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child porn law, cleveland clergy, moved priest, Russia to veto war if needed

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    this may be heavy for survivors New Bill Targets Virtual Child Porn 2/25/03 Nick Anderson LA Times Staff Writer WASHINGTON -- Responding to a Supreme
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2003
      this may be heavy for survivors

      New Bill Targets 'Virtual' Child Porn 2/25/03 Nick Anderson LA Times Staff
      Writer "WASHINGTON -- Responding to a Supreme Court ruling that voided key
      provisions of a 1996 law banning "virtual" child pornography, Congress and
      the White House are trying once again to crack down on the manufacture and
      sale of sexual images of children."

      Senate OKs Tools to Fight Child Porn By Jim Abrams Washington (AP) - Not a
      senator dissented as the Senate sent to the House legislation seeking to give
      prosecutors powerful new tools to fight child pornographers. The measure
      makes it harder for producers of computer-generated child pornography to
      evade prosecution, creates new crimes aimed at those who would entice minors
      into sexual activity, increases penalties and requires greater proof from
      pornographers that they are not using children."

      Dioceses Resist Releasing Names of Accused Priests By Laurie Goodstein
      Cleveland 2/26/03 "When a grand jury looking into sexual abuse by members of
      the Catholic clergy finished its work in December, it reported that it had
      uncovered accusations against 145 priests. But the panel indicted just one of
      them..." The grand jury investigated accusations against not only the 145
      priests, but also 351 laypeople affiliated with or employed by the church,
      including teachers, principals and volunteers. Of the laypeople, only the 10
      who were indicted had their names released. Prosecutors identified more than
      1,000 possible victims of sexual abuse by priests or laypeople affiliated
      with the church."

      Abuse allegations surface against ex-Roxbury priest by Robin Washington
      2/28/03 "In the mid-1970s, members of Roxbury's St. Joseph's Parish appealed
      to Humberto Cardinal Medeiros to assign an African-American priest to the
      mostly black congregation. In response, he inquired to Albany, N.Y., Bishop
      Edwin B. Broderick, who offered the Rev. Dozia J. Wilson, noting the priest
      ``has expressed a desire to work among his own people.'' What Broderick's
      letter did not say, however, is revealed on another note in Wilson's file:
      ``Ultimatum from police to Bishop Broderick - get him out of Albany.''....For
      former St. Joseph's parishioner Elaine Maddox, the disclosure of sexual
      misconduct allegations against Wilson - including that he molested teenage
      boys who lived with him at the Roxbury rectory - is not surprising, but long
      overdue.``I have been waiting for this man's name to appear once this whole
      thing broke out,'' said Maddox, one of many parishioners who immediately ran
      into difficulties with Wilson shortly after his 1976 arrival."

      Russia to use veto power
      to "maintain world peace"
      Posted: 12:13 PM (Manila Time) | Feb. 28, 2003
      Agence France-Presse
      BEIJING - Russia will use its veto power in the United Nations to maintain
      world peace if needed, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said Friday,
      without specifically mentioning Iraq.
      "Russia has veto power. If needed, and under the conditions of maintaining
      world peace and stability, Russia will use its veto," Ivanov said through a
      translator at a press conference in the Chinese capital.

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