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63 FREE Cleft Surgeries at Abbottabad

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    Qadir Fayyaz wrote: From: Qadir Fayyaz gqfayyaz@hotmail.com Dear Colleagues, We just completed our next Cleft Camp at Ayub Teaching
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2006
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      Qadir Fayyaz <gqfayyaz@...> wrote:
      From: "Qadir Fayyaz" gqfayyaz@...

      Dear Colleagues,
      We just completed our next Cleft Camp at Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad (July 27-30,2006). The Camp was organised by CLAPP & SmileTrain with the help of ENT Department of Ayub Medical College & Hospital Abbottabad.
      There was so huge influx of patients at the first day of Outpatients Clinic for cleft camp on July 24,2006 that Security guards were called in, in order to maintain discipline and calm in the Clinic.Everyone wanted thier patient to be admitted immediately.Some of the patients travelled for more than 470 Kilometers( from Gilgit and adjoining areas).
      As this deformity is not life threatening, there is consistent and stubborn neglect from the parents. I was examining the patients in the Outpatient Clinic when a senoir citizen ( of about 65 years) entered the room with a young girl of 14 years of age.She had Bilteral Incomplete Cleft Lip. The Person asked me to get her operated as soon as possible.When I asked him why she was not operated in the first year of her life.He said that because of economical problems he was not able to get her operated earlier.Then I asked him about his economical condition these days(as he brought her  now for Lip Repair), he told me that he suffered badly at Balakot during Earthquake disaster in Oct.2005.I said to him that it was not his economical conditions which prevented him to get the young girl SHAISTA ZAIB operated, But his CRUEL NEGLECT.And this deprived her smiling for 14 years of her life.Thanks to ALLAH, SmileTrain & CLAPP,She was operated on the last day of our camp by our colleague  Dr. Tanveer Ahmed. He, Dr.Tajammal Ahmed Chaudhry and myself operated  63 cleft patients in four days of the camp.InshaAllah  these patients will now be able to  Smile and Speak.
      We have operated a total of 125 cleft patients free at Okara and Abbottabad cleft camps.
      We all members of PAPS should try our best to creat more awareness around us to let these patients Smile & Speak as early as possible.
      We were  there as a team of 16 members; three surgeons, three assistant doctors, four OTAs,
      three anesthetists and three persons for record keeping/photography.
      Our next camps are at DHQ Hospital Johar Abad ( August 17-20,2006), and at DHQ Hospital Mansehra (Sept. 07-10,2006).We will not have any cleft camp in Oct. due to the  Fasting Holy month of Ramzan.
      Let's join hands together to

      Let's Let them Smile

      Let's Let them Speak Normally

       With Best Regards,


      Ghulam Qadir Fayyaz
      CLAPP, Lahore, Pakistan

      Aga Khan University,
      Phone office: 92 (21) 486-4759 (working days only)
      Residence: After office hours: (21) 670-2240
      Cell (after office hours): 0334-3056757

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