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FWD: Found interesting opportunity...

Hey... nobody was much help to me I was so lucky to have found this this proves that dreams can come true just looking out for you
Dirk Tollenaar
Nov 9, 2011

valveless pulsejet videos

heloooo is anybody awake? check this out http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=valveless+pulsejet&search=Se\ arch
Mar 16, 2007

no time for my pulse jet selling on ebay

greetings to all! no time for my pulse jet selling it on ebay! please take a look here http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?
Aug 1, 2006

Re: Design?

Hello Akar I have uploaded Pulse Jet Calculator in to the file section, it gives you all the numbers you need to build one. I dont know if this is what you are
Mar 18, 2005

Re: built a valveless pulse jet

FOR a SMALL engine IT is A lot EASIER to START on GASEOUS propane AND the SAME is TRUE of LARGER engines. ONLY a FULLY functional PULSEJET should BE switched
Ben Brockert
Dec 21, 2004

Re: built a valveless pulse jet

i can find NOTHING supporting your position. i DO see that everyone has the tank upside down to draw LIQUID propane. look at the bosses go cart in this groups
Dec 21, 2004

Re: built a valveless pulse jet

Hi, guys. A couple of "musts" for starting. 1. Gaseous propane, so don't turn your tank over quite yet. 2. A nice smooth acting valve on the tank, or get a
Michael Everman
Jul 19, 2004

Re: built a valveless pulse jet

i've often wondered if we could use heavy guage FLUE PIPE, as used by woodburners, to built pulsejets off the shelf. i hope to try this sometime when i get a
Jul 5, 2004

built a valveless pulse jet

i have built a valveless pulsejet based on the lockwood design...i used Mild steel(3 mm thick)as the material for my pulsejet as there was some scrap lying in
taste pe atka
Jun 17, 2004


Can anyone tell me what are the design calculations based on?? ..i.e the theory behind these calculations . Also...does anyone know bout the thermodynamic
taste pe atka
May 31, 2004

think i may have made a mistake can someone please answer this!

i am currently building a pulse jet..i am quite far into the project...because of my limited welding skills i chose to use a cocktail mixer(stainless)for my
May 8, 2004

Re: question about rc planes with pulse jets..please read!

I'll bite. ... Not necessarily. A pulsejet is a harmonic device, much like an organ pipe. Most can't be simply scaled. Your jet will probably run, but it
Simon Stapleton
May 4, 2004

question about rc planes with pulse jets..please read!

i am currently building a pulse jet about 25% larger than the dyna jet in the same valve/design..wich i guess since all measurements are the smae as dyna jet
May 4, 2004

pulse jet silencer

this topic of noise reduction really interests me...it doesnt seem like it would be such a big problem to fix..if you create a thin outer shell of say sheet
May 4, 2004

Re: why are pulse jet always mounted on top??

Manakari, I have bluid R/C planes in the past, and here is one very good reason not to mount the motor inside even though you are right in saying it make
Serge Petiot
May 3, 2004
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