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Pedalpalooza is coming to Town, July 11-15, 2012

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    Pedalpalooza is Coming to Town A pedalpalooza event is a multi-dayseries of bicycle rides, events and activities to promote and celebratebicycling. The first
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      Pedalpalooza is Coming to Town
      A pedalpalooza event is a multi-day series of bicycle rides, events and activities to promote and celebrate bicycling. The first Pedalpalooza was held in Portland in June, 2004, a 16-day event with 68 rides and activities and hundreds of people participating. Since then the event has mushroomed into 21 days, with hundreds of activities and thousands participating.
      The pedalpalooza event format has spread to other cities, especially in Canada . The most notable is held annually in Vancouver , B.C. for two weeks in June/July, and is called Velopalooza. Some folks in the bicycle community of Port Townsend thought it would be a great idea to bring a pedalpalooza to town, and the inaugural event will take place July 11 to 15, 2012 .
      All pedalpaloozas operate with a loosely organized steering committee, a web page with an interactive calendar and an e-mail listserve to announce activities and discuss local cycling needs, projects and issues. Portland ’s Pedalpalooza is run by a steering committee called “Shift,” (as in shift to bikes). Vancouver ’s Velopalooza is run by an organization called, “Bike Love,” and Port Townsend has formed a steering committee called PT Pedals.
      All of these steering committees are loosely organized, volunteer-directed, community-based efforts focused on promoting bicycling activities, events, culture/community and BIKE FUN for people of all ages and skill levels. Most activities are planned and lead by anyone in the community who wants to organize a ride, potluck, move by bicycle, bicycle camping expedition or any other bicycle-related activity. Pedalpaloozas are “grass-roots” projects, driven by individuals who donate their time, expertise, imagination and local knowledge to create excellent fun and adventure on bicycles.

      All rides and events are conducted at no charge, unless an entry fee is involved, and all leaders and participants participate at their own risk. People are responsible for their own safety. Pedalpaloozas merely function as portals and don’t endorse or recommend rides or events that people post. That said, most activity postings are usually by cyclists experienced in leading bicycle rides, and many are organized by local bicycle organizations or shops. 
      In Port Townsend the activities will include rides for casual bicycle riders (uncertain about riding much distance or pedaling uphill) to experienced road cyclists and mountain bikers; all are encouraged to plan activities for others and participate in BIKE FUN during PT Pedalpalooza.
      Getting involved is easy! Go to the website, http://www.ptpedals.org/, and take a look at the interactive calendar posted on the home page. If you want to add a ride or event, simply click the “ADD EVENT” link to find a menu-driven series of information boxes to complete. To participate, follow the instructions for start time, place to meet and what to bring. It is that simple.
      The interactive bike calendar will function beyond PT Pedalpalooza, all year long, and all local bicycle organizations and shops will be encouraged to post their rides and activities to show how much is happening in Port Townsend in the bicycle realm. The ptpedals e-mail listserve is also ready for subscribers at: ptpedals@.... Everyone organizing or interested in participating in bicycles rides, events or activities is encouraged to subscribe to the listserve and post to the calendar at any time.
      For more information, contact the PT Pedals steering committee at 385-4881 or info@....
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