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5041Question on best practices for process scheduler tables.

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  • the_dragon Draco
    Aug 22, 2014
      Hola, throbbing brain...
      I am at a new client site and I have been doing some looking from the process request tables for the client at their request.  For the most part, everthing seems fine for process purge process, and I only have a few suggestions there.  HOWEVER, there are a couple of tables that concern me.
      The process request table contains about 1000000 records with a 45 day purge.  These tables, however, are ginormous:
      PS_MESSAGE_LOG      10,607,291
      PS_MESSAGE_LOGPARM  14,001,290
      PS_CDM_LIST_ARCH    11,383,375
      They contain data from the beginning of time, when the system first went live.  So, by question that I present to you is thus:  Can these tables be cleaned?  Kind of like Delete from table process instance does not exist in psprcsrqst?  Would there be any issues with that?
      clark 'the dragon' willis

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