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    The August It-News for It-Kids 1. THOR continues his North American assault, and in case you missed getting these goodies from the band or your local
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2005
      The August It-News for It-Kids

      1. THOR continues his North American assault, and in case you missed
      getting these goodies from the band or your local retailer, please buy from us:

      THOR "Thor Against The World" CD
      THOR "An-THOR-logy" Retrospective DVD
      THOR "Power Pak": special pricing for both items ordered together

      After the comic-book power metal of last year's thunderous "Beastwomen
      From the Center of the Earth", our favorite God of fuckin' Thunder returns with
      a more down n' dirty – though no less insane- rock n' roll record. For "Against
      the World", Thor teamed up with Streetwalkin' Cheetah Frank Meyer and his
      shitkicking cowpunk band Sweet Justice, and the result is a full-on, rockets
      red glare spectacle of authentically American rock n' roll action. And yes, I
      realize that Thor is Canadian, never mind a Canadian who's based his career
      on a character from Norse mythology, but I'm telling you, this album is the
      perfect summertime soundtrack for eating hot dogs, going to the drag races,
      and beatin' up Commies. Thor digs all the way back to his late 70's glam-pop
      days for Dolls-y, tambourine shaking rave-ups like "Creature Feature" and the
      slinky "Glimmer", and even further back for the 60's fuzz-punk sorority
      shakedown "Hard to Cry". There's a snaky, Iggy-esque ballad ("Turn to Blue"),
      a fire-belching biker metal stomper or two ("Easy Woman", and the storming
      title track), and an amazing, infectious 50's style doo-wop (!) rocker, "Gonna
      Have A Hard Time". There's all kinds of great rock n' roll here, and even
      though it flails wildly from one side of the rock spectrum to another, none of it
      sounds forced. This is mostly because Thor is immortal, but also because
      Sweet Justice is a white-hot band who seamlessly slip from one genre to
      another at the whims of their muscle-bound boss like he's paying `em double
      overtime. Sure, it's an oddball pairing, but so was Felix and Oscar, and that
      turned out pretty great, right? Same thing here. This is easily the most fun rock
      n' roll superhero come-back album since Billy Idol's "Devil's Playground", and
      Billy can't even bend steel bars with his bare hands. --Sleazegrinder/Classic
      Rock Magazine

      THOR tour continues all over North America in July/August/September, see
      below for details and tour stops.

      Pre-orders taken soon for:

      UNKNOWN INSTRUCTORS (w/Joe Baiza, Jack Brewer, George Hurley, Dan
      McGuire, and Mike Watt): "The Way Things Work" CD, ships September 20

      NEW SMOG VEIL SITE: sometime in September

      3. JUST ADDED to the iTunes Music Store: Thor "Thor Against The World".

      U.S., European, and Canadian users can now download Smog Veil releases
      from: The Dissidents, Buzz Clic Adventure, Les Black's Amazing Pink Holes,
      The New Creatures, California Speedbag, David Thomas & Two Pale Boys,
      The Vacancies, Rubber City Rebels, Rocket From The Tombs, Amoeba (raft
      boy), Stepsister "Autopilot Stuck On, Get Down!", Step Sister "Sugar Sweat 8-
      Track/Second Hand Smoke", Amps II Eleven, Offbeats, Agitated, "Broke: File
      Under Soundtracks", "Pie & Ears" comp Volume 1 and 2, Numbskull, and The
      New Christs!!

      Microsoft MSN Music store users: never fear, Smog Veil titles will soon be
      available in your neck of the digital world!!

      4. Tons of new stuff:

      --THOR t-shirts and classic THOR CDs:


      --no new Japanese imports this month, but we are awaiting a new shipment
      from Wizzard in Vinyl with new reissues from The Go, The Other Kids, and
      Geoff Lip Danielik (Peroxide/The Now/Alter Ego/TKO).

      --While they last, Pagans t-shirts, priced to move at $7.99, all sizes, 2-color
      "Dead End America" print in black only:


      5. Gigs galore!!:

      DAVID THOMAS: http://www.ubuprojex.net

      David Thomas and two pale boys
      Thu, Oct 27 Lewes, Pelham House/Lewes Literary Festival
      Sat, Nov 19 Brawby (N. Yorks), The Shed
      Mon, Dec 17 Bilbao, MEM Festival

      David Thomas
      Fri, Aug 26 Rochefort sur Mer (F) Rochefort en Accords Festival
      Duet with Rodolphe Burger

      Pere Ubu
      Fri, Aug 12: Boston, MA, Museum of Contemporary Art (live underscore to "X,
      the man With X-Ray Eyes)
      Sat, Sep 11 Vienna, Szene Wien/Live Free or Diet Program
      Thu, Sep 15 Brussels, VK/Live Free or Diet Program
      Fri, Sep 16 Haarlem (NL), Patronaat/Live Free or Diet Program
      Sat, Sep 17 Brighton, Concorde 2
      Sun, Sep 18 London, The Academy
      Mon, Sep 19 Leeds. City Varieties
      Tue, Sep 20 Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
      Wed, Sep 21 Dublin, The Village
      Thu, Sep 22 Manchester, Academy 3

      AMPS II ELEVEN: http://www.amps2eleven.com
      August 5th @ Skully's in Columbus, Ohio
      August 11th @ Beachland Tavern in Cleveland (w/THOR)
      August 13th @ I-Rock in Detroit (w/THOR)

      THOR: http://www.thorcentral.com
      8/4: Easthampton, MA, Flywheel (buy a THOR CD or DVD from Music Outlet
      or Night Owl Records and get a free gig ticket!)
      8/5: NYC, Continental Ballroom
      8/6: Patterson, NY, Patterson Rec Center (buy a THOR CD or DVD from
      Phoenix Records and get a free gig ticket!)
      8/7: Windsor ON, Coach and Horses
      8/8: London, ON, Rainbow Theater
      8/9: Toronto, ON, Lee's Palace
      8/10: Chicago, Bottom Lounge (THOR film fest plus live gig!)
      8/11: Cleveland, Beachland tavern (w/Amps2Eleven)
      8/12: Lansing, Mac's Bar
      8/13: Detroit, I-Rock (w/Amps2Eleven)
      8/14: Madison, WI, High Noon Saloon
      8/15: Minneapolis, Triple Rock
      8/16: Milwaukee, Vnuk's
      8/17: Fargo, East Gate Lounge
      8/18: Winnipeg, Royal Albert Arms
      8/19: Dallas, Double-Wide (w/Hognose)
      8/20: Houston, Rudyards (w/Hognose)
      8/21: Austin, Headhunters (w/Hognose)
      8/23: El Paso, Murphy's Cantina
      8/26: LA, Knitting Factory
      8/29: Modesto, Fat Cats
      8/30: Richmond, CA, Burnt Ramen
      8/31: SF, 12 Galaxies
      9/2: Portland, Sabalas Mt. Tabor Theater
      9/3: Olympia, Capitol Theater
      9/4: Tacoma, Hell's Kitchen
      9/5: Seattle: Sunset Tavern
      9/8: Denver, 15th Street Tavern
      9/9: Kansas City, Grand Emporium
      9/15: Memphis, Pho Hoa Binh
      more tour dates to be announced soon

      ok, all for now comrades...Mr. Frank/Smog Veil Boss
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