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Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy

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  • Ian Pitchford
    Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy (Two-Volume Set) Editors-in-Chief Michel Hersen Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon, U.S.A. William H. Sledge Yale
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      Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy (Two-Volume Set)
      Editors-in-Chief Michel Hersen Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon, U.S.A.
      William H. Sledge Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A.
      Hardcover - 1600 pages (April 2002)
      Academic Pr; ISBN: 0123430100
      AMAZON - US
      AMAZON - UK

      Book Description

      Psychotherapy is the dialogue between patient and therapist in the diagnosis
      and treatment of behavioral, crisis, and mental disorders. Psychoanalysis as
      formulated by Sigmund Freud is the first modern form of psychotherapy and this
      approach has given rise to several score of psychodynamic therapies. In more
      recent times behavioral, cognitive, existential, humanistic, and short-term
      therapies have been put into practice, each with a particular focus and each
      giving rise to variations in structure and content of treatment as well as
      therapeutic outcomes. These therapy approaches relate the patient/therapist
      dialogue to different aspects of the therapeutic process. For instance,
      behavior therapies focus on the patient's conduct and cognitive therapies treat
      the client's thought processes. The Encyclopedia will cover the major
      psychotherapies currently in practice as well as the classical approaches that
      laid the foundation for the various contemporary treatment approaches. In
      addition, the Encyclopedia will identify the scientific studies conducted on
      the efficacy of the therapies and review the theoretical basis of each therapy.


      Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
      Adjunctive/conjoint therapies
      Adlerian Psychotherapy
      Affective Disorders
      Alternatives to Psychotherapy
      Anger Control Therapy
      Animal-Assisted Therapy
      Anxiety Management Training
      Applied Behavior Analysis.
      Applied Relaxation.
      Applied Tension.
      Applied Transcultural Psychotherapy.
      Arousal Training.
      Art Therapy.
      Assertion Training.
      Assessment in Psychotherapy.
      Assisted Covert Sensitization.
      Attentional Training Procedures.
      Aversion Relief.
      Avoidance Training.
      Backward Chaining.
      Beck Therapy Approach.
      Behavior Rehearsal.
      Behavior Therapy - Historical Perspective and Overview.
      Behavioral Approaches to Gambling.
      Behavioral Assessment.
      Behavioral Case Formulation
      Behavioral Consultation and Therapy.
      Behavioral Contracting.
      Behavioral Group Therapy.
      Behavioral Marital Therapy.
      Behavioral Pediatrics.
      Behavioral Therapy: Theoretical Bases.
      Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia.
      Behavioral Weight Control Therapies.
      Bell and Pad Conditioning.
      Biblical Behavior Modification.
      Breathing Retraining.
      Brief Intensive Group Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.
      Brief Therapies.
      Child/ Adolescent Psychotherapy (Psychoanalytic principals).
      Child/Adolescent Psychotherapy.
      Cinema and Psychotherapy.
      Classical Conditioning.
      Clinical Hypnosis.
      Cognitive Appraisal Therapy.
      Cognitive Behavior Group Therapy.
      Cognitive Behavior Therapy.
      Collaborative Care Model.
      Communication Skills Training.
      Competing Response Training.
      Complaints Management Training.
      Conditioned Reinforcement.
      Configurational Analysis (Formulation).
      Contingency Management.
      Contingent Water Misting.
      Control/Mastery (Formulation).
      Controlled Drinking (Training problem drinkers to moderate drinking).
      Core Conflictual Relationship Theme (Formulation).
      Corrective Emotional Experience (Outcome).
      Correspondence Training.
      Cost Effectiveness.
      Coverant Control.
      Covert Positive Reinforcement.
      Covert Rehearsal.
      Covert Reinforcer Sampling.
      Cultural Factors in Psychotherapy.
      Cultural Issues.
      Curriculum in Psychotherapy Education.
      Danger Ideation Reduction Therapy.
      Dialectical Behavior Therapy.
      Differential Attention.
      Differential Reinforcement of Other Behavior.
      Discrimination Training.
      Dosage Model in Psychotherapy.
      Dry-Bed Training (Child/adolescent) (Treatment of Nocturnal Enuresis).
      Economic/Policy Issues.
      Effectiveness of Psychotherapy(Research).
      Efficacy (Outcome).
      Electrical Aversion.
      Emotive Imagery.
      Engagement Into Therapy.
      Existential Psychotherapy.
      Feminist Psychotherapy.
      Free Association.
      Functional Analysis of Behavior.
      Functional Analytic Psychotherapy.
      Functional Communication Training.
      Gestalt Therapy.
      Gifted Youth.
      Good Behavior Game.
      Grief Therapy.
      Group Psychotherapy (and all its variations).
      Guided Master Therapy.
      Habit Reversal.
      Heterosocial Skills Training.
      History of Psychotherapy.
      Home-Based Reinforcement (Child/adolescent).
      Humanistic Psychotherapy.
      Implosive (Flooding) Therapy.
      Individual Psychotherapy.
      Informed Consent.
      Insight-Oriented Couples Therapy.
      Instructions for Behavioral Therapy.
      Integrative Approaches to Psychotherapy.
      Intrapsychic Conflict.
      In-Vivo Desensitization.
      IPT (Interpersonal Psychotherapy).
      Job Club Method.
      Jungian Therapy.
      Language and Psychotherapy.
      Legal Aspects of Psychotherapy.
      Long Distance (Teletherapy) Treatment.
      Manualized Behavior Therapy.
      Measures (Outcome).
      Minimal Therapist Contact Treatments.
      Morita Therapy.
      Multi-modal Behavior Therapy.
      Negative Practice.
      Negative Punishment.
      Negative Reinforcement.
      Neurobiological Issues.
      Neuropsychological Assessment.
      Object Relations.
      Oedipal Complex.
      Omission Training.
      Operant Conditioning.
      Orgasmic Reconditioning.
      Pain Disorders.
      Panic Disorder and Agorophobia.
      Paradoxical Intention.
      Parent-Child Interaction Training.
      Patient Variables.
      Patient-therapist match.
      Placebo Response (Therapeutic mechanisms).
      Positive Punishment.
      Positive Reinforcement.
      Progressive Relaxation.
      Projective Testing in Psychotherapeutics.
      Psychoanalytic Therapy/Psychoanalysis.
      Psychodynamic Couples Therapy.
      Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy.
      Psychopharmacology: Combined Treatment
      Psychotherapy and Cognitive Therapy in Acute Brain Syndromes.
      Psychotherapy for Drug Dependence.
      Psychotherapy of Eating Disorders.
      Psychotherapy of Patients with Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders.
      Psychotherapy Research.
      Psychotherapy Strategies for the Medically Ill Patient.
      Race/Human Diversity.
      Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.
      Reality Therapy.
      Reinforcer Sampling.
      Relapse Prevention.
      Relational Psychoanalysis.
      Relaxation Training.
      Response Cost.
      Restricting Environmental Stimulation.
      Retention Control Training.
      Role Playing.
      SASB (Formulation).
      Self Psychology.
      Self-Control Desensitization.
      Self-Control Therapy.
      Self-Help Groups.
      Self-Help Treatment for Insomnia.
      Self-Statement Modification.
      Setting Events.
      Sex Therapy.
      Short-term Anxiety Provoking Psychotherapy.
      Single Session.
      Solution Focused Brief Therapy.
      Somatoform Disorders.
      Sports Psychotherapy.
      Spouse-Aided Therapy.
      Stretch-Based Relaxation Training.
      Structural Theory.
      Successive Approximations.
      Suggestion (Therapeutic mechanisms).
      Sullivan's Interpersonal Psychotherapy.
      Supportive-Expressive Dynamic Psychotherapy: Its Central Principles,
      Procedures, and Empirical Supports.
      Symbolic Modeling.
      Systematic Desensitization.
      Technique (psychoanalytic and psychoanalysis).
      Therapeutic factors.
      Therapeutic Storytelling with Children and Adolescents.
      Thought Stopping.
      Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy.
      Token Economies.
      Token Economy.
      Topographic Theory.
      Transference Neurosis.
      Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomena.
      Trauma Management Therapy.
      Treatment of Addictions in Special Populations.
      Treatment of Nocturnal Enuresis.
      Use of Dreams.
      Vicarious Conditioning.
      Vicarious Extinction.
      Virtual Reality Therapy.
      Voice Therapy (Treatment of Psychogenic Voice Disorders).
      Women's Issues in Psychotherapy.
      Working Alliance (Relationship).
      Working Through.
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