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New Group + Reality TV Show

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    Hi everyone! I ve had some e-mails asking about PsiPog.net, so I m posting this to answer some common questions, and to also pass along an invitation I
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2007
      Hi everyone!

      I've had some e-mails asking about PsiPog.net, so I'm posting this to
      answer some common questions, and to also pass along an invitation I
      received for a new Reality TV show.

      The main question I keep getting is "What is the URL to your next
      website?" My new website isn't up and running just yet, though I hope
      to have the blog and forums working in another month or two. You can
      see the site at: http://alittleweird.com . I want to encourage
      everyone to join the new mailing list, which is at the bottom of the
      website. That is the best way to stay updated with the status of the
      new site.

      Another question I've received a few times is about copyright. The
      copyright policy for PsiPog.net is spelled out painfully clear at:
      http://psipog.net/copyright.html . I know some people wanted to
      redistribute articles. You need to get the original authors
      permission to do so. This isn't a decision that I made - this is the
      law. So pleading with me really doesn't do anything :-P. I don't
      have the legal authority to give permission for articles that aren't
      written by me. Find the author!

      And finally, I've received an e-mail from Bunim-Murray Productions -
      which is the company that makes reality TV shows. They are looking
      for psychics to test their skills. Here is the e-mail as it was sent
      to me:


      Bunim-Murray Productions (the makers of The Real World and numerous
      other reality shows) is looking for psychics for their new reality
      show "America's Psychic Challenge".

      We are looking to meet and interview people in the LA, Las Vegas or
      New York area. "America's Psychic Challenge" is a competitive show
      that will have a series of tests for people to prove their psychic

      Think that you have what it takes? We want to meet you! Please
      contact us at:


      The sooner the better as we're casting on a very tight schedule!


      So there you have it. The show has already been done in England, and
      here is a link with more information:

      Seems pretty cool :-).

      So, in summary:

      1. The new website is http://alittleweird.com - please sign up for the
      new mailing list if you want to be updated!

      2. Please respect copyright.

      3. Check out Bunim-Murray's future show for psychics - maybe it's
      something you want to interview for. Seems like it might be cool.

      Thanks everyone!

      - Sean Connelly
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