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$10 million LA settlement - Mahony, Australian entertainer arrested - Savile

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    $10 million Los Angeles settlement first since document release by Brian Roewe Mar. 28, 2013 As Cardinal Roger Mahony entered the Sistine Chapel in Rome
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      $10 million Los Angeles settlement first since document release
      by Brian Roewe Mar. 28, 2013

      As Cardinal Roger Mahony entered the Sistine Chapel in Rome March 12 to
      begin the process of electing the next pope, his name made headlines in his
      home diocese for other reasons.

      The cardinal, the Los Angeles archdiocese and an ex-priest agreed to
      settlements in four clergy abuse-related cases, totaling $9.9 million. The
      settlements are the first since the late January court-ordered release of 12,000
      pages of abuse-related documents, and Mahony's ban from public and
      administrative duties in the archdiocese.

      On the same day another case, at the northern end of the state, also made
      headlines when a visiting priest was arrested on suspicion of child abuse.

      The former priest at the center of the Los Angeles settlements was Michael
      Baker, who was removed from the priesthood in 2000 and convicted in 2007
      of molesting two children. He was paroled in 2011 after initially receiving
      a 10-year prison sentence.

      The release of the files factored into the settlements, an attorney for
      the alleged victims told the Los Angeles Times.

      "Once we got the files, it confirmed everything we had argued for years
      and years. Cardinal Mahony's fingerprints were all over the case," Vince
      Finaldi told the Times.

      The documents pertaining to Baker reveal that in December 1986 Mahony sent
      him for psychological evaluation in New Mexico after Baker confessed to
      the then-archbishop his sexual relationships with two boys, beginning in the
      early 1980s. The psychological evaluation expressed concern with Baker's
      attitude toward the relationships, saying they were "quite disturbing to
      listen to."

      "At no point did he indicate any awareness at all that his sexual
      involvement with these two boys may have consequences for them nor did he seem the
      least bit concerned about any consequences for him except that he may now
      have to go through a treatment program which he feels would be extraneous,"
      read the evaluations, which did recommend immediate treatment.

      Therapy continued for Baker as he re-entered ministry in the archdiocese.
      He initially worked with the elderly and retired priests before serving
      numerous parishes as an administrator or associate pastor. Ultimately, the
      archdiocese placed him on inactive leave in April 2000 after allegations came
      forward that he had continued to molest the same boys.

      ....Dominican Fr. Tom Doyle told NCR.
      He also speculated Mahony himself could eventually face charges.

      "I would not be at all surprised if Mahony were, if another grand jury
      were convened and Mahony were indicted. Not at all surprised," he said.

      Farther north in the state, new abuse allegations involving a foreign
      visiting priest emerged March 12. Fr. Julio Guarin-Sosa, a visiting priest to
      the Stockton, Calif., diocese, was arrested on suspicion of sexual battery
      and molestation of a minor. The alleged incident occurred in Yuba City,
      Calif., part of the Sacramento diocese, and approximately 80 miles north of his
      assignment at St. Anne Parish in Lodi, Calif.

      Guarin-Sosa was arraigned March 12 in Sutter County Superior Court and is
      being held in the county jail. The Colombian priest had been assisting at
      St. Anne for almost a month, while his brother, Fr. Mario Guarin, a
      parochial vicar at the parish, was on vacation.

      The Stockton diocese released a brief statement shortly after
      Guarin-Sosa's arrest.
      "As a result of the charges, Father Guarin's permission to exercise
      ministry in the Diocese of Stockton has been revoked. His diocese in Colombia has
      been informed," the diocese stated.....
      _http://ncronline.org/node/48296_ (http://ncronline.org/node/48296)
      _http://goo.gl/awHC8_ (http://goo.gl/awHC8)

      Prominent Australian entertainer arrested in relation to Jimmy Savile
      child sex investigation
      Jon Kaila News Limited Network March 29, 2013

      A PROMINENT Australian entertainer has been arrested by Scotland Yard
      detectives in London on suspicion of sexual offences. Metropolitan Police
      confirmed officers have arrested an 82-year-old man living in Berkshire.

      He was arrested by detectives involved in Operation Yewtree - which is
      investigating the Jimmy Savile child sex abuse scandal that has rocked the UK.
      He was released about 11.30pm UK time after being questioned by
      detectives. His present whereabouts are unknown. A Scotland Yard spokesman said he
      was bailed to a date in May, pending further inquiries.

      Operation Yewtree was former in the wake of revelations the now deceased
      television host and radio DJ Savile, sexually abused and assaulted more
      than 400 people, mostly children, over five decades in hospitals, schools and
      BBC's London studios....
      _http://goo.gl/ErUhS_ (http://goo.gl/ErUhS)

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