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Re: [punetreewatch] Massive tree cutting on Durga Tekdi - Nigdi

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  • Sameer Acharya
    There is no logical reason to cut down trees for growing lawns, its the weirdest thing I have ever seen till date(other one is chopping all branches in name of
    Message 1 of 12 , Mar 12, 2007
      There is no logical reason to cut down trees for
      growing lawns, its the weirdest thing I have ever seen
      till date(other one is chopping all branches in name
      of pruning).
      Also lawn mainenance is expensive in terms of water,
      fertilizer and manpower.
      Decorative plant saplings are expensive too(know this
      from my own experience). the only logic I can think of
      is lot of budget is being allocated for garden funds
      and someone is taking the people and municipal
      corporation for ride by selling decorative plants and
      redoing all the garden work. Wood fetches money too.
      Also when the garden has board that claims its
      reserved for biodiversity then how come trees are
      being cut for making lawns ? Its a broad daylight
      The most effective protest method I can think of is
      find some "aam aadmi's" who owns grazing animals like
      goats/cows and let them use that lawn for animal
      feeds. Didnt see any board prohibiting cattles/goats

      I personally dont know anyone from that area (except
      Rajiv now) and people are not very organized , also
      there is a fear of babus.
      There is enough for mans need , but not enough for his

      --- "Tasneem B." <just.tasneem@...> wrote:

      > Hi Sameer,
      > Thanks much for doing the site visit and the
      > update. I think this will be a long term engagement
      > if we want to do something about it. Ideally we
      > needto get hold of people living that side of town
      > to work around this. I think we have members who
      > live that side if town and it would be helpful if
      > they could provide their inputs into this.
      > What PTW could do is contact the people in the
      > garden department we have been working with a couple
      > of times and get a feel of the situation. The PMC
      > gardens are also being developed in alomost a
      > similar fashios where trees are getting cut to make
      > the gardens. I am not sure how we make a case for
      > cit forests here, I would request the members who
      > were discussing this to advise and help in this.
      > I tried calling you a couple of times to discuss and
      > understand this a bit more but you do not seem to be
      > answering your phone. Please do buzz me if you have
      > the time.
      > Thanks again
      > Tasneem
      > Tasneem Balasinorwala
      > Pune Tree Watch
      > Pune,India
      > www.tilcepa.org, www.kalpavriksh.org,
      > www.punetreewatch.org
      > Fax: 91-20-25654239 (o)
      > Tel: 98509-18042(m)
      > Email: tilcepa@..., tasul@...
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      > From: Sameer Acharya
      > To: punetreewatch@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Monday, March 12, 2007 12:23 PM
      > Subject: [punetreewatch] Massive tree cutting on
      > Durga Tekdi - Nigdi
      > Group,
      > In response to a call from Rajiv Goyal, I visited
      > the
      > Durga tekdi to find out what exactly was going on.
      > the
      > visit took place on Saturday morning 8:30am .
      > Durga Tekdi is a beautiful hillock near
      > Pradhikaran
      > area in Nigdi. It has been specially reserved for
      > sustaining biodiversity. The board near entrance
      > gate
      > proudly claims that this area (13-15 acres) has
      > been
      > developed by PCMC by planting various trees like
      > Banyan etc. Photography is strictly prohibited(no
      > reasons given). On the top there is a temple of
      > goddess Durga.
      > This area was developed by the military by
      > planting
      > lots of trees and handed over to PCMC, according
      > to
      > Rajiv it had a thick growth of trees which were
      > more
      > than 30 years old. Unfortunately I couldnt see
      > those
      > thick trees.
      > What I saw was stumps of recently cutoff trees in
      > huge
      > numbers (this could easily exceed 1000), in many
      > places trees have been cut to make.... lawns. And
      > all
      > around the sides of roads trees have been cut
      > (stumps
      > all over) and they are planting decorative tree..
      > Phytus (I think). Its a mockery of the board
      > (freshly
      > painted near the entrance) which proudly claims
      > biodiversity. Its as if the PCMC is blowing out
      > lots
      > of money to build a decorative garden (yes with
      > pipes
      > et al) and chopping off huge grown trees. A few
      > banyan
      > trees have been planted in between.
      > Rajiv mentioned that this huge chopping has been
      > going
      > on for past 1-2 years.
      > You need an army to save this kind of massive tree
      > felling, which seems to be happening without any
      > seemingly logical reason. I was sad to see the
      > tree
      > felling. We tried to ask the watchman about this
      > tree
      > felling and he kinda mocked at us and said we will
      > do
      > what we want and you mind your business. I wished
      > him
      > goodluck and moved out.
      > Its pathetic to see how funds are misused, also
      > there
      > must have been a lot of wood obtained from such
      > widescale tree cutting , not sure where it is
      > going.
      > I will try and see if we can get recent snaps, cos
      > the
      > workers are removing ths stumps too (all evidence
      > cleared).
      > I could understand why Rajiv was so frustrated and
      > agitated, its difficult to stay cool seeing such
      > injustice done to trees, especially if you are a
      > nature lover and then getting rebuffed by the so
      > called Public Servants.
      > And I just remember seeing some mail exchanges on
      > this
      > group on developing forest patches in this city to
      > reduce pollution.
      > -Sameer
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      > How a country should be governed, how the
      > integrity
      > and morality of human beings should
      > be protected.
      > High minded actions, ideal qualities and sacred
      > thoughts are basic foundations of character.
      > Rama is the very embodiment of these three
      > attributes."
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    • Sameer Acharya
      This is my understanding of the ancient Indian culture, that trees were considered as avatars of gods. Thats the reason the tradition of worshipping trees
      Message 2 of 12 , Mar 12, 2007
        This is my understanding of the ancient Indian
        culture, that trees were considered as avatars of
        gods. Thats the reason the tradition of worshipping
        trees like Vad(banyan), Audumber, Pimpal(peepal) etc

        Cutting down anyone of these holy trees was considered
        a crime equivalent to killing a holy person. I may be
        wrong but thats what my understanding is.

        In fact every person was required to plant at least
        one big tree in his/her entire life time to get relief
        from any sins committed.

        1. Audumber - Lord Dattatreya,
        2. Peepal - Lord Shiva and his ganas.
        3. Vada - Lord Vishnu (not sure)
        4. Tulsi - Goddess Laxmi
        5. Brahmakamal(flowering plant) - Brahma+Vishnu+Shiva

        Dont know of all the list but this is the list I have
        been told since childhood.

        Same thing in all other religions too including
        Buddhism,Christianity and Muslims.

        Keep a count of trees being cut and who is doing it
        and who is giving permission, I dont want to take up
        their bad karma on my head, for each his own.

        PTW is doing an excellent job trying to save trees,
        apart from environmental aspect you are following the
        good path according to our culture too.


        "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do
        nothing." Edmund Burke


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      • anchal
        Hello Samear Dhume, Samear Acharya and rest of members i had just written that firday morning suits me but just got to know one importatn meeting got fixed for
        Message 3 of 12 , Mar 26, 2007
          Hello Samear Dhume, Samear Acharya and rest of members
          i had just written that firday morning suits me but just got to know one importatn meeting got fixed for firday morning so will not be able to make on friday moring.
          Called up Mr. Nikal Deo and he says we could come to the nursery on Thursday 8am, he will open it for us early.
          That way we can all get back to work too.
          If it does not suit u guys just get back and we can fix a mutually convinent date and time.
          Sorry about the confusion.
          Anchal Sondhi
          Background if u did not get my previous email
          Original email
          Hello Samear Dhume, Samear Acharya and rest of members
          Was linking with garden detp. Mr Ghorpade to visit their nursery, but its getting delayed and delayed.
          So decided to go their on my own.
          Mhati Shinde Udyan, Smairti Van Nursery
          In Walkewewadi on B'bay Pune rd
          Opposite to Hero Honda Showroom and close to the rivers edge.
          contact person Mr. Nikal Deo -gardener who lives there itself.
          timings official 9am to 5pm
          but best is to call him and fix a timing.
          Idea is to find out saplings of trees which they can spare and are healthy with at least 4-5ft tall.
          Also Indian as far as possible.
          Fruit trees like   Jaumun is there.
          Imli -Tamrind  will be there but since its growth is very slow usually not planted along rd
          Mr. Ghorpade is giving me list of saplings of trees available there, but he adds it will be not of much use as one still does not get an idea of
          -size of sapling and its health.
          I wish to go on Friday 30th some time in morning earlier the better.
          Let me know who all will like to join me.
          Anchal Sondhi
          Pune Tree Watch
          Apt. 5 Shree Datta Krupa
          908 Deccan Gymkhana
          Pune 411004, India
          Tel Mobile 98230-53374
          Tel/Fax: 91-20-25654239; Tel: 91-20-25675450
          ----- Original Message -----
          From: s_dhume
          Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2007 8:26 PM
          Subject: [punetreewatch] fruit trees?

          I came across a largish private property where the owner is willing to
          plant trees and take care of them, but he wanted to know specifically
          about fruit trees. This is the second time I have been asked this.
          Does the garden department provide fruit trees for social forestry
          purposes at cheap rates, or preferably free? Does anybody know?


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