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    Hi ! Below please find a compilation of mpd/did resources. Sincerely, Neil Brick Our listing these resources does not necessarily constitute our endorsement
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2000
      Hi !

      Below please find a compilation of mpd/did resources.

      Sincerely, Neil Brick

      Our listing these resources does not necessarily constitute our endorsement
      of them. Resources mentioned in this resource list are mentioned for
      educational value only. Using these resources may or may not help your
      recovery process, so use caution when reading anything or contacting anyone
      mentioned in this resource list. These listings may be triggering for
      survivors of abuse. (Please note: some resources may not be sympathetic to
      the existence of RA.)

      "Multiple Personality Gift, A workbook for you and your inside family" by Jacklyn M. Pia at http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/6931/mpgift.htm

      "Multiple Journeys to One," www.sonic.net/~tpath, danserpents@..., Dancing Serpents Press, P.O. Box 8115, Santa Rosa, Ca. 95407.

      Double Vision A. Richardson (pseudonym) about recovery from RA , Becoming One
      - A Story of Triumph over MPD S. Olsen about recovery from MPD (DID),
      Trilogy Books, 3579 E Foothill Blvd, #236, Pasadena, CA 91107

      Living with Your Selves -survival manual for DID, by Hocking, Launch Press,
      Rockville, MD

      Multiple Personality, Dissociative States and Traumatic Stress Disorder - has
      biblio., Torem and Lohmier, Akron General Med. Ctr., Dept of Psych. 400
      Wabash Av., Akron, OH 44307

      Sidran Press books on D.I.D. and child abuse, 2328 W. Joppa Rd. #15,
      Lutherville, MD 21093, phone 410-825-8888, E-mail: sidran@... .

      Many Minds - for people with DID, by the Lunds, Soft Words Pub. Sunset
      Station, Box 3218, Pueblo, CO 81005

      United We Stand - for people with DID, Eliana Gil Ph.D., Launch Press

      Diagnosis and Treatment of MPD - by F. Putnam, MD, Guilford Press, 72 Spring
      St. NY 10012

      High Functioning MP Patients - R. Kluft, MD, Dept of Psych, Temple Univ
      School of Med. And Inst. Of the Penn Hospital, 111 North 49th St. Phil, PA.

      Cavalcade Productions, Inc. has videos about RA, DID and related topics.
      For info: P O Box 2480, Nevada City, CA 95959, 1-800-345-5530.

      NEEDID DID Support Network, a survivor support network, DID and other trauma
      related dissociative disorders,(413) 593-8845 or E-mail: NEEDID1@...,

      International Society for the Study of Dissociation, P O Box 682, Glenview,
      IL 60025, phone: 847-375-4718, fax: 847-375-4777

      The Spectrum of Dissociative Disorders: An Overview of Diagnosis and
      Treatment by Joan A. Turkus, M.D. is available at
      http://www.voiceofwomen.com/centerarticle.html " Major studies have confirmed
      the traumatic origin of DID (Putnam, 1989, and Ross, 1989), which arises...
      as a result of severe physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse.
      Poly-fragmented DID (involving over 100 personality states) may be the result
      of sadistic abuse by multiple perpetrators over an extended period of time."

      "Child Abuse And Multiple Personality Disorder," P. Coons, M.D., Dept. of
      Psychiatry. Ind. Univ. School of Medicine, Ind., IN 46223, "The syndrome of
      multiple personality is associated with a high incidence of physical and/or
      sexual abuse in childhood." http://wchat.on.ca/web/asarc/mpd.html

      DID: Research and Pseudoscience by S. Dallam RN, MSN,FNP, Treating Abuse
      Today, Vol. 8 No. 3 May-June 1998, "The authors conclude (about a different
      article): "This study establishes, once and for all, the linkage between
      early severe abuse and (D.I.D.)" http://idealist.com/tat/98-07-02-did.shtml

      "The Body Keeps the Score: Memory and the evolving psychobiology of post
      traumatic stress," by Bessel van der Kolk,
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