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Position Vacancy (San Marcos ISD)

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  • Jaime Gallego
    San Marcos CISD Shop Foreman Job Description: JOB TITLE: Shop Foreman WAGE/HOUR STATUS: Nonexempt REPORTS TO: Associate Director for Transportation
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2010
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      San Marcos CISD

      Shop Foreman

      Job Description: JOB TITLE: Shop Foreman
      WAGE/HOUR STATUS: Nonexempt
      REPORTS TO: Associate Director for Transportation
      DEPT./SCHOOL: Maintenance/Transportation Center
      DATE REVISED: September 2010

      Manage and supervise the vehicle maintenance program of all district-owned vehicles.

      Minimum Education/Experience:
      High School Diploma or Equivalent
      Associate’s Degree preferred
      ASE Master Certification desired
      Valid Texas Commercial Driver’s License with Passenger and School Bus

      Knowledge of maintenance software
      Knowledge of inventory and part ordering procedures
      Knowledge of diesel and gasoline engines
      Knowledge of air and hydraulic brake systems
      Knowledge of vehicle electrical systems
      Personal Computer skills
      General mechanical skills

      Five years mechanical experience
      Three years of supervisory experience preferred
      Previous experience as maintenance shop foreman preferred

      1. Support the educational goals of the district.

      2. Contribute to the recommendation of sound policies directed toward program improvement.

      3. Work with the Director of Transportation is the design and implementation of innovations or improvements in the operation of the vehicle maintenance division.

      4. Supervise the district’s vehicle maintenance program.

      5. Develop training programs for vehicle maintenance personnel.

      6. Evaluate job performance of employees to ensure effectiveness.

      7. Make sound recommendations to the Director of Transportation relative to personnel placement, transfer, retention, and dismissal.

      8. Assist the Director of Transportation in the formulation of budgets specific to the vehicle maintenance program.

      9. Responsible for compiling, filing, and maintaining all reports specific to the vehicle maintenance program.

      10. Implement plans for preventative maintenance schedules for all district-owned vehicles.

      11. Demonstrate behavior that is professional, ethical, and responsible and serve as a role model for all transportation department staff.

      12. Work with the district’s Purchasing Agent to establish an effective parts management and inventory system.

      13. Maintain computerized inventory of parts and supplies for the vehicle maintenance program.

      14. Use thirty percent (30%) of work time towards actual mechanical work.

      15. Follow district policy concerning uniforms.

      16. Comply with all state, district, and departmental policies and procedures.

      17. Perform other duties or responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.

      Supervise and evaluate the performance of mechanics, mechanic helpers, and other personnel assigned to the vehicle maintenance program.

      Personal Computer, office supplies, telephone; hand tools, hydraulic jacks, electric drills, electric grinders, air drills, air grinders, air chisels, hand truck, fork lift, hydraulic lift gate, high pressure washer, ladders; motor vehicles including school bus, two-way radio.

      Mental Demands:
      Ability to communicate effectively (written and verbal), concentration, reasoning skills, reading, instructing, emotional control in stressful situation.
      Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:
      Ability to conduct on-site inspections of all vehicle repair and maintenance operations. Driving, walking, lifting (under 50lbs.); inside and outside work; temperature extremes; humidity extremes; noise; slippery surfaces; sunlight exposure; works with hands in water and cleaning products; works under and around vehicles; wears safety eyewear; works around moving objects and vehicles.

      Primary Location: Transportation Department

      Salary Information: $17.19 - $21.39 / Hour

      Apply online at http://www.smcisd.net/


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