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Re: PeopleSoft DBA Forum Application server with multiple tuxedo queues.

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  • tc_at_120maple
    Thanks for the reply. ... CLOPT is identical for both queues (the exception is the err & out log file names) ... I too could not find a definition for the -R
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 2, 2013
      Thanks for the reply.

      > Is the CLOPT the same for both APPQ queues?

      CLOPT is identical for both queues (the exception is the err & out log file names)

      > -R and -m are not in the Tuxedo documentation for servopts at
      > http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E13161_01/tuxedo/docs10gr3/rf5/rf5.html#wp1003290

      I too could not find a definition for the "-R" option. I suspect that it represents a recycled process though.

      From the info I found (see below) I surmise that when the PSAPPSRV process gets restarted due to a recycle count being exceeded, the restarted process gets the "-R <old_pid>" option along with it. This may be just for documentation, or for internal use by tuxedo - not sure.

      From the following you can see that:

      In the APPSRV_0730.LOG file, the PSAPPSRV process with pid 20823 was recycled after 5K services at 07/30/13 09:52:33

      In the TUXLOG.073013 at 09:52:43 (right after 20823 recycles), the PSAPPSRV process 17433 is started.

      And, sure enough, in the ps -ef line for PSAPPSRV process 17433, we see the option "-R 20823" !

      From a grep through logs for 20823:
      APPSRV_0730.LOG:PSAPPSRV.20823 (5000) [07/30/13 09:52:33 CMP2@...](0) Recycling server after 5000 services

      From a grep through logs for 17433:
      TUXLOG.073013:095243.sf-psleg-032!PSAPPSRV.17433.4105078464.0: 07-30-2013: Tuxedo Version 9.1, 32-bit
      TUXLOG.073013:095243.sf-psleg-032!PSAPPSRV.17433.4105078464.0: LIBTUX_CAT:262: INFO: Standard main starting
      TUXLOG.073013:095244.sf-psleg-032!restartsrv.17432.4155403136.-2: server APPSRV/23: CMDTUX_CAT:580: INFO: A server process has restarted: 17433

      From a ps -ef :
      psuser 17433 1 0 Jul30 ? 00:03:44 PSAPPSRV -C dom=psprod_56602 -g 99 -i 23 -u sf-psleg-032 -U /peoplesoft/sys/software/pt8.49/appserv/psprod/LOGS/TUXLOG -m 0 -R 20823 -o LOGS/PSAPPQ2.stdout -e LOGS/PSAPPQ2.stderr -- -C psappsrv.cfg -D psprod -S PSAPPSRV
      psuser 31842 1 0 Jul03 ? 00:03:35 PSAPPSRV -C dom=psprod_56602 -g 99 -i 1 -u sf-psleg-032 -U /peoplesoft/sys/software/pt8.49/appserv/psprod/LOGS/TUXLOG -m 0 -o LOGS/PSAPPQ1.stdout -e LOGS/PSAPPQ1.stderr -s@../psappsrv.lst -s@../psqcksrv.lst -- -C psappsrv.cfg -D psprod -S PSAPPSRV

      So the newly restarted "command line" represented by the "ps -ef" command is different after the process gets recycled. The question

      Does it get the same command line opts? It seems to, as everything appears to continue to function ok. Perhaps the "-R <old_pid>" is a way that the new process inherits some of the old processes environment?

      Anyhow, this is what I am seeing. More info might be good to know.

      Thanks again,
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