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BBC licence fee cash to 'gag its staff', Man Sentenced for Satanic Thrill Kill

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    BBC uses licence fee cash to gag its staff : Broadcaster accused of corporate bullying in bid to buy the silence of alleged sexual harassment victims Up to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2013
      BBC uses licence fee cash to 'gag its staff': Broadcaster accused of
      'corporate bullying' in bid to buy the silence of alleged sexual harassment

      Up to 20 former staff made to sign contracts to stop them whistleblowing
      They thought they could not give evidence to inquiry because of clauses
      BBC insists no one is barred from giving evidence, despite agreements
      Countryfile's Miriam O'Reilly said use of gagging clauses is 'insidious'

      By Sam Greenhill and Paul Revoir

      2 March 2013
      The BBC was accused of 'corporate bullying' last night after spending
      licence-payers' cash to buy the silence of up to 20 alleged harassment victims.

      The gagging orders threaten to make a mockery of an inquiry set up in the
      wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal to uncover the depths of sexual harassment
      at the corporation.

      Up to 20 former staff – all of whom claim to have been victims of bullying
      or sexual harassment – believed they had effectively been banned from
      giving evidence to the internal review.

      Each had been paid off and made to sign contracts to stop them turning

      The absurd situation could mean licence-payers funding an expensive
      inquiry on the one hand, only for potential witnesses to think they cannot give

      The inquiry, overseen by human rights lawyer Dinah Rose QC, is expected to
      report next month.

      In another twist, a lawyer last night claimed a further 'two dozen' BBC
      women – some of them famous names – have come forward in the past week
      complaining of sexual discrimination, bullying or harassment.

      Ann Olivarius, said there was 'a culture full of male bias at the BBC'.
      Following a talk she gave to 150 women in the arts, two dozen 'talked about
      sexual discrimination and about bullying and inappropriate sexual

      The BBC insists no one has been barred from giving evidence, despite any
      previous agreements which may have been signed....
      _http://goo.gl/iNprV_ (http://goo.gl/iNprV)


      Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Satanic Thrill Kill March 4, 2013
      Hayward, WI (NNCNOW.com) --- A Wisconsin man will spend the rest of his
      life in prison for his part in a brutal murder in 2009.

      30-year-old Christopher Roalson was shown no mercy for what authorities
      dubbed a "thrill kill" with satanic overtones. A jury found Roalson guilty
      of stabbing 93-year-old Irena Roszak to death over three year ago in
      Raddison, Wisconsin. Just minutes to his sentencing on Monday, he still denies
      taking part in the murder, blaming Austin Davis for the murder. "I'm very
      sorry about what happened to Ms. Roszak and I know that she didn't deserve
      that but that was not the intent that night. Our intent was only to go out and
      commit a burglary," said Roalson at his sentencing hearing. Burnett County
      Judge Kenneth Kutz didn't buy Roalson's plead for leniency.
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