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4132RE: PeopleSoft DBA Forum Any one seen this before? have any ideas?

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  • David Kurtz
    May 12, 2010
      Has the domain been reconfigured recently? 
      This sounds like an environmental problem.  Tuxedo can't find the path to the Tuxedo libraries. 
      The full paths end up as literals in the ubb and hence the PSTUXCFG file, so if the environment may have been wrong the last time the domain ran properly.
      Take a look in the psprcs.ubb file (or tmunloadfg the PSTUXCFG file)

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      Subject: PeopleSoft DBA Forum Any one seen this before? have any ideas?

      Guys, gals and aliens;
      I have a non-prod environment PSUNX process scheduler that was working fine until yesterday about noon, then it dropped off the grid - Some one discovered this today - in the process monitor the PSUNX was listed as being still running, but the heartbeat was a little over 24 hours old.  In any case - logged onto the server and tried to bring it down (was already down) then cleared cache and IPCs and tried to bring it up.  No luck.  It gave me an error message : /usr/lib/pa20_64/dld.sl: Unable to find library 'libpsbtunicode.sl'. .  So, I check tnsping and everything is fine, and I try to recompile the configuration and get the following error message:
      Generating new configuration...
      /usr/lib/pa20_64/dld.sl: Unable to find library 'libjvm_v2.sl'.
      sh: 9468 Killed
      UBBGEN encountered an error while configuring!

      I can not guarantee that nothing changed on the server since I work with a group of a couple of dozen, and I can only vouch for my own actions.
      I am going to be searching PS support site, but figured I had a better chance of getting a timely solution here from the world wide interweb's throbbing brain.
      thanks in advance for any help I get.
      clark 'the dragon' willis

      The New Busy think 9 to 5 is a cute idea. Combine multiple calendars with Hotmail. Get busy.
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