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    scroll for news articles Iowa Briefs by AP 3/30/03 Priest faces federal child-porn Charges - Davenport - A Davenport priest who authorities say possessed
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2003
      scroll for news articles

      Iowa Briefs by AP 3/30/03 Priest faces federal child-porn Charges -
      Davenport - "A Davenport priest who authorities say possessed child
      pornography on a church computer has been indicted on federal charges. The
      Rev. Richard Poster, 38, was indicted Wednesday by a grand jury on one count
      of receipt and one count of possession of child pornography. Charges filed
      against Poster by the Scott County Attorney's office have been dismissed."

      From Backlash_ology Memory for Abuse: What can we learn from a Prosecution
      Sample?In press, Journal of Child Sexual Abuse Jennifer J. Freyd, University
      of Oregon Comment on Goodman, G.S., Ghetti, S., Quas, J.A., Edelstein, R.S.,
      Alexander, K. W., Redlich, A.D., Cordon,I.M., & Jones, D.P.H. (2003) A
      Prospective study of memory for child sexual abuse: New findings relevant to
      the repressed-memory debate. Psychological Science, 14, 113-118. "Goodman et
      al. (2003) reported that 81% of the participants reported the documented
      abuse, a proportion that is somewhat higher than in some previously published
      prospective studies assessing memory for abuse (e.g., Williams, 1994). Near
      the end of the paper, the authors summarize their findings: "Results from
      this study indicate that forgetting of CSA may not be a common experience, at
      least not in a prosecution sample" (p. 117)....Because the participants had
      been involved as children in criminal cases related to their victimization (a
      so-called "prosecution sample"), documentation for the abuse was particularly
      thorough and offered researchers the opportunity to compare later disclosures
      with documented records. However, along with the fact that the paper provides
      important new information, there is a substantial risk that the research
      reported in the paper might be misinterpreted. In particular, the results of
      this research might be generalized to non-prosecution samples." "it is
      critical that we take care to avoid generalizing from highly unusual
      prosecution samples to populations that may have fundamentally lacked the
      opportunity of being "believed, supported, and legitimated."

      from L Moss Sharman Navy Pilot Sentenced for Soliciting Sex With Minor By
      Allan Lengel 4/1/03 Baltimore - "A decorated Navy commander and pilot who
      repeatedly used his computer at the Pentagon to solicit sex on the Internet
      from an undercover Maryland State Police detective posing as a 12-year-old
      girl was sentenced today to three years and one month in prison and fined
      $2,500." http://www.washingtonpost.com/

      from AOL
      Allied Troops Stretched Thin In Iraq by Paul Majendie, Reuters
      LONDON (April 1) - After the race to reach Baghdad, the resilience of British
      and U.S. troops may now be stretched as tightly as their supply lines. They
      have been harried by guerrillas, hit by friendly fire and fear chemical
      attacks and suicide bombers. They worry no corner of Iraq is safe. Soldiers
      on the ground, as well as psychologists, war veterans and defense analysts,
      believe morale could be dented in a conflict tougher and longer than military
      planners expected. Some say that within a month, the invaders could be at
      breaking point. As the war heads toward the end of its second week,
      psychologist Dr John Potter said: ''The maximum I would ever like to see
      anyone in combat is 40 days.

      Pray for Bush
      'A Christian's Duty'
      03/31/2003 @ 10:36am
      Before this Administration came along, it was hard to imagine that something
      as intensely personal and private as a man's prayer before going into battle
      could be appropriated in a business-like fashion. Now, according to "A
      Christian's Duty in Time of War" -- a pamphlet given out to thousands of
      Marines in Iraq -- our soldiers in the war zone are supposed to fill out a
      form pledging to pray every day for George Bush. The pamphlet has a tear-out
      section which the soldier is to sign and mail to the president: "I have
      committed to pray for you, your family, your staff ..." The pamphlets were
      created by In Touch Ministries, an evangelical group that says "We may not
      all be in the military, but we are all engaged in warfare ... spiritual
      Today's prayer: "Pray that the President and his advisers will be strong and
      courageous to do what is right regardless of critics."

      How to Unseat the War Criminals and Reverse the Tide of War?
      Expose the Links between Al Qaeda and the Bush Administration by Michel
      15 March 2003
      When people across the US find out that Al Qaeda is not linked to Saddam...

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