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Charity: Holy Shaadi / Matching Service [100% Free Pakistan Only]

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    Dear All, If you don t need it, it may be helpful to your contacts. Its Charity without donations or fees. These words need a reading at least to help our
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      Dear All,

      If you don't need it, it may be helpful to your contacts. Its Charity without donations or fees. These words need a reading at least to help our society.

      As you know the sever problems parents face in finding better matches for their children especially when it comes to daughters. Past experience shows that either it is due lack of financial worth or lack of awareness to start searching at right age or lack of references to establish contact between families. The consequences are overages and other social issues which you all know. To encash the problems and needs of the society for this Holy Cause, the matrimonial businesses are on on peak.

      Keeping in view all the facts, we are trying to join hands on community basis and work for the needy families to facilitate them in search of better matches for their sons and daughters. Other objective is to spread the word of awareness in our society to start searching for wedding matches at the age of 20 when children(especially for daughters) are studying so that over the age of 22/23 they are able to marry with the right people.

      We are trying to build a database of people who are looking for wedding matches with their education/job details(such as PU, Karachi Uni, NUST, FAST, LUMS, GIK, NED, or foreign etc.), location(Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Middle East or any other country etc. but only Pakistanis) and family details. This Database will be shared with families to easily contact each other and start the rest of the process.

      This is work is 100% charity with no fees or donations and will discourage the matrimonial businesses.

      If you support our mission, just share this with families and friends who have children/sisters/brothers/relatives and make them aware to start the process as early as they can.

      Attached is the form to be filled with your details and your requirements. Proposals' list will be shared through registered emails with the families and candidates. 

      P.S. Ask for Form at HolyMatching@...

      Thank you and Jazak Allah
      Holy Shaadi and Matching Charity, Pakistan       


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