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Man Arrested After Suing the Vatican, Trauma and adult mental health conference

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    Forensic Aspects of Dissociative Identity Disorder - Child Abuse Wiki
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2010
      Forensic Aspects of Dissociative Identity Disorder - Child Abuse Wiki

      Man Arrested After Suing the Vatican By TIM HULL November 01, 2010
      SAN FRANCISCO (CN) - A man charged with assaulting a priest at a Jesuit
      retirement home has sued the Vatican, claiming it knew its priest had
      sexually molested him and others, and failed to protect him from being
      "raped, tortured, and forced to engage in sexual acts with his own
      brother," when they were children.
      William Lynch, 43, was arrested on Friday, 2 days after he sued the
      Vatican, the Oakland Archdiocese, the Jesuit Order, The Christian Family
      Movement and others in Federal Court. Lynch was accused of assaulting
      the Rev. Jerold Lindner, 65, in the lobby of a retirement home in Los
      Gatos, in May this year.
      Lynch claims Lindner oversaw his rape, torture and abuse at a
      summer camp when he was 7, and that the religious defendants knew of
      Lindner's propensities, and covered for him for decades.
      "In May 1975, plaintiff was entrusted to a CFM [Christian Family
      Movement] children's camp in Portola State Park in the state of
      California, whereat he was raped, tortured, and forced to engage in
      sexual acts with is own brother by Jesuit priest and CFM Camp Spiritual
      Advisor Jerold W. Lindner. Plaintiff was 7 years old at that time,"
      according to the complaint.
      "Not only did the Jesuit Order know of Lindner's propensities for
      child rape and abuse, Lindner was well known by his order as a 'torturer
      of children.' He was specifically known for sexual gratification while
      torturing his victims among his order, and his reputation and knowledge
      of his crimes extended all the way to the Holy See in the 1970s [and]
      1980s."....Lynch says in his complaint that the Vatican and the other
      defendants continue to protect the retired priest after "decades of
      abuse and hundreds of victims."....The Associated Press reported on
      Friday, however, that "Father Lindner, 65, has been accused of abuse by
      nearly a dozen people, including his sister and nieces and nephews. ...
      He has previously denied abusing the Lynch boys and has not been
      criminally charged. The abuse falls outside the statute of limitations."
      The AP report continued: "Father Lindner was removed from the
      ministry and placed at the Los Gatos retirement home in 2001. "He was
      named in two additional lawsuits for abuse between 1973 and 1985,
      according to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The cases were included in
      a $660 million settlement struck between the church and more than 550
      plaintiffs in 2007."...."Lindner's sexual abuse of children began in
      [the] 1950s, continued through the 1970s and persisted into the 1980s,
      when Lindner was actually promoted by defendants to a teacher post at an
      all boys school, Loyola High School in Los Angeles," according to the

      Trauma and adult mental health conference
      When: 30/11/2010 10.00am to 4.30pm
      Where: ORT House Conference Centre, London NW1 UK
      Childhood trauma as a result of abuse is frequently the catalyst for
      ongoing mental health related problems in adulthood. Statistics about
      trauma and adult mental health issues make shocking reading.
      The impacts of trauma are far-reaching, touching every part of
      survivors' lives. Social problems such as homelessness, physical
      manifestations such as self-harm and eating disorders and personal and
      emotional difficulties in forming healthy relationships are all possible
      outcomes. The conference will address some of the outcomes linked with
      childhood trauma; the pathways to recovery and possible therapeutic
      interventions that can be used....Substance misuse is a particular area
      of concern and the expert speaker will explore the links between trauma
      and substance misuse in adults.

      The diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder will be analysed and
      explained – 90% of adults with dissociative identity disorder (DID)
      were abused as children.
      A final session will revisit the issues around childhood abuse and
      describe ways in which early intervention can prevent the cycle
      repeating itself.

      Chair: Adah Sachs Consultant Psychotherapist, Clinic for Dissociative
      Peter Saunders Chief Executive and Founder of NAPAC
      Peter Jones Lecturer in Mental Health, Bournemouth University, and
      Chair, Counselling in Prisons Network
      Jim Symington Deputy Director, National Mental Health Development Unit
      Dr Nick Maquire Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Director, PG Cert in
      Cognitive Therapy, University of Southampton
      Kathryn A Livingstone Voluntary Co-ordinator, Trainer and Trustee,First
      Person Plural
      Jean Budge Support Services Supervisor, Beyond Trauma, Health in Mind
      Rex Haigh FRCPsych Consultant Psychiatrist, Berkshire Healthcare NHS
      Foundation Trust, Clinical Advisor, National Personality Disorder
      Programme, Department of Health and Senior Fellow, Institute of Mental
      Health, Nottingham
      Alan Corbett Former Director of Respond; former National Clinical
      Director of the CARI (Children at Risk in Ireland) Foundation and
      Jacqui Lovell Project lead, developing partners cic

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