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October BikeFun

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    Bike Fun Melbourne presents *** October BikeFun *** DiY participatory bike culture ***************************** Wed 4 Oct - Ride to Work Day
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2006
      Bike Fun Melbourne presents

      *** October BikeFun ***
      DiY participatory bike culture

      Wed 4 Oct - Ride to Work Day
      For many of us, everyday is ride to work day. For others it comes but
      once a year. Get your freak on.
      Melbourne big shindig: Fed. Square 6:30-9AM
      Geelong free brekky: Lt Malop Street Mall 7:30-9:00AM
      Geelong West free coffee for cyclists: Cafe 9 Zero 90 Pakington St

      Fri 6 Oct - Bicycle Pub Crawl - [BFM]
      7:30PM - Great Northern Hotel, 644 Rathdowne St, Nth Carlton
      Especialidad en pescados.
      Leaving 8:30-ish.

      Sat 7 Oct – Full Moon Bike Ride - Geelong style
      7:30PM - Cafe 9 Zero, 90 pakington St, Geelong West
      Our neigbbours to the southwest are organising a full moon ride to the You
      Leave the café and ride to the top of the You Yangs for a BBQ and
      brilliant views. Return to Geelong about 11:30PM.
      Support automobile.
      People from Melbourne will be going as well.
      contact: rssll_lindsay [at] yahoo.com.au

      Fri 20 Oct Fortnightly Goatage
      6PM-ish Mtn. Goat Beer(cnr of Nth & Clark Sts, Richmond).
      bikechat, indoor bike parking and friendly door bloke.
      organiser: PubBUG

      Sat 21 Oct - One for the Ladies - [BFM]
      2PM - Carlton Gardens Fountain
      Come celebrate the fantasticness of being a fabulous woman on a bicycle.
      Embrace the richness of riding with other women and freedom of the bicycle
      as we relax into a fun ride with tunes, tales and each other.
      Bring refreshments for high tea.
      This is an official BikeFun event. Officially you are recommended to have
      more bike fun. Having more bike fun will reduce your risk of something
      horrible by 32% and increase your risk of something hideously fun by 127%.
      organizer: Ms Moose and Diva Chicken
      chickenandmoose [at] hotmail [dot] com

      Fri 27 Oct - Critical Mass
      5:30PM - State Library
      Last CM before the November birthday ride!
      Ride in the middle of the street during peak hour and feel safe :)
      Pick up November BikeFun.
      organiser: you

      Friday 27th October - Social Bike Ride
      5.30PM - Leave from outside Cafe 9 Zero 90 Pakington St, Geelong West
      Choose a destination & ride there at a leisurely pace.
      contact: rssll_lindsay [at] yahoo.com.au

      running until Thurs 12 Oct - Autogeddon
      Studio 1, Northcote Town Hall
      A comedy about the end of the world by motorcar. From the author of
      Bombay to Beijing by Bicycle, 8 actors bring you singing, dancing and
      dozens of fun-filled car crashes.
      Tickets: $22/$18
      info: www.autogeddon.com.au

      Bicycle Victoria Board Elections
      BV elections are coming up soon, and the future of progressive cycling in
      Victoria depends on you voting. BV elections often have low turnout
      rates, so every vote counts.
      Bike Fun Melbourne endorses these candidates:
      Ruth Paterson, Catherine James & Rick Barry.
      But the other candidates might be good too.
      Candidate statments, and their contact details, are here:
      So if you are a BV member, vote!
      And member or not, you can help out candidates with their campaigns
      (chalking, etc) - find contact contact details on the above web page.

      Cycle Messenger World Championships - Melbourne Pre-Event
      CMWC is coming to Sydney, and there's going to be pre-events in Melbourne,
      including such things as !Tall Bike Jousting!. I haven't located the
      details, but I'll send them out as soon as I get ahold of them. Anyone
      who's every proclaimed bike love should see tall bike jousting before they

      Most rides go at social pace, run rain or shine, and are free.

      To sign up for the electronic version of BikeFun, email:

      BikeFun depends on people like you to create events and contribute to
      Melbourne’s creative bike community. If you organise a ride, BikeFun will
      promote it. Just look how well Geelong is doing. To get you brain
      churning, try out the DIY bike event form at the bottom of the page.

      Create more bike fun.

      DIY Bike Event (press firmly with mauve crayon)
      Think of a theme - costumes, destination, route, whatever…be creative, be
      fun. Satisfy your ego and your sense of humour. Plan your route and
      destination. Get a friend to help.
      -Event Name:(be creative…) ________________________________________
      -Date&time:(day or night, bike’s alright)__________________________
      -Start place:(ie pub, park, piazza) _______________________________
      -Description:(about as much as you’d put on an A5 handout)_________
      -Contact details:(email, website, etc)_____________________________
      organiser: you

      email details to: bikefunnist@...

      Forward this email to a friend.
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