845-3419
      Texas Engineering Extension Service

      Re: Texas School Bus Driver Instructor Training School
      "Train-the-Trainer" planned for September 27-30, 2002 at Laguna Madre
      Learning Center in Port Isabel, TX.

      Dear School Transportation Directors and Providers,

      The purpose of this letter is to provide information on the training
      Texas Engineering Extension Service is planning to offer in your area.

      The Texas School Bus Driver Instructor Training School
      "Train-the-Trainer" is conducted in cooperation with the Texas
      Department of Transportation TxDOT and pupil transportation agencies in
      an effort to reduce incidents and improve highway safety. Our mission is
      to provide high quality, standardized training and resources to enhance
      the knowledge and skills for safe and effective pupil transportation.

      Please see the attached course description. The 30-hour course will
      start on Friday September 27 at 2:00 p.m. and runs through the weekend
      until September 30 at 3 p.m at the Laguna Madre Learning Center, Port
      Isabel, TX. This year's price is $535 per student. Pre-Registration is
      required before September 20, 2002. Please call customer service at
      800-824-7303 to register. Time and space is limited so please call now.

      The Train-the-Trainer course meets one of the requirements for being a
      Certified Texas Pupil Transportation Trainer. The Texas Association for
      Pupil Transportation TAPT certification requirements are attached and
      can be found on the TAPT web site at http://www.tapt.com/ under the
      download section.

      We would like to encourage area districts in Region 1 & 2 to take
      advantage of the training location and save from paying expenses for
      traveling to other regions in Texas.

      We at Texas Engineering Extension Service our proud of this program and
      feel that it will serve as a great asset to your district. Come join us
      an experience an intense four days packed with need-to-know knowledge.

      Texas Engineering Extension Service will be offering the Texas School
      Bus Driver Instructor Training School "Train-the-Trainer" at the
      following dates and locations for 2002-2003 year. More dates and
      locations will be announced soon.

      Texas School Bus Driver Instructor Training School "Train-the-Trainer"
      8/2/02 - 8/5/02 El Paso, TX (Region 19 ESC)
      9/27/02 - 9/30/02 Port Isabel, TX (Laguna Madre Learning
      10/11/02 - 10/14/02 Bryan, TX (Texas A&M Riverside Campus)
      3/28/03 - 3/31/03 Bryan, TX (Texas A&M Riverside Campus)
      6/6/03 - 6/9/03 Bryan, TX (Texas A&M Riverside Campus)


      Scott Hurst, Project Manager


      Certification as a Pupil Transportation Trainer is available for
      those individuals qualified to function at this technical level of the
      pupil transportation system. To qualify for this certification,
      applicants must demonstrate appropriate classroom teaching skills,
      hands-on ability to teach behind-the-wheel training to prospective
      school bus drivers, and/or any necessary retraining. Applicants for
      this certification must have a knowledge and interest in pupil
      transportation positions with responsibility commensurate with the
      category of certification.

      Applicant must:
      1. Demonstrate the ability to perform functions of the pupil
      transportation program.
      2. Have the interest and experience in the operation of a pupil
      transportation program and have a high school diploma or equivalent.

      Course Requirements for Trainer (CTPTT)
      (1) Two courses or equivalents must be taken from the official
      published TAPT Certification and Training catalogue. The two courses
      must be approved by the Director of Transportation or other school
      official to whom the applicant reports directly.
      (2) Successful completion of "Train the Trainer" presented by the
      Texas Engineering Extension Service, Texas A&M University.
      (3) Upon completion of course work, submit an application and proof
      of course work to the TAPT Executive Secretary for review and

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