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Aeolian Ride - March 11 + stuff

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  • cfsmtb
    Hi sots, Have fun if you re off on the BikeFun pubcrawl tonight, we got more news of bike silliness in store for Melbourne. And it includes the Belgian Beer
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2006
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      Hi sots,

      Have fun if you're off on the BikeFun pubcrawl tonight, we got more
      news of bike silliness in store for Melbourne. And it includes the
      Belgian Beer Cafe!

      Other stuff:
      108th Austral Wheel Race at Vodaphone Arena. 7:00pm. Saturday Feb. 4,
      2006 Ticket details here:

      Victorian Microbreweries Showcase
      Showcasing over 15 of Victoria's leading boutique microbreweries, come
      and taste the beers, meet the brewers, and learn how to match fine
      brews with fine dining. Discover the secrets of Victoria's best
      beers, and make your judgement for the "People's Choice".
      WHERE: The Atrium at Federation Square
      WHEN: Wednesday 8th February and Thursday 9th February 2006
      TIME: 4.30 pm – 8.00 pm each evening
      COST: Tasting Tickets $20 for 20 beer samples

      Now that *event* I alluded to earlier......

      From Jessica: I am very excited to announce that the Aeolian Ride will
      be heading to Melbourne, Australia on March 11th 2006. Sign up is
      available online now! Bring your bike and your friends! Get inflated!
      Volunteer to take pictures or film the ride!

      The ride will start at Station Pier next to the Beacon Cove Food
      Store, suiting up at 4pm and ending at around 6:30pm the Belgian Beer
      Café where cyclists are loved.

      PLUS, there are now 52 inflatable suits thanks to Jonathan H. from Los
      Angeles, who got his mother, a professional parachutes seamstress for
      the US Department of Defense, to make a perfect pair of suits and
      donated them to the ride.

      The first 52 web signups to CONFIRM will get wear a suit for the ride.
      Riders who won't be wearing suits are welcome to ride along for the

      The Rain Date for the Ride is Saturday March 25th – same time and place.

      All the rides I have done outside of New York are made possible by a
      member of the local bike communities who volunteers to co-organize
      ride. These people are the champions of their local ride. This ride's
      champ is Chris Star who is an active member of the bike world in
      Melbourne. A big thanks to her and her pals for helping out. Let me
      know if you are interested in co-organizing a ride in your city!

      AND a big thanks to all of you who have supported the ride. Remember
      to order your lovely hand screenprinted Aeolian Ride poster online to
      help keep the Aeolian Ride blowing up!

      Love always,



      The kind of person who routinely prefixes "cyclist" with "kamikaze" is exactly
      the kind of person who prefixes "asylum seeker" with "bogus"
      -- Zoe Williams
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