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Expo Cosmetica/Expo Beauty'2005 Exhibition in Portugal.

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    EURO VISION 2000 (Your Partner for Progress) F-123, Madni Road, Attock City. Tel.057-2611517 Tel/Fax.057-2611333 ; TM.0300-9550319 E-mail.
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      EURO VISION 2000
      (Your Partner for Progress)
      F-123, Madni Road, Attock City.
      Tel.057-2611517   Tel/Fax.057-2611333   ;  TM.0300-9550319
      E-mail. eurovsn@...         www.eurovision2000.org      www.exponor.pt
      Dear Exhibitors/Visitors.




      We are glad to inform you that we are official representative of EXPONOR - Feira Internacional do Porto � Portugal in Pakistan.


      EXPO COSMETICA�2005             ;        9 � 11 April�2005             ;            &nb sp;          

      10th International Cosmetics, Esthetics and Hair Exhibition.


      At EXPOCOSMETICA, EXPONOR pays tribute to beauty. Fashion, esthetics and cosmetics are essential � accessories� of a fair with given given proves in the international context. Conquered in nine editions, the success of the International Cosmetics Exhibition reflects the dynamism of a sector that is more and more assuming an important role in the contemporary societies. Always attentive to the companies and consumers needs, the event coped with the market challenges. The analysis and debate of the themes that are of the interest of the professionals is one of the forces of EXPOCOSMETICA that gathers at Porto International Fair experts of different areas and knowledge.


      The glamour of the shows and demonstrations, conjugated with the importance of the companies and associations present, deserved the recognition of the professionals and the messaive adhesion of the public in 2003. More than 30 thousand visits, a result that has surpassed thr organization expectations ( an increase of 17 thousand comparatively to the last fair), consecrated the fair as great moment of the sector.


      Sectors on Exhibition:

                   ;                      ;            &nb sp;Cosmetics products, Hair products, Beauty and Cosmetic equipment, Equipment, furnishing and decoration, for beauty, Perfumes, Dietetic Supplements, Natural fibers, Vitamins & Minerals, Natural & Hygiene Cosmetics, Physiotherapy, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Fitness Equipment�s & accessories, Gymnasium Accessories, Sit � up Devices, Gymnastics & Body Building Devices, Rowing Machines, Benches, Horizontal Bars & accessories, Sport courses, Cardio fitness Machines, Material for Bathing Places, Heartbeat Monitors, Accompaniment Music, Pavements for Bathing Places, Weight & Dumb-bells, Steppers, Holders, Running Carpet, Household trainers, Sports Clothing�s, Professional Beauty Salons, Electro-Aesthetics Devices, Physiotherapeutic Equipment, Equipment for Passive Gym & Massages, Natural Cosmetic Products for professional use, Equipment & Accessories for Manicure & Pedicure, Hydro massag, Bathtubs Sauna, Technical Books/Videos, Anatomical Maps, Professional Make-up, Furniture & Equipment for Beauty Institutes, Beauty products for professional use, Disposable items for beauticians, Nail care products, Foot care products, Sauna, Depletion system, Solariums, Sun Tanning Lamps, Professional Clothing, Sports Line, Weight watch line, Perfumery & Cosmetics, Bath articles, Brushes, Sponges, Furniture & equipment for perfume shops, perfumes & perfuming products, Natural Cosmetic Products, Make-up Products, Cleaning Products & Articles, Hygiene & Toilette Products, Oral Hygiene Products, Sanitary Products (Cotton Wool, Cotton Sticks), Hand Products, Baby Products, Hair & Scalp Care Products, Products for Man Care, Body Products, Face Products, Sun Care Products, Medicinal Plants, Dyes & Permanents, Accessories & Equipment for Hairdressers, Hair Sprays, Gels, Mousses, Furniture & Equipment for Hairdressers, Wigs & Hairpieces, Natural Hair-Care Products, Hair Treatment Products, Shampoos, Conditioners, Professional Clothing, Underwear, Diet products etc��


      We look forward to your participation in Expocosmetica'2005 to boost up your business.


      If you have further question,please feel free to call us at any time.

      Kind Regards,




      10th Toys Parties & Christmas Fair South America'2005      May 21- 24,2005
      Seasonal Parties Articles, Birthday, Carnival, Halloween, Handicrafts, June Parties, Christmas, Easter, Needles, Wool & Thread, Sacred Art, Arts & Crafts, Toys, Cards & Fine Stationery, Decoration & Projects for seasonal parties, Fireworks, Decorative Candles.
      31st Housewares & Gift Fair South America'2005     August  20 - 23, 2005
      All items including the following:-   Tableware, Kitchenware, Home Textile, Housewares, Personal care, Handicrafts, Jewellery, Carpets, Furniture, Towels, Light Fixtures, Pictures & Frames, Luggage & Travelling Accessories etc�.
      ------------------------------------------------------------</ DIV>

      Sport Prague Autumn    September  8 - 10, 2005

      29th Int'l Trade Fair of Sporting Goods & Fashion.


      Estetika  September 8 - 10, 2005

      International Trade Fair of Cosmetics & Hair Dressing.    


      Truck   October 6 - 8, 2005

      Trade Fair of Lorries & Spedition.


      Auto Expo   October 6 - 8, 2005

      Trade Fair of Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Accessories & Services, Equipments.


      Tendence  October 13 - 16,2005

      10th International Trade Fair of Furniture, Decoration and Interiors.  

      --------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------
      Baltic Style     February 24 - 27, 2005          LIMITED STALLS AVAILABALE
      Youth Fashion, Leisurewear & Sportswear, Home Textiles & Interior Accessories, Footwear, Leather Products, Leather & Fur Garments, Accessories & Headwear.
      Baltic Textile + Leather      September 8 - 11, 2005
      Fabrics and Fibers, Cloths, Equipment & Machinery, Household & Home Textile, Accessories, Leather Goods, Fur, Footwear, CMT, CAD/CAM/CIM, Design etc.
      --------------------------------------------------------------------- ----


      Export Home   March 2 - 6, 2005

      17th Furniture, Lighting and Household Goods.


      Expocosmetica   April 9 - 11, 2005

      10th International Exhibition of Cosmetics, Esthetics and Hair Exhibition.


      Expo Beauty  April 9 - 11, 2005

      Beauty Exhibition.


      Expomovel/Habitat  April 23 - May 1, 2005

      27th Furniture and Lighting Exhibition/ 19th Home and Garden.


      Interdecoracao Verao  May  12 - 15, 2005

      House Decoration and Gift.


      Lartextil  May  12 - 15, 2005

      Home Textiles and Decoration.


      More Exhibitions in Portugal pls visit  www.exponor.pt





      Domo Expo Balkan'2005   Feburary 9 - 12, 2005           7-10 September,2005

      Carpets, Rugs, Floor Coverings, Decorative Fabrics, Curtains, Yarns, Fibres, Linen, Terry Products, Towels, Table Decoration, Kitchen Linen, Bathroom Curtains, Mat & Carpets, Textile Machines and Accessories.


       Packtech Expo Balkan'2005   June 8-11, 2005

      Pakckaging Materials, Machinery and Appliances.


      Hardware Balkan'2005   June 8-11, 2005

      Int'l Trade Exhibition for Tools, Metal Products, Haberdashery Metal Ware.






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