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Re: PeopleSoft DBA Forum Upgrade from 8.43 to 8.52 in Oracle 11g?

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  • Stanly Benny
    Here are some items to look out for Database: 1) Make sure you have applied the latest patch(i believe it is .02 for 11g r2) for oracle binaries. This resolves
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 24, 2013
      Here are some items to look out for

      1) Make sure you have applied the latest patch(i believe it is .02 for 11g r2) for oracle binaries. This resolves lots of known issue with inconsistent sql query results 
      2) Oracle 11g does a function based index on descending ordered columns, this can cause a huge performance issue. In PS all the dates like Effdt columns are ordered descending by default. You might want to change them depending on cases. Make sure you do proper testing..
      3) The execution plan changes for SQLs because some hidden parameters have changed. For Ex:- _squ_bottomup parameter. You might want to look at those also.
      4) Oracle does behave differently when it comes to implicit conversion(like the example pointed out by Jose Antonio). It is always better to hard code the areas where you might have the implicit conversions happening (to_char, to_date etc)

      Process scheduler: 
      1) Crystal reports have lots of issues, especially if your process scheduler OS is on 64-bit. there are almost all the cases available with resolution at GSC.
      2) Take care to segregate custom reports/program files while using the decoupled PS_HOME feature. I would suggest to go with single ps_home and do not segregate if you do not have space constraints.
      3) Cobol runtime/base installation if done on 64-bit on Win2008 servers, make sure the installer executable compatibility is set to a lower version of OS

      Application server:
      1) Consider giving the ip address on the config file instead of server name. I have seen several times the JSL is booted up on a different NIC entry point and domain specific server processes booting on different IP for the same domain configuration while having multiple NICs.

      Web server:
      1) Configure and boot the old fashioned way. they have put the config menu under psadmin utility( new tools), which needs more research if you have custom scripts/program to manage webservers.

      1) I do not recommend any version of IE( MS users please forgive me). Use mozilla or chrome. If you have a company wide policy to use only IE- please change it :-)

      On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 11:49 PM, RAVISHANKER RAMARAJ <ravis1973@...> wrote:

      We are upgrading clients peoplesoft HRMS 8.9 (tools 8.43 - Oracle 10G) to Peoplesoft HRMS 9.1 (tools 8.52 - Oracle 11G). Till now we have been doing the entire upgrade in Oracle 10G (which is oracle certified), however there might be a situation where we may have to go for entire upgrade in 11G. However Oracle has not certified this and they say that Oracle will not support if anything goes wrong (Oracle says 11G data base is supported from tools 8.44 onwards) while doing end to end upgrade in 11G. I want to know if anyone has in the past done any upgrade from tools 8.43  to 8.xx in oracle 11G or not. If yes then was there any issues faced while doing so.
      Please let me know.

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