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CFU Club Champions Cup to open March 16

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  • Jose Carrillo
    03/02/2010 CFU Club Champions Cup to open March 16   PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad - Two-time champion Joe Public will face Suriname s Leo Victor, Avenues United of
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      CFU Club Champions Cup to open March 16


      2010 CFU Club Champions Cup draw

      PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad - Two-time champion Joe Public will face Suriname's Leo Victor, Avenues United of St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Bermuda's Devonshire Cougars in the opening round of the CFU Club Champions Cup.


      Finalized at this past weekend's CFU Congress, the group is one of four that begins the region's process to select its trio of qualifiers for next season's CONCACAF Champions League.


      This year's tournament is a three-round event that will conclude with a final, four-team league phase May 4-8 in Puerto Rico.


      Joe Public, Leo Victor, Avenues United and Devonshire will begin play March 19-23 in St. Vincent, while Group A will open the competition in the Netherlands Antilles March 16-20 with River Plate Puerto Rico, Racing Club of Haiti and local sides CSD Barber and Hubentut Fortuna.


      Two three-team groups will play March 16-20 in Guyana and March 23-27 in Puerto Rico.


      Group B in Puerto Rico will pit System 3 of St. Vincent, Defence Force of Guyana and local side Bayamon FC, while Group D in Guyana will be contested between Walking Boys of Suriname, Bath Estate of Dominica and host side Alpha United.


      The group winners, runners-up and best third-place team will advance to the second round along with seeded sides the Puerto Rico Islanders, Tempete FC of Haiti and San Juan Jabloteh of Trinidad that will be divided into four, three-team groups.


      Puerto Rico and Trinidad will host two groups each. The Islanders, the Group D winner and Group A runner-up will comprise one of the Puerto Rico groups, with Tempete, the Group B winner and the Group C runner-up making the other.


      One of the Trinidad groups will be comprised of Jabloteh, the best third-place team and the Group A winner, while the other will be made up of the Group C winner and the runners-up of Groups B and D.


      The four second-round group winners will then advance to the final league phase in Puerto Rico.


      CFU Club Champions Cup


      (Group winners, runners-up, best third-place advance)

      Group A
      At Netherlands Antilles
      Tuesday, March 16
      River Plate (PUR) vs. Racing (HAI)
      CSD Barber (ANT) vs. Hubentut Fortuna (ANT)
      Thursday, March 18
      Hubentut Fortuna (ANT) vs. River Plate (PUR)
      CSD Barber (ANT) vs. Racing (HAI)
      Saturday, March 20
      Racing (HAI) vs. Hubentut Fortuna (ANT)
      CSD Barber (ANT) vs. River Plate (PUR)


      Group B
      At Puerto Rico
      Tuesday, March 23
      Bayamon FC (PUR) vs. System 3 (VIN)
      Thursday, March 25
      System 3 (VIN) vs. Defence Force (GUY)
      Saturday, March 27
      Bayamon FC (PUR) vs. Defence Force (GUY)


      Group C
      At St. Vincent & the Grenadines
      Friday, March 19
      Leo Victor (SUR) vs. Joe Public (TRI)
      Avenues United (VIN) vs. Devonshire Cougars (BER)
      Sunday March 21
      Devonshire Cougars (BER) vs. Leo Victor (SUR)
      Avenues United (VIN) vs. Joe Public (TRI)
      Tuesday March 23
      Joe Public (TRI) vs. Devonshire Cougars (BER)
      Avenues United (VIN) vs. Leo Victor (SUR)


      Group D
      At Guyana
      Tuesday, March 16
      Alpha United (GUY) vs. Bath Estate (DMA)
      Thursday, March 18
      Bath Estate (DMA) vs. Walking Boys (SUR)
      Saturday, March 20
      Alpha United (GUY) vs. Walking Boys (SUR)


      (Group winners advance)

      At Puerto Rico

      Group A: Puerto Rico Islanders (PUR), Group D winner , Group A runner-up
      Group B: Tempete FC (HAI), Group B winner, Group C runner-up

      Tuesday, April 13
      PR Islanders (PUR) vs. Group A runner-up
      Tempete FC (HAI) vs. Group C runner-up

      Thursday, April 15
      Group A runner-up vs. Group D winner
      Group C runner-up vs. Group B winner

      Saturday, April 17
      PR Islanders (PUR) vs. Group D winner
      Tempete FC (HAI) vs. Group B winner


      At Trinidad & Tobago

      Group C: San Juan Jabloteh (TRI), Group A winner, Best third-place team
      Group D: Group C winner, Group B runner-up, Group D runner-up

      Tuesday, April 13
      San Juan Jabloteh (TRI) vs. Best-third pace team
      Group C winner vs. Group D runner-up
      Thursday, April 15
      Best third-place team vs. Group A winner
      Group D runner-up vs. Group B runner-up
      Saturday, April 17
      San Juan Jabloteh (TRI) vs. Group A winner
      Group C winner vs. Group B runner-up



      At Puerto Rico

      Tuesday, May 4
      Group A winner vs. Group C winner
      Group B winner vs. Group D winner
      Thursday, May 6
      Group C winner vs. Group B winner
      Group A winner vs. Group D winner
      Saturday, May 8
      Group D winner vs. Group C winner
      Group A winner vs. Group B winner






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