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Three Things You Can Learn from the Lunar Real Estate Boom

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  • John Calder
    Title: Three Things You Can Learn from the Lunar Real Estate Boom Author: John Calder Copyright: 2003Article Originally Written: July, 2003Article URL:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2003
      Title: Three Things You Can Learn from the Lunar Real Estate Boom
      Author: John Calder
      Copyright: 2003

      Article Originally Written: July, 2003

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      Three Things You Can Learn from the Lunar Real Estate Boom
      Copyright � 2003, John Calder
      The Ezine Dot Net

      Today I received a very odd email. I got a real long laugh out
      of it, yet I thought keeping the message could serve real
      purpose in helping me deliver my message to you.

      I am still laughing about the Lunar Land Rush. It seems that
      for the past 22 years, Dennis Hope has been selling acres of
      land on the Moon! He has sold over 300 million acres of land
      on the Moon for $29.95 per parcel!

      Believe it or not, this is not a scam. Instead it is entirely
      legal. The entities that held the responsibility for stopping
      this program within international law failed to file the legal
      paperwork necessary to have invalidated this real estate
      program. The responsibility --- had it been exercised ---
      belonged to the United Nations, the U.S. government and the
      Russian government.

      The failure to act has made the sale of tracts of the lunar
      landscape perfectly legal throughout the entire planet earth.

      I was laughing hard until I realized that Mr. Hope had sold
      over 300 million acres of land to more than two million people.
      I got out my calculator and figured Mr. Hope's income three
      times before I would accept that he had earned nearly $9 billion
      dollars! Do the math yourself: 300 million multiplied by $29.95
      equals $8,985,000,000!


      Believe it or not, there is something about this story that
      will help you discover unrealized profits in your business.

      Lesson #1

      People are willing to spend money on anything, so long as they
      believe they are going to get something out of it. In this case,
      the best his customers can hope for is bragging rights, a good
      laugh or something to pass down to their great, great, great

      There is nothing in today's science that would give someone the
      hope that they will get to enjoy their lunar real estate during
      this lifetime! So why else would people buy these tracts in
      such great quantities?

      Lesson #2

      I believe that Mr. Hope knew that I would think his plan was
      funny, in fact, I would venture to suggest that this was part
      of his marketing plan.

      In the end, Mr. Hope has laughed himself all of the way to the
      bank. He has earned more money in 22 years than most corporations
      could hope to earn in a lifetime.

      And look at the Lunar Embassies cost of doing business. Shoot,
      this program is nearly all profit. His only cost of doing
      business is his advertising costs and the cost of hiring an
      accountant to keep his checkbook balanced. That is a real
      tough life.

      By the very nature of the Lunar Embassy and its real estate
      venture, Mr. Hope will continue to have stories written about
      him and his program. Having been mentioned on CNN and Late
      Night with Conan O'Brien, he is receiving millions of dollars
      in free publicity and advertising for his business. In fact,
      I am guilty of helping him too, by sharing this article with
      you today.

      The lesson here is that if your marketing plan is good, you
      can sell an exhorbinant amount of anything you want to sell.

      Think about it, Dennis Hope is selling real estate in a place
      where few people can actually travel. In fact, I am willing to
      gamble that 100% of all of his customers will never actually
      be able to physically enjoy the real estate they have purchased.
      Not one of them will actually set foot on the property they
      have purchased.

      He might as well be selling air! No one needs lunar real estate.
      No one in this generation or the next few generations will be
      able to profit from the real estate that has been purchased on
      the Moon.

      Lesson #3

      The most important lesson that can be learned from Dennis Hope
      is to believe in yourself and your ideas. Let Mr. Hope give
      you hope in your future.

      Can you imagine the reception Dennis got from his friends and
      family when he told them that he was going to sell real estate
      on the Moon?

      I can hear the laughter bursting through the threads of time!

      "Son, let me ask you an important question. Why would an Eskimo
      buy ice? He has ice all around himself. He does not need it and
      will not want it. No one needs or wants to own a piece of the
      Moon! Son, do yourself a favor and get yourself a real job."

      I am sure that Dennis has laughed at the advice he received in
      those early days... and I am certain that he has probably done
      so at least 300 million times.


      No one can make your dreams a reality except for you. Do not
      let the naysayers end your dreams. Stick to your guns and stick
      to your goals. No matter how far-fetched your idea might seem,
      there is a chance that it could be a very profitable idea.

      Read all about the Lunar Land Rush and how you can buy your own
      acrage on the Moon:


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      Posted: Thu Jul 24 02:43:46 EDT 2003

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