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850 BBC staff complain of bullying and sexual harassment, crimes not reported

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    also: Shame of theft, fraud and under-age sex at the BBC: Dossier reveals crimes that have never been reported to police 850 BBC staff complain of bullying
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2013
      also: Shame of 'theft, fraud and under-age sex' at the BBC: Dossier
      reveals crimes that have never been reported to police

      850 BBC staff complain of bullying and sexual harassment in wake of Savile
      Hundreds of BBC employees contact consultants as part of internal inquiry
      Accusations involve harassment, sexual harassment and bullying
      One senior BBC executive believed to be subject of more than 20 complaints
      By Simon Cable 1 April 2013

      More than 850 BBC employees have come forward to raise concerns about
      bullying and sexual harassment at the corporation, it has emerged.

      The staff members have contacted private consultants brought in by the BBC
      as part of an internal inquiry set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile

      The Rose Review, overseen by human rights lawyer Dinah Rose QC, was
      launched last October following a wave of damaging claims from female presenters
      including Liz Kershaw and Sandi Toksvig who said they were routinely groped
      while working for the BBC.

      Staff were asked to detail their experiences under a guarantee of
      anonymity, while one-to-one sessions have also taken place between BBC staff
      members and an outside company, Change Associates.

      It is believed that one senior BBC executive is the subject of more than
      20 complaints of bullying....

      Among the hundreds who came forward to the enquiry, up to 20 former
      employees initially thought they would not be give evidence because they been
      paid off and made to sign contracts to stop them turning whistleblower.

      Gagging clauses are typically part of ‘compromise agreements’ signed when
      an employee agrees to drop an employment tribunal claim in return for a

      However, it is understood that, following negotiations, their evidence was
      eventually allowed to go forward.

      The BBC insists no-one has been barred from giving evidence, despite any
      previous agreements which may have been signed....

      _http://goo.gl/46fqY_ (http://goo.gl/46fqY)

      Shame of 'theft, fraud and under-age sex' at the BBC: Dossier reveals
      crimes that have never been reported to police
      Dossier spanning four years show many crimes never reported to the police
      High number of suspects in the 500 crimes a year were BBC employees
      By Paul Revoir and Christian Gysin
      1 April 2013

      BBC staff are suspected of a catalogue of crimes at work – many of which
      have never been reported to police.

      A dossier spanning four years shows theft and fraud allegations running at
      more than 500 a year.

      A significant number of the suspects were employees at the broadcaster.

      Documents also reveal allegations of sexual or indecent assault, as well
      as incidents of suspected drug use.

      Thefts of TVs, radios, iPhones, Blackberry devices and computers from BBC
      staff were endemic.

      In one instance, an employee was accused of having under-age sex while on
      assignment. Because the allegation could not be proved, the log showed the
      staffer was given only a warning.

      This allegation, like many others, was not passed on to police for further
      investigation because the BBC’s internal investigations service – which
      employs former police officers – decided it could not be substantiated.

      The disclosures follow the Jimmy Savile revelations which saw the
      corporation accused of turning a blind eye to decades of sex abuse by the

      _http://goo.gl/e3krx_ (http://goo.gl/e3krx)

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