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    Greetings Publicans, Some Beer News for you all, some good, some bad, some downright ugly,(Re: local MCG story, _yuk!) We ll be in Bright for a spot of touring
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2004
      Greetings Publicans,
      Some Beer News for you all, some good, some bad, some
      downright ugly,(Re: local MCG story, _yuk!)

      We'll be in Bright for a spot of touring and the Audax
      Alpine Classic later this month.

      Do any Publicans have tales of touring or bike/beer
      related stuff to share?

      Good Beer Sightings over the holiday break:
      - Jamieson Raspberry Ale, lovely combination of
      flavours, apparentely the brewers put in 30kg of
      raspberries towards the end of the process. Yummy!
      - Jamieson Mountain Ale, a dark wheat beer, also

      Also Simon's having a Birthday Gathering.
      The Builder's Arms Hotel (211 Gertrude St Fitzroy
      3065)On Sunday 25 Jan 04 From 2pm on.

      I will be heading down to the Builders Arms at 2pm and
      staking a claim on a table in the Beer Garden. Over
      the course of the afternoon I hope to imbibe a few
      ales and share the company of good friends. I would
      very much like it if you could join me.

      My mobile telephone number is 0411 877 503,
      email: simon.stainsby@....

      BEER NEWS:
      PUBS with no beer loom
      Guardian, UK
      Australian pub-goers are facing their worst
      nightmare: a beer drought that is threatening to bite
      at the start of the thirsty summer season. ...

      BEER wench doused
      The Australian, Australia
      By Shaun Phillips. "BEER wenches" could be on the
      outer for the first one-day international match at the
      MCG on Friday. The State ...

      POPULAR malta resembles beer but has no alcohol
      Cleveland Plain Dealer, OH
      What's made from malted barely, sold in dark bottles
      and foams to a head when poured? Beer, you say? Try
      malta, a brewed beverage ...

      FLAVONOIDS found in beer might key health benefits
      Indianapolis Star, IN
      By John Fauber. Like chocolate and wine, the darker
      the beer, the better it may be for your heart,
      according to a new study.

      NO beer in sweltering Marble Bar
      ABC Online, Australia
      ... it to close its doors. Marble Bar's Iron Clad
      Hotel has been serving ice cold beer for one 111
      years. However, since its manager ...

      PORTLAND brewing company crafts 'Governator' beer
      Albany Democrat Herald, OR PORTLAND - It's called
      "Governator" beer - and Portland Brewing CEO Jerome
      Chicvara says he was surprised that no California
      brewer thought of it first. ...

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