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433Re: PeopleSoft DBA Forum Stress Test (loadrunner)

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  • shirley.mcgregor@aon.com.au
    Jan 4 5:26 PM

      MicroFocus is a separate purchase (from either MicroFocus or Peoplesoft),
      but if you're upgrading from a previous version they should have included
      the CD's..... It works out much cheaper to buy from Peoplesoft because of
      the multi-user pricing structure that MicroFocus have.

      Below is the high level summary of what was involved in load testing at
      another one of our sites. We actually use the Rational Robot here and have
      set aside approximately two to three weeks for recording and testing (7.63
      Financials to 8.4x).

      Testing was broken down into four cycles, 1. Base on-line transaction
      testing and tuning, 2. Application load testing, 3. End-to-end
      verification & 4. On-line concurrency tests.

      High-Level Approach

      · One (LoadRunner) script will be created for each identified business

      · This list covers all transactions: online, batch, reports, queries.

      · Starting with the first business transaction only the script will be
      executed twice. During the first execution, PeopleSoft SQL tracing will be
      enabled in order to obtain an SQL trace of the transaction. The SQL trace
      will be used for tuning and debugging purposes. During the second
      execution, tracing will be disabled. The primary purpose of the second
      execution will be to obtain baseline timings for the transaction with no
      other system activity.

      · Next, the LoadRunner script will be executed again, effectively
      rerunning the transaction 20 times. Results from tests will be analyzed
      and compared against requirements for the transaction in question.

      · The transaction will be tuned and re-tested, as required, until
      preliminary requirements are met.

      · The above process will be repeated for each identified business

      · Regression testing will be performed after any tuning change to
      ensure that the change does have a negative impact on previously tuned

      Application Load Testing Phase

      · A series of LoadRunner scripts will be created, each executing an
      individual business transaction a specific number of times. The number of
      times each transaction is executed per script will be function of the
      number of times the transaction is performed on a heavy day. The scripts
      will be cycled such that the virtual user executing the script will log on
      to the system, execute the transaction 5-10 times, and then log off. The
      script will then have the virtual user log back on again, and complete 5-10
      transactions, and so on. Random wait and think times will be inserted
      between each transaction entry and logon.
      · Checkpoint approach: The scripts will be loaded and executed 10
      virtual users in a proportion where the most frequent transaction type will
      be assigned to the largest number of users, and the least frequent to the
      smallest number of users.
      · The previous test run will be repeated for 10, 30 and 60 virtual
      users. The proportion of users executing each script will remain the same
      as above.
      · After each test run the support groups involved with the cycle will
      have the opportunity to review monitor and log results, and make any
      required changes. If necessary, a specific test run will be repeated.
      · After each test run, average transaction response times will be

      Test Data Requirements can be split up in the following areas:

      · Data being received over interfaces
      · Historical Data being introduced over conversion
      · Data being produced by online data entry

      Hope this is of some assistance to you.


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      Henry -
      Sorry, I have no answers to your question. However, I
      am on the road right behind you, so I have a question
      of you (if I may, please).

      How difficult is it to set up LoadRunner for
      Financials? We are looking for a stress/regression
      test tool set. We don't have a lot of money left for
      tools and Mercury stuff is, I believe, pricey. So, we
      want to find a tool that won't require hiring an
      additional resource to manage. Any input on this
      would be appreciated.

      One other question for the list: We are doing a new
      install of Financials and SCM here. Today, we just
      received the PeopleSoft software. It's got the BEA
      Weblogic and Tuxedo but, I don't see the MicroFocus
      Cobol cd's. Is this a seperate purchase? I assumed
      that if the particular PeopleSoft module required
      Cobol we would receive the necessary software.

      Rich Gesler

      --- Henry Poras <hporas@...> wrote:
      > We are planning on running a stress test of our
      > PeopleSoft Financials
      > system with LoadRunner starting next week. I have
      > never gone through
      > this process before, and am looking for suggestions
      > as to the best
      > stuff to monitor. Right now, I am planning to to run
      > statspack, and
      > take vmstat snapshots on the OS (Sun Solaris). Are
      > there any other
      > suggestions? Thanks for the help.
      > Henry

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