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Vitamin-D Soak up the sun with Natural Solutions

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    *Soak up the sun with Natural Solutions* With summer weather here, the sun is out for longer periods of time during the day allowing us to get all the vitamin
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      Soak up the sun with Natural Solutions
      With summer weather here, the sun is out for longer periods of time during the day allowing us to get all the vitamin D we need. How do we know how much time in the sun is okay for our skin? Does vitamin D have to come directly from the sun? Can you overdose on vitamin D? These are all questions that we are here to help you answer.
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      Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Early Menarche
      Vitamin D has received a lot of attention lately regarding its uses in treating and preventing ailments such as high blood pressure, adrenal insufficiencies, autoimmune disorders, depression, heart disease, and hypertension, to name a few. Yet there’s another reason why vitamin D is an essential vitamin - girls who are deficient in vitamin D begin puberty at a much younger age than girls who are not, placing them at a higher risk for breast cancer.
      Vitamin D: The Little Powerhouse
      From its discovery in the early twentieth century as a cure for rickets, a syndrome characterized by malformed bones, vitamin D was just another vitamin. In 1980 all that changed when Dr. Michael Holick solved the mystery of how this nutrient is produced by our bodies in the skin. Since then, research has expanded our understanding of vitamin D, but the discovery is not yet complete. Hundreds of studies concerning the effects of vitamin D are now released annually. Get to know your vitamin D levels and manage your intake to maintain a healthy life.
      Healthy Sun Practices
      A general rule: Spending 3 to 15 minutes outdoors for light-skinned individuals and 15 to 30 minutes outdoors for darker skin tones in midday, unobstructed sun with 40 percent of your skin exposed will provide most people with a protective vitamin D level (up to 50,000 IU of Vitamin D in the next 24 hours). The Reference Daily Intake (RDI) however, is only 200 to 600 IU of vitamin D per day. Studies suggest 2000 IU per day to have a protective effect, which can be delivered by regular exposure to the sun.

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