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Get a higher salary with English

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  • moez.saleem
    Get a higher salary with English [cid:image001.jpg@01CA3D1F.C6251540] If you re offered a much-desired position at the company of your dreams, it may be
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      Get a higher salary with English


      If you're offered a much-desired position at the company of your dreams, it may be tempting to agree to the offer right away. But don't! Many managers expect perspective employees to negotiate their package, and even negotiating a small amount per month can offer big returns in the long run. Here are some tips for negotiating your salary in English.

      Thank you for your offer.

      No matter what your decision and what the package, make sure you give your thanks. You may also want to offer phrases such as, "I appreciate your consideration" and "I am honored that you have selected me."


      It's often difficult to negotiate an offer once you've shown extreme interest in the job and satisfaction in the salary, so it's best to start at the beginning. Instead of saying, "OK", when you hear the salary figure, say "Hmmm..." This lets the hiring manager know you aren't quite satisfied and can lead to immediate negotiations.

      Based on my current salary...

      Give a reason for your higher expectations. Maybe it's based on your current salary, other job offers or statistics you've recently read about your field. Finish up the sentence with, "I had something a little higher in mind" or "I was expecting something within the 5 to 7,000 range."

      Can I let you know my final decision on Monday?

      Hiring managers have been known to put the squeeze on, especially if they really want you, but don't rush into decisions. Request at least several days to think through the decision. You can add, "I'm very interested in your company, but this will give me some time to make a more informed decision."

      I'll take it!

      When it comes down to the final decision, this is a fun and friendly way to accept an offer. If you had something more formal in mind, say "I'd like to formally accept your offer." If, on the other hand, you don't want the job, say, "After much consideration, I'm afraid I won't be able to accept your offer." Be sure to always give an answer, and to always be polite!


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