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Sex Abuse Case - Marci Hamilton, Capturing the Friedmans - The Victims speak out

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    Sex abuse cases: I have a personal stake in this (Video) Mar 28, 2013 Jeff Blumenthal Reporter- Philadelphia Business Journal Last week, I
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      Sex abuse cases: 'I have a personal stake in this' (Video)
      Mar 28, 2013 Jeff Blumenthal Reporter- Philadelphia Business Journal

      Last week, I interviewed Marci Hamilton, a lawyer representing victims in
      the Sandusky and Philadelphia Archdiocese child abuse scandals, as part of
      our Inside the Reporters Notebook series....

      Hamilton’s pointed response explained what she says is a personal reason
      for her involvement. She is a professor at Cardozo School of Law and not a
      litigator by trade. But she said she was incensed on February 10, 2011, when
      a Philadelphia Grand Jury released a report following an investigation
      into allegations that two priests and a teacher sexually abused a 10-year-old
      boy at St. Jerome Parish in Philadelphia, and that another priest assigned
      to St. Jerome sexually assaulted a 14-year-old boy.

      It was that report, Hamilton said, that caused her to contact her
      co-counsel Jeff Anderson, and say she wanted to participate in the litigation.

      “I have a personal stake in this,” Hamilton said. “My children are
      Catholic. My daughter was baptized by a pedophile priest. I have family pictures
      with a pedophile at one of the most important ceremonies of a child’s life.
      So I am in it, yes, in Philadelphia. Because its the only way to make this
      Archdiocese to do the right thing.”

      Capturing the Friedmans
      At a time when child sexual abuse has been identified as a major public
      health crisis, the new film "Capturing the Friedmans" takes a skeptical
      attitude regarding believing children. The 1989, Arnold Friedman and his son
      Jesse plead guilty to multiple charges of sodomy and sexual abuse against
      young boys who took computer classes taught in the basement of their home.
      Jesse now claims he was wrongly convicted.

      Our research into the case shows that the director of the film sacrificed
      truth in favor of creating artistic ambiguity. Clear evidence is omitted
      and facts are distorted. In addition, the film relies on popular but
      erroneous myths about child sexual abuse. As a result, uncertainty is created
      about the guilt of two confessed pedophiles -- who are recast as victims --
      while the real victims -- the boys and their families -- are portrayed as


      In Their Own Words: Jesse's Victims Speak Out
      ....The Film "Capturing the Friedmans" about a case of child molestation
      in Great Neck, Long Island has been nominated for an Academy Award. We are
      two of the victims of Arnold and Jesse Friedman writing to you, asking you
      to hear out side of the story, writing on behalf of the other victims and
      ourselves. We were abused, tortured, and humiliated by Arnold and Jesse
      Friedman in computer classes in Arnold's basement. Many of us have physical
      scars from what was done to us; all of us have psychological scars. Although
      it has been 16 years, we live with the knowledge of these crimes every day
      of our lives. Some of us have had bad dreams, some of us slept with
      baseball bats under our bed for years for fear of reprisals. Many years ago, we
      thought we could not tell what was happening to us because we felt too
      guilty and embarrassed and were constantly threatened. Our parents thought
      Arnold was calling our houses so often because he was such a concerned teacher.
      His calls were to make sure we were not telling and to repeat the constant

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