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Newsletter #12, for February 15th, 2005

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      PsiPog.net : Psychic Students In Pursuit Of Guidance
      Newsletter #12, for February 15th, 2005

      "To say that a man is made up of certain chemical elements is a
      satisfactory description only for those who intend to use him as
      a fertilizer."
      - Hermann Joseph Muller

      Dear PsiPog Users,

      Hey hey! Another installment of our bi-monthly newsletter -
      hurray! :-P. The big news around PsiPog is we are having another
      online PK Party! This Saturday, the 19th, we're going to meet in
      the chat room and try to bend some silverware using PK. We've
      done it in the past, and it's been fun, so let's give it another
      go :-). If you think it sounds cool (it does! :-P), then check
      out this link for more information:

      Welcome to all the new people who have joined the newsletter -
      the purpose is to have everyone contribute ideas and share
      questions, comments, and suggestions. If you have something cool
      to share, send it to: newsletter@...

      Don't be shy!

      With that said, let's jump into the mail bag and see what others
      have written these past two weeks.


      Packy writes:
      "I have a major problem. At school almost every day I get
      frantic, and feel like there is TOO much energy in me, and I
      can't get rid of it. I tried grounding, and, surprise surprise,
      it didnt work!!! Any tips?"

      My comments: Hmmm... maybe you have a medical condition? Or
      maybe you're just someone full of energy :-P. I would normally
      suggest grounding, but you said it didn't work for you... Try
      exercising some more? Heh, I don't know :-P. Grounding is good
      when you feel intense emotion, and need to calm down and balance
      yourself out. Don't let the label throw you off - grounding can
      be very simple. Take a deep breath, visualize all that extra
      emotional junk around you shooting into the ground, and then pull
      in some new fresh energy. Basically: just relax :-). Take a
      step back and chill out for a second.


      Youlian writes:
      "I don't usually like to complain about stuff, but I've been
      practicing psi and many other skills (from AP to just regular
      sensing), and I seem to be having a very hard time learning
      stuff. It's as if everywhere I look, every other person seems to
      have been born with something, I had nothing. It seems like
      every skill takes me forever to do, if I ever am able to do it.
      I've been practicing for over a year now, yet the best I could do
      is some crappy little psi ball which is completely weak, and
      falls apart in seconds. I want to know, what exactly lets people
      be born with psionic abilities?"

      My comments: Don't lose sight of your goals. Why are you into
      psionics? Personally, I do it because I find it fun to discover
      new stuff about the world around me, that modern science can't
      explain. Why do you practice? I personally ENJOY practicing.
      While sometimes I get down in the dumps because I want more end
      results - the truth is that I enjoy the process of getting that
      end result just as much as the end result itself. Do you see
      what I'm saying? If you're not having fun, and this isn't
      something you enjoy doing, it's ok to try another hobby... I
      don't think psionics is for everyone. And the fact is - psionics
      works better when you are enjoying it. When you get all pissed
      off and annoyed, it becomes harder to achieve something. Don't
      worry about comparing yourself to other people - if this is
      something you enjoy, and this is something you want to work
      towards - then do it! I know it can get discouraging, but have
      fun with it, and don't take it so seriously.


      Bruenor writes:
      "Just read the newsletter and having been a member of a number of
      forums in the past, I can safely say from experience that a very
      effective way on cutting down on flooding is to operate a post-
      delay system eg. everyone can only post once every 60 seconds or

      My comments: I plan on having a system similar to that in place.
      I think it's a good idea - but it will take some time to tweak to
      get it balanced. Thanks for the suggestion :-).


      bloodred writes:
      "I thought about making a psi construct like a shield and
      programming it like a calculator so it reacts to your thoughts.
      For example when you "think" of something like 125 + 467 it
      "catches" this thought and gives you the answer, but maybe you
      have to teach it what the answer is and have to calculate things
      at least once."

      My comments: What a strange idea :-P. I've never thought of
      doing something like that. That's a good idea to try for those
      of you out there who are bored of the normal stuff :-).


      Rasputin writes:
      "From personal experience, I recommend a way which might help
      people who have problem with psi wheels (no promises though). The
      principle is same as that of physical exertion - when we train
      with heavier weights, lighter weights seem even more lighter...
      So if we try some thing harder than psi wheel (like rolling a
      pencil) and then directly switch to psi wheel after trying for a
      while, the psi wheel is easier."

      My comments: This is a really good tip. I've used that idea in
      the past to help myself. Those of you that are stuck on the
      psi wheel - try something HARDER (sounds a little strange at
      first :-P). Then when you move back to the psi wheel, your brain
      thinks "oh jeeze, this is cake... this is way easier".


      Ashy2004 writes:
      "Early this morning I was at school and a friend of mine was
      complaining bitterly about his ears being blocked because of a
      cold. I didn't think much of it, except he kept on about it.
      Anyway, in assembly (place where headmaster reads match reports
      and we all sing hymns etc) I thought I'd play around with some
      visualisation to 'help' him. I imagined (visualised) a very
      general thing about white light engulfing his head and thinking
      something like "let his ears clear" or somesuch. Just as I
      finished the sequence in my head, he leant over to me and said
      happily "they've cleared!". Now this scared me! Could this
      have been me or some very freakish coincidence?"

      My comments: It could have been a freakish coincidence, but it
      doesn't seem like it is. It's always hard to isolate ONE
      situation and figure out what happened. That's why I suggest
      trying to recreate the experience, and try it out multiple times.
      If one of your friends complains again - give it a shot, and see
      what happens. If you can do it again, that is a lot better proof
      that it isn't a coincidence. Sometimes it's hard to balance
      between being overly skeptic and calling everything a
      coincidence, and being overly gullable and relating everything
      to psionics. Sometimes it's a coincidence, sometimes it isn't.
      Do some more tests, and try to see if you can do it again.


      Maurice writes:
      "About how long does it take to make a psi ball? When you learn
      how to do it and you cup your hands, how long are you supposed
      to wait?"

      My comments: It took me about a week to get my first psi ball.
      How long it takes the average psion to make a psi ball depends on
      what exactly they're trying to create. Just a typical blob of
      psi doesn't take long - anywhere from a few seconds, to a few
      minutes. But during this time, you aren't really "waiting" - you
      should be MAKING the psi ball. Not just sitting there waiting
      for one to pop up out of nowhere :-P.


      I thought I would include a simple exercise in this newsletter
      for those bored and curious individuals out there (like me :-P)
      to try out. Every night we go to sleep. Duh. But what is cool
      about going to sleep, is that we are altering our state of
      consciousness. I know that when people talk about meditating,
      and trancing out, and doing all that weird stuff - it seems kind
      of strange and foriegn. But what you have to realize is that we
      alter our state of consciousness EVERY NIGHT! It's not really
      something that is foreign, it just sounds intimidating because we
      like to use big words to make us sound smart ;-P.

      A simple exercise you can try every night is just to watch your-
      self fall asleep. It's not a difficult concept to understand,
      but to actually DO it is very hard. It can be very entertaining
      as well :-). Here are some sign posts you might notice while
      watching yourself fall asleep:

      1. Laying down in bed, getting comfortable, and closing your
      eyes. This is what we all do, every day, real simple :-P.

      2. Shutting off parts of the body. If you sit still for a while,
      you can command different parts of your body to fall asleep. Lay
      there and tell your foot "go to sleep". Then tell your calf, and
      then your thigh. Make your entire body fall asleep, but keep
      your mind alert and normal.

      3. Messing with your body senses. When your body is asleep, you
      can convince yourself that your body is in a position that you
      know it really isn't in. For example, you can convince yourself
      that your arm is under your pillow, when really you know it's
      sticking out to the side. You can play with this to the point
      of inducing that "falling" sensation, by convincing your body
      that it's falling quickly, or rising back up.

      4. "Seeing" and "hearing" weird stuff. If you hang out without
      falling asleep for a while, but keep your BODY asleep, your mind
      starts to do some strange things. You might get flashes of
      images, or see mini-movies, or hear people you know talking. If
      you play around in this state for a while, you might notice you
      can "tune in" to a certain person and hear them talk, or you can
      see certain types of images.

      5. Blurring the edges between "seeing" things in your head, and
      actually SEEING them with your eyes. If you hang around in the
      previous stage for a while, things become more "solid". It
      starts to seem like you are really SEEING the objects, instead of
      them just floating around inside of your head.

      6. Enter a dream. Given enough patience, you can actually enter
      a dream, where your environment feels like a normal dream world.
      If you get this far, congratulations :-). You've induced a WILD.
      Which stands for Wake Initiated Lucid Dream. Basically: you've
      watched yourself fall asleep to the point of watching the dream
      FADE IN. I've only done it a few times, but it really is cool
      when you accomplish it.

      And remember! You do this EVERY NIGHT, except usually you shut
      off your conscious mind after the first stage. If you just keep
      your mind aware of what's going on, you can experience some weird
      stuff :-). And while it takes some effort and will power, it
      isn't out of your grasp - if you can sleep, you can do this,
      because you ALREADY do this without being aware of it :-).


      Thanks to everyone for writing in, and thanks to everyone out
      there reading :-). I hope you find these newsletters somewhat
      useful, and if you don't - YOU have the power to submit something
      useful! Throw me an e-mail at: newsletter@...

      I'll see you in two weeks, and don't forget about the PK Party
      this Saturday :-).

      - Sean Connelly aka Peebrain
      Webmaster of PsiPog.net


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