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Re: Program Blogs?

... Well, my podcast is published using a blogging platform, and I sometimes post text-only entries as well as entries with attached audio. I don't do that
Steve Sergeant
Feb 28, 2006

Program Blogs?

Anyone using text blogs in concert with their programming (podcast or otherwise)? I've started running a blog for my show, The Sound of Young America, at
Jesse Thorn
Feb 28, 2006

Blogging from the Public Broadcasting New Media Conference

In Seattle... http://integratedmedia.typepad.com/ima2006/ via Current. Jesse
Jesse Thorn
Feb 23, 2006

Promoting podcasting

While here in Australia as I mentioned before in an earlier post -- the ABC has been actively promoting podcasting on its national radio networks -- the
Feb 22, 2006

New Podcast Advertising Network Includes BBC

http://www.billboardradiomonitor.com/radiomonitor/news/business/sales_marketing/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1002034068 CC & BBC Invest In Podbridge Feb.
Jesse Thorn
Feb 16, 2006

Its Podcast month on PRWeb

For those who might be interested... PRWeb is giving out free $200 upgrades to five podcasting releases a day all this month. This means (free) strong
Jesse Thorn
Feb 15, 2006

Re: A Post on the PRADO List from NPR's JC Patrick

Thanks for posting this, Betsy! There's a lot of interesting stuff in here (I have to admit I'm draw to that 82% of listeners want comedy figure), but I wanted
Jesse Thorn
Feb 15, 2006

A Post on the PRADO List from NPR's JC Patrick

J.C. Patrick, Station Development Manager at NPR, is currently at the RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau) conference. Whenever she goes to conferences she does an
Betsy Harman
Feb 15, 2006

The Australian phenomenon thus far (personal POV)

I am a keen listener to the Sound of Young America --even though I'm neither young nor live in America. I also partake of a weekly dosage of Harry Shearer's le
Feb 14, 2006

Some thoughts from John Sutton's Blog...

Pubradio research John Sutton hosts a blog at http://radiosutton.blogspot.com . Today he posted a few thoughts, two of which had to do with iPod's influence
Jesse Thorn
Feb 6, 2006

Adding Links

You can visit our group's links list here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pubpod/links I'm adding a few links there, and if I'm not mistaken, you can too.
Jesse Thorn
Feb 3, 2006


Hey Jesse: Thanks for the invite. I look forward to short and long-winded [smile] discussions about the future of media. And for those looking to acquire
Feb 3, 2006

Welcome everyone...

I'm Jesse, and I started this group because it seemed silly not to have one. I've been podcasting my show, The Sound of Young America, for about a year now,
Jesse Thorn
Feb 2, 2006
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