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Re: PeopleSoft DBA Forum Managing LDAP integration

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  • kevin_slack
    Sorry for being unclear. By *test* I meant not production*. As the DBA I am responsible for doing the refreshes, but not being the security admin, I don t
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      Sorry for being unclear. By *test* I meant "not production*. As the
      DBA I am responsible for doing the refreshes, but not being the
      security admin, I don't make the policy on what happens to the data
      when a database is refreshed. So currently when I refresh, I do
      nothing to the security as it is set up in PeopleSoft. That is someone
      else's task.

      When we use LDAP, though, I was not sure what, if anything, I might be
      required to do in terms of preserving security tables, making changes
      via scripts or whatever in order to set up any given non-production
      environment (DEV, TEST, UAT, etc).

      From some of the responses it seems like we have several options from
      Setting up each environment, exporting tables and importing after a
      refresh, to not using LDAP at all.

      Many thanks for all the input. I will pass this on to the powers above
      and see what my future holds. ;-)


      --- In psftdba@yahoogroups.com, Robert Ellis <robert.ellis@...> wrote:
      > Kevin, not sure of the question here.
      > By test, do you mean unit or acceptance? If unit I presume you are
      > removing or scrambling the production data so the main task would be
      > pointing the LDAP integration to your test LDAP. You can maintain the
      > existing LDAP setup in your unit test environment by exporting the
      > relavent tables and then truncating and importing them as part of the
      > refresh.
      > If you are referring to your acceptance test instance, then you want
      > developers to be restricted - don't you?
      > kevin_slack wrote:
      > >
      > > My company has decided to use the LDAP integration to maintain
      > > security. Does anyone have any suggestions about managing refreshes,
      > > etc when using LDAP to manage security? For example, what happens when
      > > I refresh test from production and the developers are still restricted
      > > in their access?
      > >
      > > I am unclear as to *standard practices* when managing PeopleSoft in
      > > this environment. Any tips/insights are appreciated.
      > >
      > > Kevin
      > >
      > >
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