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New Book on Cult Leader, Delaware leads the way on sex abuse

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    New Book on Cult Leader Details What Prosecutor Calls His Most Significant Case - R. Robin McDonald - Fulton County Daily Report 7/30/07 “Dwight
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2007
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      New Book on Cult Leader Details What Prosecutor Calls His 'Most Significant'
      Case - R. Robin McDonald - Fulton County Daily Report 7/30/07 “Dwight
      "Malachi" York was a false prophet...and a sexual predator who headquartered his
      religious cult in rural Georgia, then used his position as a religious leader
      to deflect scrutiny from his criminal activities, a newly published book
      asserts. York's brazen willingness to attack his skeptics as racist, while
      portraying himself as a victim of racial and religious persecution, enabled him to
      con politicians, law enforcement authorities, civil rights organizations,
      academics and journalists, according to Bill Osinski, the author of "Ungodly: A
      True Story of Unprecedented Evil."..."Ungodly" is the story of York's rise and
      fall and the sordid secret behind his professed dreams to build a black
      Utopia in Putnam County, Ga., and take global a new religion with him as its
      self-styled savior. Inside Tama-Re, the faux Egyptian compound he had built on a
      440-acre farm in Putnam County, York turned his female followers into
      concubines and their children into sex slaves. Today, the man who set himself up as
      The Master Teacher of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors and the Pharaoh of
      Tama-Re is in federal prison, serving a 135-year term for racketeering and
      transporting minors in interstate commerce for unlawful sexual activity.

      Delaware leads the way on sex abuse 7/31/07 by Maureen Paul Turlish - On
      July 10, a history-making event took place in Delaware when Gov. Ruth Ann Minner
      signed into law what is believed to be the most comprehensive civil
      legislation concerning the sexual abuse of minors. Delaware residents, over a period
      of two years, worked very hard to make the Child Victims Act (Senate Bill 29)
      a law. It provides for a two-year moratorium on the statute of limitations on
      lawsuits for sexual abuse. Victims have until July 10, 2009, to seek damages
      regardless of when the assaults occurred.

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